Meet Foundation Skincare: Dermatologist Formulated Products for Hair & Skin

When it comes to skincare, most people are woefully unaware of what their favorite products contain. Look at the ingredient list of most drugstore skincare products, and you’ll see chemicals you can’t pronounce and substances that could cause irritation. The need for higher-quality products is apparent, but it can be difficult to know where to find products that are safe, gentle, and effective on your skin. You can start by looking for skincare Foundation products that are formulated by dermatologists. Learn more about the top-of-the-line natural components that comprise these skincare products.

Medical Grade Ingredients Without a Prescription

One of the greatest benefits of the Foundation Skincare line is the medical grade ingredients in its proprietary formulas. These ingredients are expertly selected and compounded by the company’s founders, a dermatologist and a pharmacist. The expertise of the founders has given them the knowledge necessary to create products that address skincare issues from the inside out. Products are based on the premise that natural beauty starts with nourishment, and nourishment starts with nutrients.

This is why the brand has focused on developing products such as the Untangled hair supplement. Rather than targeting hair loss with a surface-level remedy, the Untangled supplement offers rich, nourishing, medical grade ingredients that give your body the power to thrive. These ingredients include Folic Acid, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, and an array of other vitamins in a proprietary blend.

These ingredients do much more than just stimulate hair growth. Some users report that the supplement may also improve energy levels, increase keratin production, and minimize the production of DHT, a chemical that has been linked to hair loss. All of these benefits exemplify the standard of quality that Foundation products represent. Achieve better skin, hair, and health through holistic, medical grade ingredients like these.

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Hair Loss & Skincare Needs at Your Service

Hair loss is a common concern for both men and women. As you get older, hormones change, and many people notice that their hair starts to thin out as a result. This is typically a cosmetic problem rather than a serious health issue, but it can still have a negative impact on your self-esteem and physical appearance. In order to combat hair loss, you need to identify its cause and invest in a treatment regimen that targets this issue.

The same is true of any skincare concerns that you may have. Common skin issues such as dryness, discoloration, and irritation can emerge as a result of bacteria or inflammation. Products such as azelaic acid cream work by combatting both of these phenomena. Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging cream, a moisturizer, or a blemish fighter, this cream’s high-quality ingredients make it a great option for your skincare needs.

Foundation Skincare rises above other companies thanks to these medical-quality ingredients. All products are formulated in a GMP certified laboratory, so you can be confident that the product you receive meets the most stringent criteria for quality. You don’t need a prescription to enjoy medical grade skincare. Discover the power of Foundation Skincare’s natural ingredients and expertly formulated products.