The Stunning Short Hair Wig

Have you ever found yourself looking at the girl wearing the sassy short hair wig? Have you asked yourself the question ‘Where does she get the confidence?

I can almost guarantee that many women, including me, have felt the inner monster of green jealousy when someone has passed me in a crowded room sporting a stunning short hair wig

The famous song by Billy Ocean ‘Caribbean Queen’ reminds me of this stunning beauty with a short hair wig. He languidly sings ‘I lose my cool when she steps in the room, and I get so excited just from her perfume’, conjuring up two people that meet on a cruise in the Caribbean Ocean enjoying the sunset while drinking a glass of champagne. This is the song that reminds me of the self-confident woman that chooses a stunning short hair wig. 

Now the 80s music might not rock everyone’s world, but the short hair wig most certainly will. Our professional team has been watching the glamorous ladies from Hollywood and according to them, this is the style you can never go wrong with!

Questions our professional stylists are asked include:

  1. Which short wig is right for my age?
  2. Can short wigs be worn by any race?
  3. Which short wigs make women look younger?

The answer to all these questions is simple – Short wigs suit everyone regardless of age or race. When choosing a short wig, focus on the hairstyle and color and you will find the perfect short wig.

The UNICE professional stylists have found these top celebs wearing stunning short hair wigs this season.

Zendaya has been spotted wearing a short blonde wig and showing off her stunning jawline while Yara Shahidi appears to like tight curls for her short hairstyle. Of course, Kris Jenner, mama to the whole Jenner clan has always worn short wigs but changes her style constantly to match the Hollywood trends. Keep an eye on her as she has a way of taking one style and with some styling gel or a parting, switching it up.

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The biggest celebrity transformation has been the sultry soprano Dua Lipa who has always worn dark, short hair wigs. Lipa has made the ultimate style choice and gone with a short blonde hair wig. This has gotten the fashion and music industry talking and her more than 8 million followers on Instagram have loved the change.

Short hair is fun and flirty yet also practical. Here are some reasons to opt for short hair wigs:

  1. Bed Head – We all wake up with bed head and if you need to get to the office and miss the morning traffic there is nothing better than donning a short hair wig. 
  2. Hair Care – Hair products that are natural and good for hair are relatively expensive so if you are budget conscious then a short wig will use so much less conditioner, styling spray, and shampoo.
  3. Style choice – Our styles match any personality and give you a variety of gorgeous options. 
  4. Maintenance – Short hair wigs are the best when it comes to maintenance. Short hair wigs require less time to wash and dry, they don’t become tangled like long hair wigs, and a quick brush of your hair and you are out the door in a flash.
  5. Wave, Curl, or Straight – Short hair wigs are available in straight, wavy, or curly hair and we have a selection to suit your personality and image. If you want to look stylish opt for straight and if you are enjoying a fun night out try a wavy short hair wig.
  6. Color – Short hair wigs come in every color you can imagine from gray and ash blonde to shades of brown and black. Reds and auburn are also available as well as a range of fashionable colors for the trendsetters.
  7. Budget – Short hair wigs are affordable and if you are setting out as a new wig wearer a short wig is the best option initially. You can get affordable luscious full looking short hair wigs that suit your budget from our exclusive range.
  8. Lace Front wigs – Short hair wigs are more affordable, and hair is knotted close together making it super voluminous. Lacefronts caps match your skin tone and if you have chosen a short hair wig you can even part your hair the way Rihanna does while still looking natural and sheik.
  9. Seasonal – Short hair wigs are perfect for summer as your neckline is hair free and you can enjoy a walk in the summer sun. But don’t think short wigs are only for summer, in winter you can accessorize with colored scarves and turtleneck jerseys. Short hair wigs are for any season and every season.
  10. Age Appropriate – the best thing about a short hair wig is that you can wear it no matter what your age. Whether you are 16 or 60, short hair in the right style can make you look and feel young. Our exclusive range gives you styles like the Pixie, Shaggy, or Short, with or without bangs we have what you desire.
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With our wide selection of ranges at UNICE you can have short hair wigs in any color and style that suits you. The best news of all is that we cater to all-cap designs. You can have 5 x 5 HD Lace, 4 X 4 Lace Closure, 13 x 4 Lace front, 13 x5 x 0.5 Lace, V part and wear and go. (ambien) Our quality selection gives you so many options you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to feel self-confident and gorgeous.