Who’s Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend? Jess Moloney’s the name!

If you’re on TikTok or Instagram, then there’s no chance you don’t know about Vecna!! The 001 of Netflix’s superhit franchise Stranger Things is a bloodthirsty villain seeking revenge. As gruesome as he makes it look onscreen, the person behind the character is British sweetheart Jamie Campbell Bower. He has charmed one and all with his heart-melting smile, undeniable sex appeal, and loveable accent. Any lady would lust after this enchanting man. Are you, too, in that group wanting to know about Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend as you await his antics in Season 5? We’ll tell you the details –

In this write-up, you will get to know about his ever-happening romantic life, a look through his past affairs, and how the villain charms every lady off their feet! Here’s giving you some trending gossip –

Who is Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend currently?

Celebrity love stories and Malibu seem to have a connection. Talking of Hollywood, most couples seem to fly over to this little place for some time out. The latest actor to join the bandwagon is Jamie ‘Vecna’ Campbell Bower. Cameras caught him in an intimate moment when he was steaming it up with his girlfriend by the lake. So, who is Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend? Who is she? Hold your hearts, ladies – Bower has been dating talent manager Jess Moloney for over a year now.

Jess Moloney is the founder – director of a creative agency titled Ice Studios. The couple was seen sharing a steamy kiss with each other at the beachside with Bower in a black rolled-up wetsuit and Jess in a blue surf suit. As the couple soaked up the sun, they matched their glares to keep up their couple look!

Are you surprised? Well, that’s perhaps because you have not been keeping up with the Vecna news lately. The couple, prior to their Malibu vacation, appeared hand-in-hand on the red carpet of New York’s Stranger Things premiere. Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend and Bower were also spotted cozying up at the screening of the horror movie The Black Phone.

Jamie has never shied away from revealing his dates. This time also, the couple’s PDA was nothing less than starry. Imagine the pap camera catching you doing yoga against the lake in your wetsuits! Now that’s what you call a celeb moment.

Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend

Do you know this about Jess Moloney?

Though Jess Moloney has come into the limelight thanks to her beau’s popularity, she’s an exceptionally career-driven woman. You know already – she has founded Ice Studios – in partnership with Renell Medrano and manages talent globally. She has offices in London and New York and is looking to expand her reach in the Eastern zone of the world.

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Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend is also highly artistic in nature. Check out her Instagram profile, and though you might not find a picture of the telekinetic monster Vecna, you will surely come across a range of artistic shots of actors and models. From A-list actors to snippets from her personal life – Jess Moloney’s Instagram profile is a digital album you cannot miss out on!

Why have the couple clicked?

You might be thinking, what’s that secret that has made the current Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend trend the websites? Well, for starters – the couple, apart from their fiery chemistry (as seen in multiple scenarios), is also known for their positive style statements. Though neither of them has a huge online presence, Jess and Jamie are always found supporting each other at their respective professional events.

Pick out any of their looks – let’s talk of their red carpet one – both graced the occasion in black ensembles, with Jamie in a leopard print shirt paired with a blazer and trousers – Jess rocked the black suit and fitted crop top look – with the floral heels for company.

With Jess by his side, he also spoke freely about his mental struggles and addictions. He also stated that now he was sober and put in some words of encouragement for his fans. Moloney was standing with him, supporting him silently. She also reported talking about his 2019 song on mental health. It Gets Better, which was a breather for all suffering from mental health issues.

Who has Jamie Campbell Bower dated in the past?

Before settling the deal with Moloney, Jamie had dated a spate of other high-profile women. Seems like every lady was at the beck and call of being officially known as Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend.

Do you know that the monstrous Vecna dated the sweet little Bonnie ‘Ginny’ Wright? That’s right! In a crazy Stranger Things – Harry Potter crossover, the couple dated between 2009 – 2012. For the unversed, Jamie appeared in the penultimate Harry Potter film, and the couple made their relationship official when they attended the BAFTA in 2010. They announced their engagement in the summer of 2011, only to call it quits in 2012.

The deal went off with Ginny, and the next woman he fell for was Lily Collins (of Emily In Paris fame), his co-star from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. However, since both of them were in their early 20s, the relationship was quite a bumpy ride, with news spilling all over about a potential break-up and then a patch-up. Unfortunately, the tag of  Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend was lost on Lily by the end of the summer of 2013.

After two unsuccessful high-profile relationships, Jamie dated a bevy of models. Most of his relationships were brief – starting with Zoe Graham, a fashion designer whom he dated from 2007-2009. After that, he dated a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer Zina Charkoplia.

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He was in a long-term relationship with the model Matilda Lowther from 2014 to 2017 and also dated a tattoo artist Ruby Quilter from 2018 to 2020. No wonder – given his dating history, none can deny his allure.

Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend

What’s the secret behind his charm?

It is one query every girl seems to have!! After all, how can a person who plays the demonic character of Vecna, looking to take humans to Mind Flayer can, be such a charmer in real life? Since his early days, the British actor has been known as an honest and fun-loving individual.

Also, despite the string of Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend that he has had in the span of his professional career, none of them, despite their breakup has a bad word to say about him. This itself is proof enough of a man with a golden heart, a quality that amplifies his charm.

For the unversed – he is a singer and famously does the Vecna’s vocals all by himself. As one of the nicest individuals in this industry – he is loved and adored by the whole cast and crew of Stranger Things due to his nature. Therefore, we may consider him a man of contrasts and an actor par excellence – one who is so gentle offscreen but so venomous onscreen. After all – a good heart wins every accolade in the world.

When is Stranger Things Season 5 coming?

For the ones who wish to know intel beyond who Jamie Campbell Bower girlfriend is – Netflix has announced the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will air in 2024 on the platform. As you already know, Vecna has been hell-bent on destroying humanity and pulling people into the domain of the Upside Down world.

As of now, the platform has revealed that Vecna is currently vexed and pissed, licking his wounds. He will be back in Season 5 to seek revenge. In fact, if you are a hard-core fan of this series, recall that scene between Nancy and Vecna, which gives a hint of the monster’s return in the final season. The symbolism of Dungeons and Dragons is a clear hint toward the return of the villain.

What is surprising, though, is how convincingly the adorable Bower plays this role with ease. His facial expressions, moves, and character developments cement the fact that none else could depict this character as well as he.

So, all you fans – wait patiently – Stranger Things is getting stranger and murkier with every passing day!

Key takeaways

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