How Seniors Can Stay Healthy This Winter

In wintertime, most of us get at least one cold. We might also get flu, respiratory viruses, and stomach bugs. There tend to be more illnesses circulating, and it can be hard to avoid them all. Most of us find that our immune systems struggle to fight everything off, and we’re often sicker in colder weather. As a fit, healthy, young person, the occasional cold, or even the flu might stop us in our tracks for a few days but it’s unlikely to be any more dangerous than that. If, however, you are older, or you have elderly parents and loved ones, you might worry that a normal winter bug could become more serious. Here are some tips to help seniors stay healthy in the wintertime. 

Get Vaccinated

All seniors should get a flu vaccination every year. This year, it’s also worth looking at Covid boosters and considering any other vaccination they are offered. While these won’t necessarily prevent illness completely, they could prevent serious illnesses and help seniors to recover more quickly if they do become infected. 

Get a Winter Health Check

Most of us are guilty of only going to the doctor if we are unwell. But in later life illnesses can creep up on us and become dangerous before we even spot symptoms. It’s easy to put aches and pains down to age, especially in cold weather. But sometimes the things that we consider normal are actually warning signs.  

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Before winter hits, infrared sauna heading for a check-up or routine physical and attending any routine screenings that we’re offered can help us to stay fit and healthy and avoid serious illness. 

Consider Assisted Living

If you are in later life, or you have an elderly loved one that you are worried about, then one option is a move into an assisted living facility. Moving into assisted living in Memphis TN offers seniors a chance to stay healthy, with access to healthcare, but also things like memory care and day-to-day support. But it’s also a chance to make friends, exercise, eat well and enjoy a new lease on life. Many seniors find that following a move their quality of life improves, as well as their health and well-being. 

Eat Well

What we eat plays a huge role in how we feel, both physically and mentally. A well-balanced diet, packed with nutrients and vitamins, helps us to sleep well, and feel more alert, it improves our digestion and heart health, and it can help to give our immune systems a boost

As we get older, we often lose our appetite just as our bodies need more support than ever. Seniors should try eating a nutrient-rich diet and adding supplements to boost vitamins C, D and B for a strong immune system. 

Staying healthy is always harder in wintertime. But as we get older it becomes even more difficult. Seniors should visit their doctor or another healthcare professional if they are worried about their health this winter, or for further advice on avoiding illness and staying healthy as the weather gets worse.