How to treat women hair loss?

A women can experience hair loss in several stages of her life. During menopause, hair loss often occurs. The best way to treat this is with a menopause hair loss treatment. The hair loss appears because of the hormonal changes in this phase.

Neofollics Hair Technology can counteract several types of hair loss, including menopause hair loss by stimulating hair growth after this hormonal period. This is possible by taking supplements that support hair growth by combatting nutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

Most common causes women hair loss

The most common causes of women hair loss are family history, hormonal changes such as childbirth and menopause, smoking, using the wrong medications, radiation therapy on the head, a stressful event, and a deficiency in healthy vitamins and nutrients.

When you want to do something about your hair condition immediately than you should act. On the website of Neofollics you can find several treatments to counteract hair loss by family history, stress, and deficiency in healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Also, when you take medication you should check for possible side-effects, because if it can affect your hair, this can be the cause of your hair loss. In addition, you should try to avoid stressful events, quit smoking, and to take a healthy hair care routine.

What vitamins and nutrients do I need for hair growth?

Vitamins and nutrients that can counteract hair loss are Vitamin B12, Iron, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Biotin. You can find these products in the hair growth supplements of Neofollics, but you can also put together a healthy diet yourself, that combats potential deficiencies.

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In addition, to healthy vitamins and nutrients for hair growth you can use products that are clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and to combat hair loss. Examples of this kind of products are based on Piroctone Olamine, Neoxyl® or Minoxidil. The most-known treatment for hair loss is Minoxidil, but it is also the one with the most possible side-effects such as headaches, acne, burning of scalp, inflammation and swelling of the face. While on the other hand its effectiveness is comparable with its alternatives. Neoxyl® is one of these alternatives and is a hair growth complex that is a combination of active ingredients and can be found in the Neofollics Lotion.