Unique Travel gifts for women compiled from around the web!

The pandemic is in the mode of subsiding; the routes are opening up, and the travel-related obstacles are over! Travel is white-hot right now!! So, with all the roads opening up, what do you gift to that girl who takes the unknown roads? That’s what we are covering in this article. As you browse your search engine about travel gifts for women, we assure you that this write-up caters to your friend’s wanderlust requirements.

As you will navigate down, you will find ideas that are both budget-friendly and splurge-worthy! It is time you move on from passport and bottle-holders to some essentials you would want to gift that ‘always-ready-for-a-flight’ female friend.

Travel gifts for women matching their demands

Finding women’s gifts can get tricky, though the options are plenty. But when it is about searching for travel gifts, it gets a tad more complicated.

Travel Essentials for every woman

This content will explore more about the different types of gifts that you may choose for your friends – with a different sets of demands. Before that –

1. An Inflatable Scarf turned Pillow – Well, your always-exploring friend can style it like a scarf in the morning and inflate it to serve her sleeping needs at night.

2. A Large Bag – Get a bag that is ready to take everything and can vary in shape when she wishes to change it. It could start with a normal travel bag and then be changed to a duffel bag and act as a pillow if she is on tough days.

3. Airplane Footrest – Another choice in the range of travel gifts for women is getting a hanging footrest. Whether your friend is traveling by air or simply taking the car around for a trip, this pair will let her foot slow down before she jumps again!

travel gifts for women
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Apart from the ones mentioned – you could gift her – an organizing travel pack, a laundry bag, a travel-ready kit, a carry-all leather bag, a sleep mask (a must!), a nap dress, or a tech-carrying pouch bag.

Does she love her makeup kit?

Are you friends with a girl who can look drop-dead-gorgeous even when she is traveling the most challenging of domains? Then here’s the list of travel gifts for women that you can use as a guide to buying her the ‘gifts’ she might require on the move! 

  • Travel Jewelry Organiser 
  • Makeup Bag 
  • Bodycare Travel set 
  • Mini Zip Pouch set
  • All-In-One Razor 
  • Anti-frizz hair sheets 
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She’s a woman who loves to deck up even when she’s traveling, so – a jewelry organizer is a must! It will keep her trinkets organized so that she will not have too much to worry about when she steps out.

Complementing the same comes the Makeup bag and the Bodycare Travel set from any of the reputed brands. Being on the move, it is difficult to keep track of her things. With all her masks and sheets in one place, your friend might just manage to look ever-so-gorgeous in all her photo dumps.

Another addition to this listicle of travel gifts for women, is a set of mini zip pouches you can gift. Rather than carrying a complete organizer, she could very well carry some of the essential pouches and get going. The lesser luggage – the better the travel!

travel gifts for women

Talking about last but not least set of gifts – is an all-in-one razor and hair sheets. It is no secret that anybody’s skin or hair would be deprived of nourishment after a couple of days on the roam.

So that your makeup-loving friend’s hair is not lost – this anti-frizz hair sheet, as well as the shaving and moisturizing razor, will save her beauty for her to flaunt in those pictures.

Does she have a streak of adventure in her?

What type of travel gifts for women would you choose if you had to extend one to an adventurous girl? Let us help you – 

  • Medically recommended Sneakers 
  • Compression Socks 
  • Personal Safety Alarm 
  • USB Portable Charger 
  • 5-Way Headphone Audio Splitter 
  • Language Translator Device 
  • Neck Pillow 
  • Sleeping Bag 

She is always hopping around – at times hiking or trailing – at times icing or climbing!! When thinking of getting gifts for this kind of girl – the options somewhat remain a handful (they are so unpredictable!)

A set of professional sneakers or compression socks make for a great gift. Since she’s always on the move, her legs will get the comfort they deserve and desire.

If shoes are not what you would want – you could very well switch to a personal safety alarm. It may be assumed that she enjoys her company, but as a friend, you do feel scared whenever her network is out of reach (not that you can be with her always, but still).

With all her activities in tow, she might be found hanging from a tree someday or land in some crevices – for that, you could gift her a personal safety alarm (siren and strobe light integrated).

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Another set of travel gifts for women that you may choose is a USB Portable charger or a headphone audio splitter, or both. With the first one, she would keep her phone charged, while with the other, she could share a video or two with her friends on the trip (if she does manage to get someone to come along to the high hills).

travel gifts for women

Another meaningful gift you can forward to your dear lady is a language translator device. If she is someone who likes to explore foreign domains, or if she is generally someone who likes to learn languages on the move, then you can prepare to wrap up this device.

The last set of gifts you may choose to give your girl is – a set of neck pillows and a sleeping bag. The least she can do is – catch up on some sleep while she is on the roam. Did we forget? The neck pillow would provide some comfort after a long adventurous day.

What if she is a photo geek?

Is she that kind of girl whose social media is flooded with pictures? Whether it is a simple park or the Statue of Liberty at the backdrop, she must click a shot every time she steps out of the house. For that friend – there’s nothing better than a – 

  • Polaroid or an Instant Film Camera 
  • A Handycam
  • Subscription to a Travel Magazine 

With the camera hanging around her neck, whatever the destination – she could very well capture every moment (be ready for her barrage of posts on social media)! Even if you gift her a Handycam, rest assured she gets to make some of the best videos and perhaps tag you along!!

If the camera or the Handycam idea does not work out, you could help her plan her trip. For that – you could buy her a subscription to the most opted travel magazine so that she finds out her next travel destination.

What are you buying?

Before you pick out any of these above-noted travel gifts for women, have you checked out your kind of girl? What’s she like, and which of the abovementioned categories does she fit into? We’d suggest you figure that out first before you pick out the gift for her. For more suggestions like this, keep checking this space!


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