Countdown to the top 3 things to do before 30!

For those who say that – 30 is the new 20, ask the folks who will be hitting the triple in some time. Hitting 30s is no less than participating in X-factor, and that too in the upper echelons of the competition – hitting high ballad notes on the piano. If you still have some time for that, this write-up is for you! Coming from someone who is on the other side of the triple decade (not a happy thought, though), here is a list of all the things to do before 30.

Let’s not wait for any longer (the 20s went by like ‘swish and flick,’ while the 30s are roaring like typhoons) to learn the tricks and treats of life before the pressure of the 30s engulf you. Diving deeper –

What things to do before 30?

There are so many of them to do – live life, make a career, fall in love (and God forbid, out of it), dance your heart out, go solo…the list is endless! But while you are looking at all of this, there are some key life lessons that you miss out on. Don’t be scared – this isn’t a philosophical post.

However, unlike other random thoughts – this post will give you some critical ideas on being better equipped so that the 30s, 40s,50s, and more become easier to deal with.

1. Fun things that you must not miss out on

Indeed you can search for fun anytime – anywhere, but the kind of fun activities you can have before hitting the 30s are different. So, here’s kickstarting all you must do before the world tells you to become mature.

# An activity that scares the wits out of you

It could be as high as bungee jumping or skydiving and also as low as running a marathon. Many of us choose to ‘play safe’, letting life go by as it is. But you must take this ‘leap of faith’ to become a better version of yourself. If you do not try to do things that scare you, you will never be able to embrace the changes that life will throw at you. To mold the wet mud into a statue of your choice is far easier than carving one out of hardened mud. The 20s is the time to take risks and mentally prepare yourself to ensure that you are ready to face the challenges of the 30s.

things to do before 30

Therefore – pick up any activity, which scares you, and you haven’t tried before (or maybe you have) and try completing it. Be assured – you will get one hell of an experience!

# Solo activity – a trip or a camp

Another activity on the list of things to do before 30 is – undertaking a solo trip or a camp. You could also add a trek to it. The first thing that you must do is – go on a trip alone.

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Whether it is a weekend trip or taking off for a few days – plan it meticulously by yourself, get the bookings done, pack your things and take off. Explore the place, check out the cuisine, participate in any activity, and figure out a slice of people’s daily life. However, update your near ones with some crucial information (details of the place of stay, any known person).

If the idea mentioned above sounds far-fetched, you could also go camping, even if you are going with a group – make sure it is something you are doing for the first time). Else, you could go trekking up in the hills. Whatever the experience, make sure it is worthwhile.

# Make new friends

Though you may make one anytime, you like in your life, when you are past your 30s, it becomes difficult to connect with people and forge a beautiful friendship casually. Also, after a certain time, people are not really open to understanding others without judging them. It becomes difficult to forge good friendships.

Hence, do keep the child in you alive and try getting to know new people, being friends with them, and sharing the little moments of joy before the Big and Mature 30 hits you!

# Learn a new sport

One of the most important things to do before 30. Physically, post-30s, the human body starts wearing off. Whether it is the regular health scare due to some deficiencies or the lack of time – taking up and mastering a new sports activity after 30 becomes challenging, physically and mentally.

Hence, it is one of the things that you must learn early in your life. Also, master it as much as possible – so that you can further develop this as a hobby when you are in your later ages.

You can always choose from – swimming, kickboxing, cycling, badminton or tennis, and basketball, to name a few. If not anything else, try marathon running.

2. Learn to become better

Personal growth is very important before you take the 30-plunge. You must understand that – life is not always fair, and instant karma is rare. Therefore, whether you like it or not – you will have to take certain things with a pinch of salt. To do the same, you must focus on personal growth. Here’s how –

# Plan your career

This is one of the critical features of your life – something that will not sustain you but help you discover your passions and make a name for yourself. Surely you can change your career and take up some new activity – but charting out life’s goal and following a specific path to achieve the same – will give you life’s purpose.

things to do before 30

When you have a career, it will give you a sense of independence, let you know how the world functions and will help you grow – not just in the world but personally as well. A career gives your life a sense of purpose; hence, you must list it in the things to do before 30.

# Learn basic cooking skills

Very important!! To not know, how to cook – whichever your gender is not cool anymore. It is an essential life skill. Whatever position you are in, you will at least be able to feed yourself rather than depending on someone or a food delivery system.

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# It is time to develop your political opinion

You might not be interested in politics but try understanding how the political systems function globally. One of the essential things to do before 30 – is to comprehend the world’s workings and start developing an informed opinion on the same. That sharpens your intellect and prepares you to face world politics.

# Learn to be happy with yourself

Please understand – Nobody else is responsible for your happiness. Hence, make some decisions, stick to a routine (not the ones that say – billionaires follow this one routine, curate one to suit your needs), develop some healthy habits, take your privacy seriously and start saying NO.

Understanding the basics of mental health and working on them is crucial. Mark it up in your list of things to do before 30.

3. Do you have your finances in order?

If you think that there is someone else to take care of your finances, you are not precisely in the right. Surely, at this point, somebody is taking care of your finances, and rightly so. But to take care of it must be on your to-do list of things to do before 30.

# Know your investments

One of the crucial points on your listicle of things to do before 30. Perhaps your parent or guardian is handling your finances, but it is vital that you know the details of your investment and the market status. With 30 – you will start earning some more, so you must be financially conscious.

# Do you have any loans on your person?

If you do – it is time to chart out a plan to pay it off at the earliest. Already in your 30s, you will have to take some loans (car loan, house loan, education loans), and the burden of student loans simply adds up. So, you must know – how to dispose of it soon. All your life cannot go in summing up your loans!

things to do before 30

# Retirement financial plans are important

You haven’t even hit your 30s, and you are talking of retirement? Yes, folks – you better hold this up in your things to do before 30 lists!! You are living in a post-pandemic world. You have seen how one virus emitted at one corner of the world can create a ruckus – financially, domestically, and in every other domain. You have also seen – how with a little bit of extra cash, you do get some privileges than others.

So, it is time to plan out your investment strategies and closely follow the market for clarity.

How many of them have you done already?

We hope this is not the first time that you are reading up about the things to do before 30. You must have read some of the details beforehand as well. So, what are the things that you have tried out? Is there something that you suggest? Please leave your comments below.

Are you ready for the plunge?

Even if you are not, your 30s are approaching! Hence, rather than defying the norms of the time, it is better to tick off the things to do before 30 and choose the activities according to your priority. Just make sure that you prepare yourself in a manner that makes your 30s better for you than your 20s. As they say – ‘change is the only constant.’