Tips On How To Blow Like A Pro From A Miami Escort

Miami escorts are infamous for doing wonders in bed. They truly know how to milk the best orgasm from someone based on their skills. However, did you know that the best orgasm can be achieved from oral sex alone? This type of sex (also known as the third base) is popular among young couples as it does not require traditional vaginal penetration. 

This article will truly show you what you are missing in life, a blowjob from hot and sexy Miami escorts. However, there are tips for you to return the favor as well. This is because everyone deserves some hot and steamy oral sex in bed. Some people get turned on by giving as well as receiving it. So, this one is for all the oral enthusiasts out there!

What Is Oral Sex?

First and foremost, you should know what oral sex is and what it involves. Oral sex means providing sexual pleasure by doing wonders with the mouth and tongue. For males, it simply means the performance of a blowjob on one’s penis. For females, there is a fancy word ie cunnilingus (aka eating her out). 

Both techniques require different tongue movements. However, satisfaction is guaranteed for both of them if done right. You can ensure that you get the utmost pleasure from oral sex by booking a Miami escort as they are truly the pros at this job. But what can you expect while receiving oral sex from a Miami escort? Keep reading as these females follow all these tips and hence, are the best at it.

How To Smell Good Down There?

The pleasure is increased by a considerable amount if a person smells good down there. This is because by smelling good, the person will be more comfortable performing oral sex on you. Hence, her skills will surely show in her performance. There are various ways of using it anyone can smell good down there.

  • Maintaining a balanced PH level- This is the tip that every Miami escort swears by and follows religiously. Whether you are a male or a female, maintaining your genital PH level will considerably make oral sex more comfortable and better. This means no usage of harsh chemicals or fragrances down there.
  • Eating more fruits- There are some fruits that you can rely upon to make you smell heavenly in your genitals. These fruits involve pineapple and cranberry. You can even drink their juice before going down and dirty.
  • Having good hygiene- This part is crucial while performing oral sex and not just to smell good. It is also required to reduce the risk of infections and overall have a satisfying experience. Clean your thing thoroughly with water and specialized soap before performing oral sex on each other.
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How To Work The Tongue Magic (During Blowjobs)

No one knows to perform their tongue magic better than a Miami escort. So, if you are expecting to receive a blowjob from a Miami escort, you can expect to share one hell of an experience with her. These women are not afraid to go all wet and sloppy while blowing your thing. And that’s exactly the way men like their blowjobs.

To perform a magical blowjob on someone, you should go slow at first while licking the tip. And then eventually gather the speed and take it whole if the man is into deepthroating. If deepthroating is hard for you, you can do wonders with the tip and the first half as well by swirling your tongue around the penis and sucking it in between.

How To Stop From Gagging

Many females reading this must be wondering how to work the tongue magic without having a gag reflex. Well, you don’t need to be ashamed of your gag reflex as everyone has it. However, certain ways are there using which you can minimize it to an extent. 

  • Practicing deepthroating- To build up resistance to your gag reflex, you can practice deepthroating several objects. Start with something small, such as a toothbrush and eventually you can move up to deepthroating a banana without making even a single gag sound. 
  • Squeeze your thumb- This is an immediate way to stop a gag reflex. When you are giving a sloppy head to someone and feel a gag coming up, all you have to do is squeeze your thumb as hard as possible. It is proven to be somewhat effective for most of the females out there.
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Working Your Tongue Magic (During Cunnilingus)

If you are going down and dirty with a Miami escort and want to return the favor by giving the best cunnilingus ever, these tips are for you. Every woman indeed enjoys cunnilingus. The sensation of a tongue swirling up and down one’s clit is truly unmatched. Women tend to achieve a more pleasurable orgasm from cunnilingus rather than just vaginal penetration.

The trick goes somewhat the same while performing cunnilingus as well. Go slow at first and pick up the pace while doing deep penetrations with your tongue. You might want to alternate between licking and sucking to make her go insane and beg for more. 

Using fingers

Using fingers during oral sex can increase the sensation of pleasure even more. While giving a blowjob, you can use your hands to stroke the penis up and down and play with the balls as well. It is bound to give the man a great time and an immense orgasm. While performing cunnilingus, you can use your fingers to rub the clit while using your tongue to penetrate the vagina.

Maintaining Eye Contact

The maintenance of eye contact while performing any kind of sexual activity is hot in itself. Mixing it with some hot and steamy oral sex can make the whole experience even sexier. Therefore, be sure to maintain eye contact whether you are sucking a penis or eating a girl out. The occasional hair-pulling is another thing you can add to make the experience even more passionate.

These were some of the tips using which you are bound to have the best oral sex of your life. You can use websites such as to book a Miami escort and experience this magic for yourself.