Discover the Power of Hint Academy, the Innovative Korean Beauty Academy

Hint Academy is a Korean beauty academy that offers a range of beauty services and training programs to aspiring beauty professionals. It provides a comprehensive education in all aspects of the Korean beauty industry, from skincare to makeup artistry. The academy also offers workshops and seminars for those looking to upgrade their skills or learn new techniques. With its wide range of services, Hint Academy is the perfect place for anyone who wants to break into the Korean beauty industry.

Hair Academy wants to guide a whole new generation of hair specialists in Vietnam led by a renowned Filipino hair artist who is a university professor in Korea. Hair Academy is proud to be the only academy that develops unique educational content designed by hairdressers for prestigious VIP and Celeb clients in Korea.

How is Revolutionizing the Korean Beauty Industry with its Innovative Services

Hint Hair Academy is the only academy that designs exclusive learning programs based on the popular hair professions created by leading stylists for VIP and VIP clients in Korea. Each brings an authentic practical experience of the Korean hair industry to students. Hint Academy offers the following courses for its learners:

Professional Men’s and Women’s Hair Course

The comprehensive course covers everything from basic hairstyling techniques and styling fundamentals to advanced coloring and cutting concepts. Students will also learn about customer service, business operations, and marketing strategies essential for starting a career as a professional stylist. Additionally, Hint Academy provides hands-on training with experienced professionals who can offer tips and guidance on perfecting their craft. 

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Professional Makeup Course

This comprehensive course is designed to provide aspiring makeup artists with the opportunity to learn from industry professionals.

By attending Hint Academy’s Professional Makeup Course, participants can access cutting-edge techniques and tools needed for success in today’s competitive beauty market. The course includes hands-on instruction and a series of lectures and seminars led by experienced industry experts. Students will also learn color theory, product selection, and application techniques. 

Additionally, they will receive a certificate upon completing all necessary program components. This makes up course offers students invaluable experience which can help them stand out in their field and take their careers to new heights.

Professional Nail Art

Hint Academy’s courses are designed to provide comprehensive instruction in the latest techniques and trends in fashion-forward nail art. From intricate freehand designs to modern brush strokes, these classes provide hands-on learning for those interested in taking their manicure and pedicure skills to the next level. In addition to teaching practical skills, students also have access to an extensive library of resources from established industry professionals.


Hint Academy is leading the way in revolutionizing the Korean beauty industry with its innovative services. From professional men’s and women’s hair styling to advanced skin care treatments, has something for everyone. With its wide range of courses, affordable prices, and friendly environment, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to attend this fantastic academy.