Top 6 benefits of seaweed for skin you cannot ignore!

If you are a fan of K-dramas and K-products – you are already acquainted with the importance of seaweed. Whether celebrating birthdays with seaweed soap or caking the skin with seaweed-infused creams for a radiant glow – the benefits of seaweed for skin and hair are myriad. Seaweed is your go-to macroalgae, from detoxing the skin to improving the skin tone to escalating collagen production.

This digital write-up, in collaboration with certified dermatologists, will provide you with details of the positives seaweed brings to your health, some DIY masks to use, and some ways to consume these marine algae.

What are the benefits of seaweed for skin?

They are not just to be used as a wrap for fancy sushi rolls. The positives it has for your skin are myriad. We will discuss a handful of them here –

1. It regulates the oil production of the skin

The primary benefit of seaweed is – it regulates the sebaceous glands and thereby controls the oil production levels of the skin. When this is done, the acne producing bacteria are reduced, and you get clearer skin.

2. It has a huge role in exfoliating the skin

The key factor – which is why most face washes and serums have this – it is an exfoliator. Seaweeds have ingrained chemical detoxifiers which help relieve the cells from toxins and create revitalized skin. As beauticians say – dead cells are best stuck in a face pack rather than on your skin! 

benefits of seaweed for skin

3. It helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines

What many do not know about the benefits of seaweed for skin is that – it is an anticoagulant. Also, specific seaweeds such as – Laminaria Digitata are packed with amino acids and Vitamin C. They help in collagen formation and prevent blood coagulation – thereby diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

4. It supports collagen formation and fights the free radical damage

Seaweed is anti-inflammatory in nature and, therefore, can fight free radical damage. Additionally, it is the best source of collagen, which integrates hyaluronic acid in itself. This acid is a lubricating and restorative agent for the skin that aids skin renewal, protects against environmental pollutants, and is packed with essential vitamins and amino acids.

With all these positives for the skin – seaweed extract is the ultimate choice.

5. It is a great hydrating agent

This is one of the biggest benefits of seaweed for skin. Seaweed is a humectant and draws moisture to the skin with the help of polysaccharides that absorb water. The ‘thirsty’ skin cells are nourished with moisture, bringing back the bounce to the skin.

6. It reduces skin pigmentation

Seaweeds have phlorotannins which are rich in – anti-inflammatory and hyaluronidase components. They reduce skin pigmentation and improve the redness in hypersensitive skin. It also creates a protective barrier to save the skin from harmful pollutants.

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#Did you know? Sea minerals (seaweed) contain properties that help replicate skin cells at the earliest. The thiamine and riboflavin content help to heal the skin and protect against skin inflammation. 

How will you use it on your skin?

As you have already checked out, seaweed has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin; a body or a face mask is a great way to imbibe the same. So, how will you derive the maximum benefits of seaweed for skin via a mask? Here are two DIYs –

#1. Seaweed Body Wrap

For this, you will need – 1. 1/2 cup of seaweed powder

  1. Warm water (1 ltr should be enough but must not be used all at once)
  2. 4 tablespoons of oil (argan, olive, jojoba – whatever be the choice)
  3. Plastic wrap and towels

How to do it?

1. Blend the powder, water, and oil to form a thick consistency – mud-like and keep it aside. If you want, you can add 2-4 drops of essential oil to it (maybe rosemary or peppermint oil).

2. You will have to cover your bed with old bedsheets or curtains if you plan to use the mud and wrap it all over your body.

3. Take the concoction and paste it all over your body. The mud must cover all parts of your body, and if you have someone to help you, that would be better. Once that is done – wrap your body with the plastic sheets (almost paste it over your body on the seaweed mud) and lie down on your bed. Make sure to pull over a plastic sheet or an old blanket over you. It will keep you warm and encourage sweating which will detoxify your skin further.

4. Keep this concoction on your body for 30 – minutes before you wash it off with warm water and mild soap.

#The seaweed detoxifies your body, thereby easing aches and body pains.

#2. Seaweed Body Mask

Another way you could imbibe the benefits of seaweed for skin is by using a face mask.

For this, you will need –

1. A few sheets of nori seaweed or 3/4 cup of seaweed powder

2. 1/2 cup of warm water

How to do it? – 1. Mix the powder in 1 teaspoon of water to form a muddy mixture, or leave some sheets in the lukewarm water for 5 seconds to soften.

3. If you have sheets, apply them to your skin, minus the eyes. If you use the powder seaweed mix, apply it thickly over your face.

Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it out with lukewarm water.

How can you use seaweed extract?

There are multiple ways by which you may use seaweed extract. Mostly, you will find them in creams and body lotions. You will find seaweed extracts in anti-aging creams, collagen-building creams, night lotions, serums, face oil, moisturizers, or in the DIY manner as detailed above. Also, there is a range of hair products that have these extracts.

You will note that in these extracts – wakame is an important ingredient. It revitalizes sagging skin, boosts collagen production, and boosts the oxygen supply of the skin.

Before you buy any of these extract products, make sure to take a patch test to check how your skin or hair reacts to this.

How can you use seaweed as food?

Consuming seaweed is another way to garner maximum benefits of seaweed for skin. Here are some of the critical minerals and vitamins present in it.

  • It contains tyrosine and iodine, which supports thyroid function
  • It is infused with copper, thiamine, iron, B12, Vitamin K, manganese, protein, carbs, fat, and fiber
  • It contains a host of antioxidants and polysaccharides which improves gut health
  • Studies are still underway – but seaweed reduces cholesterol levels and the chances of forming blood clots.
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You may have them in soups or salads. Here is a seaweed salad recipe you can try to garner some benefits for the skin.

What you will need? Mixed Dry seaweed (1 packet), Toasted sesame oil (1/2 tablespoon), Rice Vinegar (1/4 tablespoon), Soy sauce – sugar-salt (as per taste), Ginger juice (1/2 tablespoon), Toasted sesame seeds (1/2 cup), Scallion (1/2 cup).

This is one of the easiest recipes to make since you will have to simply toss the ingredients together and prepare the salad. Add the vinegar as a garnishing juice.

What are seaweed benefits for hair?

As we understand you are scrolling down this article, we assume you already know about the benefits of seaweed for skin. But for the unversed, it also has a host of benefits for your hair!

Here are some of the benefits you can derive from seaweed for your mane –

1. As mentioned above – seaweed contains a host of vitamins and minerals along with collagen. These are extremely crucial for hair recovery, mineralization, and hydration.

2. Due to the presence of Vitamins C and A and zinc – this stimulates hair growth.

3. It is anti-bacterial in nature. So, the microbe or fungus which grows on the skin or hair will be reduced – preventing further infections. This will automatically stimulate hair growth.

4. Seaweed is a nutrient package – with high levels of Omega 3 and 6. This maintains the health of hair follicles and escalates growth.

5. Using any seaweed hair mask or shampoo will remove the buildup of dirt from your scalp. This will surely increase your hair growth.

benefits of seaweed for skin

Do they have any side effects?

Though there are multiple benefits of seaweed for skin but for some skin tones – there are side effects. These may also occur due to consuming seaweed regularly. What are those?

  • Since seaweed is high in iodine, therefore for some, it may cause an escalation of iodine content and, therefore, thyroid. This happens with consistent intake. So do check your sodium levels well.
  • Consistent seaweed intake causes arsenic bioaccumulation in the body – given that the oceans are highly polluted. Though the seaweed you consume or use is purified yet, the chances of such a condition remain.

Before you leave

Well, that was quite some information you gained on the benefits of seaweed for skin. But do you think you know all about seaweed? Not really! Let’s quickly check some facts before you leave this page –

  • These microscopic algae are a crucial part of the ocean’s food chain. Most of them are medium-sized and available in red, black, green, and brown hues and wash up ashore against high tides.
  • Seaweeds are not just essential to underwater plants and animals but also to land-dwellers since they hold the ground during tsunamis. If they are lost – tides will ravage the coastline areas.
  • They are not just used in sushi rolls but also in treating wounds and burns (the Roman traditional technique).
  • Research is on – and if it goes in the positive direction, this will help treat cancers and leukemia.

Use it well

So, these were the benefits of seaweed for skin. Hopefully, we can help you with these details. If you wish to have more details about skincare or health, keep checking this website for more!