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Can I get IVF treatment in the Czech Republic?

Having a baby seems like the most normal thing to do for a couple. Unfortunately, being able to have a baby is not a given for everyone. Some couples struggle to conceive and are forced to find another way to have a child. Adopting a baby is one of these ways, but if you really want a biological child, using your own egg and sperm of your partner or a donor, IVF is a good option. Keep reading to find out what IVF is and why you should get an IVF treatment in the Czech Republic.

What is IVF?

IVF is a technique of fertilizing an egg with the sperm of your partner or that of a donor. IVF makes it possible for couples who cannot conceive naturally, same sex couples or singles to have a biological child. Your eggs or those of a female donor are extracted and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory until they become fetuses. The fetuses are carefully monitored and once that have reached a certain age, they can be inserted into the uterus, where they will continue to grow. IVF always happens under strict supervision of a team of medical professionals. After three treatments the likelihood of having a viable pregnancy is up to 71 percent, giving hope to many men and women around the world. IVF treatments are offered all around the world. In the United States, IVF treatments are very expensive and can cost up to as much as 12.000 US dollars and can even be higher in big cities such as New York, Washington, or Los Angeles. Luckily, there are much cheaper options that are just as reliable, such as doing IVF in Prague

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Can I get IVF in Prague?

Before you consider getting IVF in another country, it is important to research the local IVF law. Not all persons are allowed to receive IVF in certain countries. As for the Czech Republic, there are very strict laws regarding who is allowed to receive IVF treatment and who is not. For receiving IVF treatment in Prague, you do not have to be married to use IVF and conceive a baby. A couple living together is satisfactory. However, same sex couples and singles are not allowed to receive IVF in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, women at the age of 49 and older are not allowed to undergo the treatment. 

Is getting IVF in the Czech Republic safe?

Getting IVF treatment in Czech Republic is much cheaper than in the US and certainly very safe. Fertility treatment centers have to follow strict laws and are inspected at least once every two years. Medical standards in the Czech republic are very high and their fertility clinics are among those with the highest success rates in Europe. The success rate for people under the age of 35 receiving IVF treatment using their own eggs was 33,3%. People who used donor eggs had a success rate of 46,8%. Czech fertility clinics have to register all information about their fertility treatments into a national database called the NRAR (National Register of Assisted Reproduction). This institution also lists the authorized fertility clinics in the country. 

The costs of IVF in Prague

The costs for receiving IVF treatment in Prague are much more appealing than in the United States. A full IVF cycle with your own egg will cost you about 2500 euros. For egg donation you’d pay about 5000 euros. Embryo Monitoring e.g. Embryoscope will cost about 350 euros. The hotel stay, food related expenses and energy costs are significantly lower than in the US, making it a great destination for fertility treatment.