11 Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Hosting a wedding event is costly, especially in our current economic climate. When you are constantly trying to keep it affordable, it can get more stressful and you may lose out on the fun part. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a wonderful wedding. When you start planning, you need to have a clear picture of how much you can afford to spend. After creating a budget, make sure to stick to it and avoid stress later on.

Here are the best tips to help you maximize your wedding budget to make it the day of your dreams without financial stress. 

Set Your Budget Beforehand 

Set your budget before you go shopping every time as it will keep you from buying more than you need. This can also help you negotiate the amount with vendors and get the best price. 

Prepare a list of things that you wish to buy for your wedding. Get ideas from Pinterest for wedding items, to get an idea of how much it can cost for each item. 

Limit Guest Count 

The number one factor that has a significant effect on your budget is the guest list. It can impact your budget by thousands of dollars. 

The cost per head does not only include the food, cake, and other eateries served. But it also affects the number of invitations you need to print, tables, linens, table settings, and centerpieces. 

If you keep the guest lists long, costs can easily add up in the end. The friends and family members that you meet once in a long while can be skipped from the list. 

Borrow Wedding Items

You may have friends or family members that recently got married. If you do then reach out to them and ask for decoration items that you can borrow. You can also get advice from them on how to set your budget for the wedding. 

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You can also watch out for bridal dresses that past brides post for sale on social media sites. Sometimes you can get great deals when you borrow items. 

Reuse Flowers 

Floral decoration is a big part of any wedding budget and it brings together almost any event design. You can’t cut down costs on floral arrangements but you can take an alternative.

Reuse as much floral as possible from the ceremony to your reception. You can save a considerable amount of money this way. 

Focus on Head Table 

Put more focus on the table head as they are the most important part of your venue. Minimize the decoration on guest tables. No matter what your budget is, your main focus should be the main table.

Put on decoration statement pieces and spend money where it matters. You have to skip the Pinterest board decor where you get ideas to decorate all the tables. 

Have a Friend or Family Officiate 

Your officiate may not be where the majority of your money goes but when planning a wedding budget, every dollar counts. So ask a family member or friend to officiate at your wedding. 

They would need to get ordained to make it legal but it can be done online with a minimal fee. The best part of having your loved one as your officiate is that it makes sharing vows even more memorable. The big day of your wedding will become a once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Don’t Overspend on Venues

This tip is far more common and we also hear it quite often. When searching for a perfect venue try not to overspend. Rather than picking a dream-like venue, go for one that is appropriately sized for your event. 

There are great options out there, you just need to do your research beforehand. When you visit different venues, make sure to ask them about the things included in the wedding package. Oftentimes, you may get surprised by the unexpectedly high costs at the end of the event. 

Try to cover the costs within the venue. If you hire an external vendor, things can add to the overall price tag. The amount you spend on your venue should be in proportion to the rest of the budget. 

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There are still many tasks to do after you have set the venue and the wedding date. The cost of your venue can also vary depending on what type of wedding you want. Check out this infographic from Visualistan for different wedding options.

Book During the Week 

Some people may not know this, but many venues will be willing to cut down the costs for booking a wedding from Sundays through Thursdays. 

Venues want their entire week filled and some struggle to fill the weeknight spots. This allows you to negotiate lower prices for your event. With fewer guests and the low cost of the venue, you can successfully plan the wedding within your budget. 

Purchase at the End of the Wedding Season

If you are not in a hurry, you can wait until the wedding season is nearly over to shop around your favorite brands to find cheaper deals. For instance, Jovani wedding reception dresses will most likely be on sale once the wedding season is over.

Around the end of the season, boutiques are trying to clear up things and prepare for the next season. You can also get discounts on clearance sales and get dresses at great deals. Whether you are looking for dresses, shoes, or some supplies, it is the perfect time to shop around and save your money. 

Get a Student Band

If you’re looking for a professional wedding DJ or band, it could cost you a lot. Instead, look for student bands at your local university. They will have students in the music department who will be willing to perform at a lower cost. 

Find a trustworthy student band that can fulfill your requirements. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars alone in the music department.

Hire a Wedding Planner 

When it comes to planning within a limited budget, most people skip the step of hiring a planner. But it should be the opposite case and you should hire a planner for making the arrangements. 

Wedding planners know what they are doing and they can find you the perfect vendor that falls within your budget. They have great skills and relationships in the industry that can help you have the wedding of your dreams.