The #101 guide to answering – how to clean Nespresso machine?

The morning hasn’t been quite good for the last 2 days. Your dear morrow partner – the Nespresso machine seems to not be in the mood to deliver your coffee in an ideal manner (it’s slower than usual). Perhaps, it is time you cleaned it! Well, that’s the reason why you seem to be drowsily browsing – how to clean Nespresso machine as your metro moves towards your office.

You have clicked on the correct page. This write-up will provide you with a walkthrough that will help you understand how you can clean it, how to care for it in future and some precautions that you must take in the future. Read through and see how you can best seek help from this –

Your Nespresso machine needs a cleansing

Before you check out how to clean Nespresso machine – you must figure out if it requires some cleansing. It surely does if –

#If your coffee machine is making weird noises – it does need a cleanup

#Does your coffee taste burnt or bitter than normal? If yes – you need a cleanup soon

#If your machine is pouring the drink not as warm or as fast as it should – you do need to check your cleaning routine

how to clean Nespresso machine

How to clean Nespresso machine?

Yes – this is the answer that you are looking for seemingly. Well – scroll down this digital document and check the steps that you must follow in cleaning the machine –

There are two ways to clean this Nespreso machine. One method that will be discussed here is the regular cleaning process. The other one that will be explored is the descaling process (to be practiced every 3-6 months for better functioning).

The regular Nespresso cleaning process – 

Step 1 – Cleansing it all – from the water tank to cup support to the capsule container. All the above-mentioned parts of the machine must be cleaned with dishwashing soap (mild) and by hands and left to dry.

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Step 2 – Wiping it all! Now, once the washing process is done – make sure that you wipe the parts with a damp cloth and leave it to dry under the fan.

Step 3 – Running the cleaning cycle of the machine – This is one of the key aspects to answering the question – how to clean Nespresso machine? After the whole process is completed  – you will have to set a container with 4 cups of water and press the start button thrice. You will have to run the machine for three cycles of water and it takes up to 5 minutes to complete.

Step 4 – Reassembling the parts. In case you have issues regarding that – you can always consult the instruction leaflet.

Since the above-mentioned process is a compartively easier one – therefore you can do it almost every other day. Make sure that you do not miss washing the drip tray every day.

Descaling Process

Another way to answer the query – how to clean Nespresso machine – is by the official descaling process (must be done after every 6 months)

Step 1 – Set up the machine. Once you are set for it – you will have to eject the capsule that is there and turn off the machine by pressing the lever for 3 seconds.

Step 2 – The descaling agent and running the cycle. Put the soluble agent in the water tank and run the cycle – initially by pressing both the lever and the button for 3 seconds and then the lever and button individually at intervals. The machine will run for 15 minutes for descaling, and then it will automatically stop once done.

Step 3 – Re-run the cycle with only water. Once the machine stops – follow this same process by placing only water and letting the machine run. Once done – it will stop by itself.

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Step 4 – Done with the process. This is the end of it and you will have to hold the lever and button for up to three seconds to exit the descaling process. Let the machine dry for 10 minutes before you start using again.

how to clean Nespresso machine

Why does cleaning it become so important?

A very important aspect of how to clean Nespresso machine is that – regular cleaning and bi-annual descaling becomes important because of the mineral buildup. The magnesium and calcium components that water contains are left behind and that creates the limescale buildup. Hence – regular cleaning and descaling in intervals help to remove the same.

If your Nespresso is not giving you the ideal morning coffee – that’s because the limescale build-up has reached way too much than normal.

What precautions must you take?

As you have understood the details associated with how to clean Nespresso machine – it is time that you take some precautions –

  • Though vinegar solution is an excellent cleaning agent for most machines – it is not to be used for cleaning the Nespresso machine.
  • The water tank must not be completely filled up while you are in the descaling process.
  • Once you are done with the descaling – do make it a point to wipe each part of the machine with a damp cloth.

That’s all! Your Nespresso machine is ready to be used once again!

Therefore – summarising

Was this guide on how to clean Nespresso machine useful? So the next time your coffee machine is not giving you your morning boost – this is precisely how you deal with it. Well, then, keep checking out this space for some more interesting posts while you move towards your office – for your cuppa of ‘office coffee’ for the day. Browse back later!