How Can Fonts Be Added To Google Docs? Easy Techniques

People today have a lot of information stored in numerous files. But their device only has a little amount of memory. Additionally, these many files require organisation. to have unrestricted file storage in Google Docs online. Its spacious storage can hold a variety of document types. Additionally, it is simple to arrange the papers. There are many different fonts available in Google Docs for usage in the documents. The appeal of the viewers is increased by these typefaces. Additionally, it made it easier for them to grasp the information. However, Google Docs makes it difficult to locate all of the typefaces. Therefore, we must discover how to utilise all of Google Docs’ typefaces.

How To Add Fonts To Google Docs – Add Fonts Using These Techniques

Fonts come in a variety of styles that might draw viewers. Some of them are accessible from Google Docs’ main page, while others are not.

The methods for obtaining both font categories are covered in this article.

Access to the fonts that are offered

You may simply utilise the fonts that are offered on the Google Docs main fonts page if you wish to. The following describes how to utilise them in your papers.

  1. You must first launch Google Docs on your smartphone.
  2. The next step is to select the “New” icon. Either create your own document or open the one you want.
  3. A toolbar will be located at the top of the screen. You must select “More fonts.”
  4. In the left column, a wide variety of typefaces will be displayed. You must decide which of these you wish to include in your paper.
  5. You may choose “OK” after choosing the preferred font.
  6. The document will now include the typeface. The document can then be saved.

Access Fonts at Dafont

On the front page of Google Docs, several typefaces are unavailable. However, the Google Doc has the typefaces. You must be aware of how to access fonts in Google Docs. You may use dafont for this. The process is explained below.

  1. You must first visit the Dafont website. You must use the web browser on your device to search for
  2. The screen will display a page of dafont. A font type must be chosen from the page’s header.
  3. Then a selection of typefaces from the specified category will show.
  4. You may select the font by clicking on it. The ‘Download’ icon is then available for selection on the screen.
  5. The file may then be saved in the desired location on your device.
  6. The next step is to navigate to the file and select it. Next, you can choose to “Extract all the files.”
  7. The extracted folder must then be clicked to be opened.
  8. After performing a right click on the file, a drop-down menu will display. You must choose “instal” from the available options.
  9. The Google Doc must be installed on your device in order to utilise the typeface.
  10. The fonts will then be accessible when you open the document in Google Doc and select the “More fonts” option.


Nowadays, Google Docs is a well-liked text processor. Google Docs supports a wide variety of typefaces. However, Google Docs does not allow you to use any custom fonts. There are numerous different fonts available that may be utilised in any subject you want. You may select it based on the type of document you are using. It is easily accessible through dafont.