How to avoid wardrobe malfunction? Top 10 hacks to follow!

When this happens with celebs, it is good for their careers – when it happens with you, it’s bad for your career and (ahem, character)! What is it? A wardrobe malfunction. Do you want it? Not really! This is why you are here looking for strategies on how to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

We are here to help you with that. This write-up will provide the most common malfunctions and some hacks to avoid them. This article will also provide some last-minute tips to help you save your face. So, here are all the specifics –

What are the most common breakdowns?

The most common dress malfunctions that one may face are – visible brassier or panty line, a sudden nip slip, ripping off of the satin static dress or skirt, a broken zipper, camel toe, stains, and deodorant/ makeup/ sweat marks, to name a few. Almost on any day when you wish to look your best – these ‘sudden and unwanted’ breakdowns cause you to break down. Now no more! Here are some hacks that will help you spare the embarrassment.

How to avoid wardrobe fiascos?

Sometimes there is no way to save yourself from a sudden wardrobe breakdown. But if you use these hacks – you may save yourself some embarrassment. So, here’s the way to do it –

#1. Keep a bra-strap converter kit

Not being able to keep your bra strap in place is one of the biggest dress fiascos you can come across. Therefore as a response to how to avoid wardrobe malfunction – it is essential to get a 3-clip enabled bra strap converter kit.

With this triple clip, you can change the current bra you are wearing into a racerback form or a way to hold it up at the point. Also, if you are into mixing and matching, you may change the strap style of the bra to fit the dress you are wearing.

how to avoid wardrobe malfunction

#2. Hairsprays are a must

Even on the best of your hair day; you will have that one lock of hair flying out of nowhere! It is to set this as per requirement you will require a hairspray. But that is not all! Your hair spray will come in handy if you suddenly get some spots or stains. Spraying the same assists in temporarily removing the stain.

#3. Keep garment guards

Your shirts, dresses, and jackets are all afraid of one thing – the stain of sweat!! Do you want to know how to avoid wardrobe malfunction of this kind? You will need garment guards. Stick these on the concerned clothes and they will protect the shirts from sweat patches – preventing you some embarrassment every time you decide to put your hands up.

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#4. An adhesive bra is a great option

Are you a lover of challenging necklines? If that, then how to avoid wardrobe malfunction? Simple, keep an adhesive bra! These breast underliners come in various avatars, with single stick-on types or hooks, which you may choose as per requirement.

You can place them at your convenience and choose the backless (or plunging neckline) with which you intend to challenge your style!

#5. Fashion tapes are a must!

You can keep them anywhere and use them anytime (albeit, anywhere). They are flexible, double-sided, and paper-thin. Therefore – you may use them under your dress or patch up slits. Be assured that if you have a sudden wardrobe malfunction-like scenario and there is nothing to save your day – this fashion tape will surely help you.

#6. Keep clear nail polish in your bag

You have a loose button dangling from your shirt. Quick fix? A coat of clear nail paint to stick it on. A chance of a rip in your tights? Fix it with a single coat of nail paint.

#7. Spandex shorts help you in a flash

You want your dress to be flashy – but not flash yourself! That’s precisely why you need these spandex shorts for your short, shimmery dress. If you cannot manage the shorts, you can also choose a half slip.

how to avoid wardrobe malfunction

#8. Get a set of heel stoppers

If you are searching for how to avoid wardrobe malfunction and thinking only about dress fiascos – you are highly mistaken! A wrong pair of heels can also spoil your game. Therefore, you can use heel stoppers to stabilize the base of the heels. This makes the walk more manageable and saves you from sudden trippings, getting stuck on the long dress, or any other heel fiasco.

#9. Some stain removal ideas

Want to know how to avoid wardrobe malfunction if you have some unwanted stains on your clothes? Some of these quickies will help you. You will need a white wine-dipped cloth to clear a red wine stain. If it is a grease stain, you will need soda to remove it. Similarly, if it is a coffee stain, you will categorically need baking soda to remove it.

To clean an oil stain, you will require white chalk – on the other hand, for a blood stain, you will need to clear it using hydrogen peroxide. For an ink mark, remove it with milk, and use baby wipes to remove a lipstick stain.

#10. Makeup setting spray

You might have a great made-up face caked with layers of cosmetics – but all of it can result in a sudden disaster if you do not use a setting spray to hold the makeup in place. When your dress is clipped, and heels are stocked – the last thing you want is to have dripping makeup from your face (the sweat marks, the patches on your face, the eyeliner dripping down).

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What to wear and what to avoid?

Experimenting with your clothes at times is alright and most welcome. But doing the same every day and that too without judging your body may have a negative impact. Therefore – before picking up your clothes, ensure that the fabric is stretchable, the colors are a little darker, and the ones with plunging necklines.

Also, keep fashion tapes, a small sewing kit, and hairspray handy for quick fixes. Since you are here looking for how to avoid wardrobe malfunction, here you get some ways to deal with the same.

Some last-minute tips

You have a fair idea about how to avoid wardrobe malfunction. But is that enough? Fashion experts state that nothing is enough when it is a wardrobe issue. So here are some last-minute tips which you cannot miss out on –

1. Before you actually wear out the dress for the party or the occasion, please do a dress rehearsal. If it’s the last minute and you are getting late – atleast check yourself (mostly your private areas) in the mirror before leaving.

2. Always keep safety pins, stitch kit, and glue in your bag. Despite all your rehearsals, your dress might just decide to rip suddenly.

how to avoid wardrobe malfunction

3. If you are wearing a new pair of shoes or trying heels for the first time – try wearing them an hour before you actually intend to leave. By this, you will get an idea of the fitting. You may also wash your feet with soap before wearing the heels; this prevents blisters to a certain extent. Otherwise, carry a couple of band-aids, or you may stick them to your heels before putting on your shoes.

4. Keep blotting paper handy. Even when you forget your sweat pads, they may help cover up some quick fashion fiascos!

5. If you are wearing a body-hugging outfit – try to go in for seamless innerwear to save you the glitch.

6. If you are wearing a heavy saree, wear the heels first – then you will understand where to drape the saree. Also, rather than wearing the petticoat, it is best if you wear a pair of leggings or jeans underneath the saree.

7. You may use the hair straightener for slight creases on your shirt or shirt collar.

8. Remember to keep a sanitary pad in your handbag.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this write-up could respond to your query about how to avoid wardrobe malfunction. If you want more such stories – you can keep watching this space for more!