Shopping for the big day? Here are 5 tips to choose best wedding ring!

If you are counting the number of days for the ‘Big Day’ almost in a jiffy, you should start checking out the ‘knot’ before you tie the knot! Though it might seem like the simplest task among the rest of the preparations – in the words of a renowned jewelry designer – “choosing the ring with all the specifications in the mind is a very difficult job and requires the complete attention of the couple”. So, what are these ‘specifications’? This post will outline some of the tips to choose best wedding ring for your upcoming union.

Keeping this post short, it will explore the key factors you must consider before buying the ring and some mistakes that people often make but must steer clear of. Hopefully – this walkthrough will help you decide on your choicest ring. Navigate through the post –

Keep in mind

This is a hoop of a lifetime. Though you might not wear it regularly (or you might) – it is to be worn on most occasions, and that too with multifarious attires.

Also, you will have to hold on to this one piece of trinket for a lifetime (hopefully), so the appearance and maintenance must both be reasonable. With this in mind – proceed to read this walkthrough.

Some tips to choose best wedding ring

It is perhaps the first time that you have been in this ordeal. Well, perhaps also the first time – somebody so intimate would be included willfully in this procedure. Chances are high that some disagreements or confusion might be there. These tips will simply assist in dealing with those in the best possible manner.

tips to choose best wedding ring

Tip 1 – Have you decided on the budget?

You will have to consider multiple investments in a marriage, but when choosing the jewels, you will have to invest in the wedding ring carefully. Sit together as a couple, and if you have someone advising you on the wedding jewelry, decide the ring’s budget. This will vary according to individual preferences.

Tip 2 – Do you have any type in your mind? If not – you could choose from here –

In your search for tips to choose best wedding ring – comes a very important factor – the type of the ring. A chunky stone placed against a metal? Perhaps a stone set like a rock with embellishments around? Here are some of the choices that you can check –

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#A complementary pair is a great idea. Most jewelry houses offer couple – rings or complementary rings these days.

#A customized set of rings can be another choice. Set according to personal taste – try putting a style that resonates with your personal styles or resonates with you as a couple.

#A ring with a touch of heritage. Though this one might get a bit baroque – but it would be great if you could choose a wedding ring that celebrates your culture jointly.

Tip 3 – Please check the size and keep room for some change

The fact that the human body is prone to change and yours might be the same – is another of the tips to choose best wedding ring. If you have been someone who has had weight issues for a long time, then you must check the size of the wedding ring (same for your partner) and choose one that can be resized accordingly.

If you have never had any such issues (touchwood) – in that case as well – it is advised that you do leave some room for change – just in case!

tips to choose best wedding ring

Tip 4 – Understand your lifestyle and choose accordingly

One of the most important points that most may forget while ‘ring-shopping’ but you must not is – to understand your lifestyle. Do you have a hectic lifestyle where – forget other trinkets, wearing the ring itself would be cumbersome (as your history states)? Do you have a laid-back life and can afford to flaunt it without much hassle? For the men especially – are you sure that you can handle an ostentatious ring regularly (women have handled better embellishments and that too in a much better manner)?

Well – as you search for tips to choose best wedding ring – this is another arena where most people make a mistake, and you better think it through before choosing.

Tip 5 – Quality – the metal and the hallmark – check them well!

The last tip that is there for you in this post about tips to choose best wedding ring – is choosing the metal and checking its quality and hallmark.

Firstly – talking of the metal. Most of the alternatives are gold, white gold, rose gold, or silver. Though recently – platinum has been gaining ground.

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Here also – understand your and your partner’s requirements, the lifestyle you maintain, and whether it matches the other pointers mentioned above.

Now you will have to choose the stone. Diamond is THE ULTIMATE! Yet people go ahead and choose sapphires, emeralds, opals, and rubies. When you do that, check if your chosen metal matches the stone you plan to embed. Consulting a professional and surely your partner is some of the other tips to choose best wedding ring.

Also – always buy hallmarked jewelry, period! The metals that have been named above are the ones that inflate in terms of value with time. Hence – you must pay for having the best – not just now but in the future as well.

#In case you choose diamond as the stone for your ring – keep a check on the 4Cs – cut/ carat weight/ clarity/color! 

tips to choose best wedding ring
Image Credit: GIA

#If, as a couple, you agree, you could also find a ring that could match your wedding band. Also, the trend of ‘lab-grown diamonds’ set in rings is recently raging in the jewelry market. You could try that out as well. The testimonials from the same have been quite positive. 

Mistakes that people generally make

The most common mistake people make is – choosing something ornate that would surely celebrate the occasion, but would be a hassle in the long run. After all – you must have been inspired by the chunky rings that celebs flaunt and want ‘yours’ to be equally special. However – in regular mundane life – the embellished piece becomes more of a fuss than a token of love.

Though it might be a little sensitive, the fact that a marital union is a celebration of two unique tastes is overlooked; things are sometimes taken for granted.  The same is resonated in the choice of rings where the other partner’s views are not considered. Please refrain and follow the tips mentioned.

Also, have you been taking care of it well? The token of love needs equal care as the love of your life (perhaps a little less – but needs, nonetheless). However, now that you have read the tips to choose best wedding ring – supposedly you will be able to avoid the mistakes that most people make.

Ring in well

Since you have read the tips to choose best wedding ring well, you will supposedly do a comparatively better job than you would have. By the way, since it’s a two-person job, why not send the link to your partner? Perhaps he or she can add a point or two more! If you know of any friend or family getting married and needing a helping finger, do share this link. Wish you a consummate marital bond.