6 Uniqueness of Pink Beach in Komodo Island

Pink beach Komodo island is one of the top hit destinations in Indonesia, which seems to never be empty of tourists. Visitors are not only local residents but also tourists from various countries. Komodo Island is in the East Nusa Tenggara area, while the pink beach is in Labuan Bajo.

 The Attraction of Pink Sand Beach Indonesia.

Apart from Indonesia, pink beaches can also be found in other countries such as Italy, Greece, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands. But in Indonesia, we have Pink Beach on Komodo Island, and here are some of its attractions:

 1. Pink Sand

The pink color in question apparently lies in the expanse of the sand. However, this color does not come from the grains of sand but from microscopic animals called Foraminifera. These super-mini-sized animals transfer pink pigment to the surface of the sea corals, and these corals are carried by the waves until they finally land on the shore. When it arrived on land, the corals were already disintegrated, and the debris mixed with sand.

 2. Underwater Life

Snorkeling lovers are guaranteed to be satisfied when they come to this beach because hundreds of colorful fish species like to hide behind rocks. The rocks in this water have various colors and shapes. Some have a rough surface, and some are smooth. You can also find different types of other marine life.

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 3. Crystal Clear Water

Don’t worry if you can’t dive because various corals and fish in the water also can be seen from the shoreline. This is because the water at Pink Beach is apparent. But the water on this beach looks bluish when viewed from a distance or a height.

 4. Sea-sighting by Boat

Another option to enjoy a variety of beautiful marine life without diving is to take a wooden boat rented by local fishermen. Just bring your camera and take a peek at the underwater life on this beach from the boat. As for the diving equipment, it can be rented from the beach administrator.

 5. Savanna Hills

The beauty of the sea and the pink sand beach on Komodo Island also offer beauty from the other side, such as the savanna hills. In fact, there’s more than one of these hills, several extend from one end of the beach to the other.

Climbing to the top of this green hill will allow you to see the beauty of the pink beach from a different angle which is also very convenient as a photo spot. You will also see nearby islands spread in a beautiful formation from this spot.

 6. Sunset Moment

One more attraction of this pink beach is the super beautiful sunset moment that will amaze every eye that sees it. Orange rays in the western sky combine beautifully with pink sand, savanna hills, and clear blue seawater. Guarantee to be a very unforgettable moment!

 The six charms above make the pink beach on Komodo Island widely recommended as a honeymoon destination. But, if you want to come with your family, friends, or maybe alone, it’s guaranteed you will have fun too.