Who is R Kelly? R kelly’s Net Worth

Learn more about R Kelly’s net worth, including his income sources, controversies that have affected his career and earnings, and the factors that contribute to it.

Who is R kelly?

R Kelly is a well-known Grammy-winning musician, songwriter, and record producer. He started writing songs for R&B artists in the late 1980s, and as a member of Public Announcement, he released his debut album, “Born into the 90s,” in 1992.

Solo Album

R Kelly broke into the public eye in 1993 with the release of his solo album, “12 Play.” R Kelly has kept making hit songs and albums over the years, like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Trapped in the Closet,” which have won him a lot of awards and good reviews. The album’s top-selling songs included “Bump n’ Grind” and “Your Body’s Calling.”

Early Life and Career of R Kelly:

His mother raised him with no father in Chicago, Illinois, where he was born on January 8, 1967. Known for his unique fusion of R&B, hip hop, and soul music, he gainedin late 1980s. 

Since the beginning of his career, he has released 12 solo studio albums, sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and won a number of awards, including three Grammy awards.

Public Announcement is Kelly’s first musical group, which he formed in 1989 with Jive Records. Kelly left the group in 1993 to start a solo career. That same year, he put out his first album, “12 Play.” 

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The album Born into the 90s was released in 1991 as well as the hit singles “She’s Got That Vibe” and “Honey Love.” The album sold over 5 million copies in the United States alone, as well as the hit singles “Bump n’ Grind” and “Your Body’s Calling.”.

Controversies of R Kelly:

There has, however, been controversy surrounding Kelly’s personal life. His marriage to Aaliyah in 1994, when she was just 15 years old, was annulled later on. His indictment for child pornography was filed in 2002, after it was alleged that he had filmed himself having sex with a fourteen-year-old girl. The allegations against him continued to haunt him throughout his professional career despite his acquittal of all charges in 2008.

R kelly’s Net Worth:

R Kelly’s net worth has dropped significantly since peaking at $150 million in 2013. As of 2023, it is projected that he will have a net worth of about $2 million.

Primary sources

R Kelly has made the majority of his money from his music for a long time. He has released numerous albums and songs that have sold millions of copies, such as “12 Play,” “TP-2.com,” and “Chocolate Factory.” 

  • Kelly has also made money by touring and selling out stadiums around the world. Along with several real estate holdings, he also owns a record label, a publishing house, and other businesses.

Personal life of R kelly: 

For a long time, R Kelly’s personal life has been the focus of debate and rumors. Throughout his career, the singer has been accused of sexual misconduct many times. He has also been in a number of high-profile relationships.

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The couple divorced in 2009 after being widely scrutinized for years and facing accusations of R Kelly’s adultery. R Kelly has two previous marriages. Three kids came out of his 1996 marriage to Andrea Lee, who was also his first wife. The marriage was dissolved after it was learned that Aaliyah, a rising R&B star, was not of legal age. 


1. How much is R Kelly still worth?

As of February 2023, R Kelly is thought to have a net worth of about $2.0 million. Even though he is a successful singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago, his net worth has been wiped out by lawsuits, problems, and accusations. Because of the “Surviving R. Kelly” series, his money has also gotten worse.

2. Does R. Kelly get money from his music?

Yes, R. Kelly still makes money off of his music. He makes money off of his R&B music using two different kinds of intellectual property rights. First up are the master recordings, which are Sony’s property. As a result, he will keep getting paid whenever his music is played or distributed.


R Kelly’s net worth has significantly declined over the years, largely as a result of the controversy and legal battles he has encountered in connection with claims of sexual misconduct. He used to be one of the richest musicians in the world, but his net worth has drastically dropped, leaving him in financial trouble and with a damaged reputation.

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