How to style oversized shirt? An Instagrammer’s style guide!

As a woman, your wardrobe has a handful of things that are classic! An oversized shirt is one of them. As much as we may deny it, we love shirts two sizes bigger than the size we always search for. Wear it as casual loungewear, or laze around wearing it with your buddies – every moment is Insta-perfect. Keeping in tune with the trendy Athflow style here’s checking out how to style oversized shirt right from an Instagrammer’s lens!

Before you choose one, you will have to ensure that the shirt must be loose around the shoulders and the waist area. Also, the sleeve of the shirt must fall below the mid-bicep range. Does your one match the standards? Let’s skip to the styling part –

How to style oversized shirt with jeans?

For most occasions, you will find a pair of jeans paired up with an oversized shirt to be the best alternative. Here are some ways to style it –

1. Pair it up with jeggings

When you have a pair of jeggings to pair with your shirt, you can either choose to leave the oversized shirt untucked or simply button it up to look like a long top.

You can either keep the buttons done up to the top or barring the middle 3 buttons, let the others open.

Complete the look with a tote bag, white sneakers, and a chunky cuff piece.

How to style oversized shirt

2. Wide-legged jeans are in style

How to style oversized shirt if you have wide-legged jeans to pair up with? We will tell you how! Once you have paired this outfit, do not forget to tuck in your shirt completely. Also, leave two buttons open from the top to ace the look.

Do you want to play a little bold? Leave the buttons open from the top to show just the perfect snippet of your innerwear.

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We would suggest you tie up your hair in a high bun and put on statement ear-pieces to enhance the look.

3. A shirt waistcoat is a great combo

Choose any of the jeans styles you like – jeggings, wide-leg, parallels, or stripped. Pair it with an oversized shirt. Add a waistcoat to complete the look. We would suggest going in for color contrasts in terms of the shirt and waistcoat. However, you could choose to wear the same hues, only the lighter one over the deeper shade.

Deep lip tint, open hair, bare hands, and a sling – that’s how you ace this waistcoat-shirt look.

4. Double layers are a great patch

What if you wear everything that is size twice over your shirt? Well, put on your oversized shirt, pair it up with an oversized denim jacket or blazer and wrap around a scarf in a double layer with your jeans to finish your look. Ace it with a pair of loafers and a top-knot – with hoop earrings for company.

How to style oversized shirt with shorts?

Do you wish to check out how to style oversized shirt on top of your shorts? Here are some ways you could ace your Instagram photos –

1. Follow a French Tuck style

With shorts in tow, there’s no leaving behind the French Tuck. Tuck in the front part of your shirt and leave the rest of it hanging down. To amplify the boldness, you can use a 3-tier chain and statement danglers, leaving some upper buttons open.

2. Match it up with a belt

Wear shorts but forget it, let the oversized shirt do all the fashion! How? Let the shirt hang loose upon your shorts and use a belt to buckle the same. Get yourself a pair of stilettos, carry a long-chained wallet, and knot your hair in a half-bun. You are ready to go!!

3. Add the shirt like a blazer

There’s another way to add some spice to your look with an oversized shirt. Pair up a camisole or a bralette with your shorts. Just wear the oversized shirt like an add-on!! Don’t miss out on the hat, flats, sling, and triple-layered bracelet!

How to style oversized shirt

How to style oversized shirt with leggings?

There are namely two ways that have been trending online for a long time now. Check them out –

1. Keep the shirt hanging on your leggings

This is the easiest and surely the most comfortable way to pair up an oversized shirt with your leggings. Just wear it like a top and if you wish you amplify the look, add a layered scarf to this. Accessorize this look with hoops or danglers and a sling. Don’t forget your heels!

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2. Be bold and tie a knot

Are you looking up how to style oversized shirt with a touch of boldness that is almost criminal? Here’s how you ace it –

Take the ends of your oversized shirt and tie it near your chest. We would suggest double knots to add to the oomph! Leave the navel up to the midrib exposed. If you are willing, add a navel chain. A sling wallet, double-hooped earrings, pumps, and a high ponytail will complete your look.

How to style oversized shirt for a party?

1. Pair it with dress pants

If you have a casual-evening business party to attend, and looking up how to style oversized shirt – we would suggest you pair it with dress pants. The button-down shirt with dress pants and heels or loafers with a blazer complete the outfit. Tie up your hair in a ponytail and stick to ear studs and minimal make-up for the evening.

2. Go for the classic tuck in

When you are attending a party, there’s nothing better than tucking in your oversized shirt. Make sure the jeans you are wearing are of the formfitting type. Also, take care of the fringes of the shirt at your waist. You may add a cashmere shawl to the outfit, almost like a shrug or a poncho. Accessorize with danglers, and go in for half-knot style with your locks. Pumps are a must!!

If dress pants look too boring, you could always pair them up with a skirt, sequined, or a midi-type. Else, you could choose the side-slit long skirt that is trending these days.

How to style oversized shirt

3. Wear it as a dress

Is it a casual get-together and you are in the mood for displaying some oomph? Simply wear the oversized shirt as a dress. Choose your accessories and definitely go in for flats to keep it simple and cool.

Before you move on –

Oversized shirt as a beach cover-up

You already have a fair idea of how to style oversized shirt and we hope you follow the same. But what if you keep aside the style factor and simply wear it like a beach cover-up? Whether you are donning a bikini or a monokini, you could just let this oversized shirt slide down and enjoy your lemonade by the pool.

What goes best with an oversized shirt?

As we come to the end of this write-up, you already know how to style oversized shirt. But what is that perfect piece of jewelry that will go with your shirt? We suggest – keeping it light but stylish! Go in for 2 or 3-tier neckpieces and earrings of the stud, dangle, hoop, and drop types.

Do you have some other ideas about styling an oversized shirt? Don’t forget to drop a comment here. Keep checking this website for more content like this.