The first year of Dark Knight Jackpot is a huge success

A new online slot game based on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series was released by Microgaming last year. The game has paid out numerous generous jackpots since its launch in June 2012, many of which have made players millionaires.

Microgaming’s Dark Knight 

Microgaming’s Dark Knight slots game was released in the summer, just in time for the release of Christopher Nolan’s final film. Many players came to the game in anticipation of the movie, so the timing was perfect. Therefore, the rapid expansion of its casino jackpot city was not surprising.

The jackpot had reached $1.5 million by December 2012, and a lucky Norwegian player won the generous sum. His 5.4 million kronor in winnings inspired even more players to wager on this great new progressive game.

As a result, the jackpot was won once more quickly. A few weeks later, on January 29, 2013, The Dark Knight once more paid out the highest jackpot. This time, the winner of the $3.3 million prize was a Bet365 online casino player. According to progressive jackpot trackers, the game’s payouts are anticipated to resume quickly.

Slots jackpots that start at $1 million typically award their top prizes about every six months. Mega Moolah and Major Millions are well-known for their generous million-dollar jackpots but rarely pay out. Because it has demonstrated itself to be significantly more generous in a very short period, this sets The Dark Knight slots apart from its rivals.

The Dark Knight is a fully immersive online gambling experience that takes players deep into Gotham City’s dark underworld. Many great bonus features are included, including a free spin round. Three smaller prizes payout every day in addition to the generous Mega progressive jackpot: Minor Progressive (100 seeds), Mini Progressive (ten seeds), and Major Progressive (10,000 seeds).

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The Dark Knight slot machine from International Game Technology differs from this online game. Also released in 2012, this game has a progressive jackpot network with multiple levels. However, it is only accessible at land-based gambling establishments and is a component of a distinct jackpot network. Since Microgaming’s Dark Knight can be played at many different online casinos, it is connected to a much larger network of progressive jackpots.