These Tips Will Make Your Custom Work Uniform Stand Out

Working in any industry in a uniform doesn’t have to be boring. Looking forward to another day at work, looking crisp and polished should be any team member’s goal. If you’re a business owner, you can even have custom uniforms to help you achieve your business targets.  

A custom work uniform can make your employees look professional and boost your business image. It can also help protect your employees and promote your company extensively. Companies have seen the value of workwear, which has made the global revenue of this market reach USD$250 billion in 2019.  

If you plan to have a custom uniform for your staff, you’re making one of the best decisions ever. You can have uniforms printed on a silk screen. Screen printing is perfect for workwear because the colors don’t fade quickly, and the quality is remarkable. To see why it’s the best for workwear, try here. And if you want your custom work wear to stand out, consider following these tips: 

  • Use High-Quality Fabrics 

Fabric can make or break your staff uniform. Looking at the fabric of a uniform, you can tell if a brand is sophisticated or cheap. You don’t need to buy the most expensive, but you need to weigh your options and choose the best that will carry your brand well.  

Use 100% cotton for t-shirts because they’re softer, more comfortable, and breathable. While if you opt to have your staff wear polo shirts, use 100% polyester because it looks better and will not crease. It will also hold better with a patch and embroidery. 

You may also opt for chambray for a button-down polo for a more elevated look. Chambray is a cotton plain-weave fabric that closely resembles denim but with a much thinner construction. Button-down polo can be utilized by businesses that want to exude elegance and sophistication in their presentation. Ultimately, your choice of fabric can be detrimental to your brand image.

  • Choose A Design That Speaks Of Your Brand 
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Your staff uniform should match your brand’s tone and look because consistency in messaging is the key to successfully delivering your objectives. If your message is cohesive, people will trust you more, knowing that you put an effort even in the smallest detail.  

If your brand is high-end, your customers will likely be affluent and want to see and experience only the finest things. And they might also like the people dealing with them to be put-together and tasteful.  

Meanwhile, if you cater to the younger crowd, a more youthful design of work attire would best fit your staff.  

  • Add A Unique Detail 

You can add a unique detail to a staff uniform that can also be functional. A popular coffee chain has its staff apron with a pen slot near the nametag. This way, baristas always have a pen with them. Their aprons also depend on the level of their coffee expertise. The color will differentiate who the coffee masters are and who is still under training. This way, customers know who to approach to inquire about coffee. 

Some companies add a pocket to their button-down polo that holds their company logo, while others provide a unique tie or scarf in their brand color. At the same time, some companies complete the uniform with a cap that holds the hair in place, especially when serving food.   

  • Ask For Employee Suggestions 

It would be best if you asked for suggestions from people who will wear the uniform. They will know best what to say since they’re the ones who will be in them most of the time. Who knows, they might have great ideas waiting to be shared and just looking for the right opportunity.  

  • Add Variety 

You can have a schedule for wearing specific uniforms in a week. This way, your staff will feel excited to go to work. You can have uniforms made from your brand color palette and mix it up for the week. For example, you can have a Black Friday, Gray Wednesday, or any other scheme. At the same time, you can consider having a casual Monday and formal weekend schedule. The idea is to play it around to keep things exciting but within the limits of your uniform standards.   

  • Add Your Company Tagline 
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Your company tagline identifies you among hundreds of brands out there, and if you have a witty tagline, adding it to your staff uniform will be excellent. This way, your staff will never forget, and your customers will be reminded of your promise to deliver only the best products and services at all times. 

  • Make One For Every Promotion 

Companies that leverage special occasions usually profit more because it appeals to emotion. And if you have something special to coincide with a memorable holiday, it would be best to print it on your staff uniform. This way, customers can quickly get acquainted with a new product or service you will roll out on that day. Your staff uniform will be the best advertisement you can have to increase product knowledge and brand awareness.  


A great staff uniform that looks crisp, unique, clean, and professional speaks a lot about a brand. Customizing an employee’s work uniform allows your business to stand out and can further boost a brand’s status. Therefore, consider the tips shared above and let your team become your brand ambassadors by donning a custom uniform they will be proud to wear.