The Ultimate Guide to Waze Icons Meaning

The Ultimate Guide to Waze Icons Meaning: Learn what each Waze icon signifies, their significance, and how they are displayed on the map. Using the Waze navigation app can be complicated, but this guide will help you understand how it works.

What are Waze Icons?

A GPS navigation software application called Waze provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions as well as real-time traffic updates. Users of Waze can navigate and understand their surroundings through an interactive map interface that displays various icons. 

Among the information provided by these icons are information about the road ahead, traffic conditions, road closures, and police presence.

Some of the common icons used in Waze include:

Waze uses a variety of icons to represent different things on the map. Some of the most common icons include:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Road closures
  • Accidents
  • Speed cameras
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Parking spots
  • Police presence
  • Construction Icon: 

A driver is provided with important information regarding each icon that represents a specific aspect of their journey.

1. Traffic Congestion Icon:

Traffic congestion is indicated by the use of this icon. It represents slow-moving or heavy traffic on the roadway. Red indicates the worst congestion, while green indicates the best congestion. 

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The color of the icon changes according to the severity of the congestion. The best course of action is to avoid any route with a red traffic congestion icon and consider alternate routes instead.

2. Road Closure Icon:

Indicative of a closed or blocked road, the road closure icon is displayed on the map. You may experience this as a result of roadworks, an accident, or another cause. 

The Waze app will automatically suggest an alternative route if you see an icon indicating that a road is closed on your route.

3. Accident Icon:

There has been a collision or crash on the road as indicated by the accident icon. There may be delays and heavy traffic along this route, so it is best to avoid it as much as possible.

3. Speed Camera Icon:

On roads with speed cameras, the speed camera icon indicates their presence. The purpose of this is to keep drivers aware of speed limits and prevent them from receiving speeding tickets.

4. Gas Station Icon:

Indicators that indicate the presence of gas stations on or near the road are depicted by gas station icons. Those who need to refuel their vehicles can take advantage of this facility.

5. Restaurant Icon:

An icon that indicates the presence of a restaurant on or near the road can be seen by clicking on it. The facility is ideal for drivers who wish to take a break and eat while on the road.

6. Parking Spot Icon:

There may be parking spots available on or near the road as indicated by the parking spot icon. Drivers who are looking for parking spaces may find this information useful.

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7. Police Presence Icon:

Law enforcement officers are present on or near the road when the police presence icon appears. The purpose of this may be to serve as a reminder for drivers to adhere to the rules of the road and to be cautious at checkpoints or in patrol cars.

8. Construction Icon: 

In Waze icon, the Construction Icon indicates the presence of roadwork or construction along the route. 

This icon is displayed on the map as a yellow triangle with an exclamation point to advise you of potential delays or changes in traffic conditions. 


1. How do I report a road closure on Waze?

Using Waze, you can report road closures by tapping the “Report” button and selecting “Closure.” By providing as much information about the closure as possible and its location, Waze will update the map in real-time.

2. Can I report a speed camera on Waze?

There is an option on Waze for reporting speed cameras. When you click the “Report” button, you will be presented with the option to choose “Camera.” Enter the location of the camera, and Waze will update the map in real-time for other drivers.

3. How do I know if Waze uses accurate information about speed cameras?

Waze’s maps are continuously updated based on input from its users. Once a user reports a speed camera, Waze verifies the information and adds it to the map if the information is accurate. Keeping others informed will help them avoid speeding tickets in the future.


Drivers who are concerned about navigating roads efficiently and avoiding traffic can benefit from the use of Waze. 

Several icons displayed on the app provide information about the journey, including traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, speed cameras, gas stations, restaurants, parking places, and the presence of the police. 

A driver who understands the meaning of these icons can make an informed decision regarding their route and enjoy their trip to the fullest. 

This guide will provide you with an in-depth understanding of all the Waze icons and their meaning regardless of whether you are an experienced Waze user or a new user of the app.