Here’s what you wanted to know about Tommy Lee net worth!

If you are the 90s kid who loved pop music – there’s no chance you might not have heard Tommy Lee drumming on your TV screen and into your heart. An American musician and drummer, he was the mind behind the founding of the band Motley Crue and released as many as – 20 albums with them. Though most people seem to know him regarding his controversy with Pamela Anderson, it has in no way diminished people’s queries about Tommy Lee net worth and his future projects.

In this documented version, we will cover a wide range of topics – from his career beginnings to his sources of income with a glimpse of his personal life. Stay on this page to find out more –

What is Tommy Lee net worth?

Compiled from multiple sources and financial magazines, it may be estimated that – Tommy Lee net worth in 2022 stands at $70 million. A chunk of this amount came from his musical career and as a Motley Crue band member. It is courtesy to this that one notes – Lee to be the wealthiest among the band members.

Lee came from some humble origins – with his father being a sergeant in the US army and his mother a contestant in the Miss Greece beauty pageant (1960).  He also has a younger sister. When Lee was very young, he moved to California, where his drumming reached new heights.

He started off with heavy metal music, and very soon – he formed his band. With more connections, he formed Motley Crue, and later, he signed up for concerts and other projects. So, let’s get to the point from where he started off his career –

Tommy Lee net worth
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What were his career’s origins?

Tommy Lee dropped out of high school to pursue his music career. The child showed his spark at the tender age of 4 when he got hold of his first drumming kit. But it was only in the later years that he started pursuing metal and hard rock seriously. He formed his first band – Studio 19, which famously played the Sunset Strip in the 80s.

It was while he was with his old band – that he met his current bandmate Nikki Sixx at a Studio 19 show. It was the formation of Motley Crue that escalated Tommy Lee net worth to unimaginable proportions.

Last checked – in 2020 – the Motley Crue band was ready to perform for their stadium shows, but the pandemic spoilt the plans. To date – there has been no such update on that ground.

Facts you did not know about his career

Here are some specific facts associated with Tommy Lee’s career – that enabled him to make such a fortune.

  • Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil formed the new band – Motley Crue. The band’s first composition – Too Fast For Love was released in 1981 under its own label. But soon – Elektra Records signed the band and re-released the song.
  • After their initial success, in the next years – the band gave back-to-back hits in the form of albums such as – Shout at the Devil, Girls-Girls-Girls, Theatre of Pain, and Doctor Feelgood. As the band started their range of hits, so also Tommy Lee net worth, as well as the net worth of others, started skyrocketing.
  • With the passage of time – Tommy Lee created another rap-metal band of the supergroup style – by the name of Methods of Mayhem in 1999.
  • In 2002 – Tommy released his solo album Never a Dull Moment which was a massive success. In the same year and the following years – Motley Crue earned some major success via their stadium shows, concerts, and album releases.
  • Lee’s rap-rock band – Methods of Mayhem had a mild hit headed by Lee himself in the form of ‘Get Naked.’ 
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How does Tommy Lee make his money?

It is now time to check out some direct sources of Tommy Lee net worth.

  • From the debut album of Motley Crue – Lee and his bandmates made a record $1 million in sales
  • From their second album, which was certified 4X Platinum – Lee himself made over $4,335,000.
  • For the rest of the band’s songs, his pay ranged between $4,000,000 to $6,000,000, depending on the sales of the albums.
  • Over the years – from the band Motley Crue, he could make something around $26 million.
  • As far as his real estate sales are concerned – his Malibu home was sold for $2.5 million.
  • He also has a mansion in Calabasas, California – which he has officially listed for $4.65 million.
  • During their 2019 tour, the band Motley Crue made $60 million from their concerts, with their rates going up to $2 million per concert. Tommy Lee was the highest-paid bandmate.

Tommy Lee – the eye candy

Well, at 59 years of age and 1.89 meters in height, Tommy Lee is quite an eye candy, and, albeit, must be some arm candy. Pamela Anderson’s ex has a dating history and is a complete charmer. Rest assured – while crooning to hard rock, he does croon into the ladies’ hearts as well.

Personal details of Tommy Lee

Just because Tommy Lee net worth is quite an impressive figure does not mean that he had it easy in his personal life. On the contrary – his series of failed marriages, the leaking of his sex tape with Pamela Anderson, the physical assault charges levied by Anderson, and his jail time are some of the lowest points in his life.

For starters – he was married to Elaine Starchuk, which lasted for a year (1984-85).  This divorce was followed by his second marriage with Heather Locklear in 1986, which again ended in divorce in 1993. After this divorce, he was engaged to model Bobbie Brown for a very brief period.

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To date, his most famous relationship was with supermodel and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson with whom he shares two sons – Dylan and Brandon. But the marriage lasted from 1995-98, with him serving jail time on allegations of physical assault. Though they got back together in 2003, they split only a year after.

That’s not the end of it. After this infamous incident – he was engaged to Mayte Garcia. After that, he was with Sofia Toufa, the noted Greek-German singer, from 2014-17. Finally, after that relationship was left defunct – he disclosed his relationship with Brittany Furlan and has been married to her since 2019.

Tommy Lee net worth
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What was the infamous Pamela Anderson and Lee case?

Malibu seems to spell trouble for celebs! Malibu is one hotspot where most celebs have their private properties, and it is also the domain of multiple controversies. In 1995, when Pamela moved in with Lee at their Malibu house, some renovation work was going on. However – the couple was not satisfied with the construction work and therefore fired a couple of their employees without pay.

One of the employees – Rand Gauthier, orchestrated a plan to steal their honeymoon sex tape (which he did) and sell its copies. The matter escalated to such an extent that – the couple had to settle for a confidential agreement and was paid a compensation of $10 million. However – it was later revealed in due course of time that Gauthier had made a massive $77 million from the sales of the copies.

That is not all! During this time, Tommy Lee net worth took a massive downturn when Anderson filed for divorce on the grounds of physical abuse. The musician had to undergo jail time, cough up hefty compensation, pay child support and carry out community service hours. Also, last checked – he does not have custody of his sons.

However – later he sold the Malibu home for $2.5 million in the 2000s.

Some quickies you did not know

  • The web series on Netflix – The Dirt, is based on the biography of the band Motley Crue. 
  • Lee has dabbled in television multiple times with a TV show – Rockstar: Supernova, with Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke.
  • His infamous Malibu home incident was made into a series to be aired on MTV in the early 2000s.

Wrapping up

Great things take time, and so do great people who have reached heights of success today. Quite unfortunately, it is the infamous Anderson – Lee sex tape that catapulted him to success. A chunk of Tommy Lee net worth that you have been reading about came after this scandal. However – the rise of this star clearly shows that come what may – hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. If you want more of such news items – keep checking this space.