How to style sweatpants from your lounge’s couch to boardrooms’ seat?

You might be wearing your sweatpants to the gym, but Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have taken it to the streets! Search their photos in your feed, and you will find them looking as classy as ever, almost making you fashion-lusty for a pair of those. Well, if you already are – here is how to style sweatpants – from couches to brunches (for both males and the fairer genders).

While drafting this article, we have taken snippets from the closets of fashion designers and celebs. Contour Cafe presents before you –

How to style sweatpants for the ladies?

You might be thinking that sweatpants at max could take you to the gym, and there’s no way you could pull a street stunt like Hadid. But here’s breaking the bubble for you! As you will scroll down this article, you will get the ideal style list that you could follow –

1. Styling it like a partywear

One of the classiest and easiest style statements that you can make at a party in sweatpants is – combining a bralette and a wrap top with the silk pants. Pair it up with ball earrings, ballet flats, and a chained tote!

How about a white top with pink sweatpants?

How to style sweatpants

2. For a date with the street

How to style sweatpants if you are planning for a date in the streets, either with your partner or friends? Here’s what the experts have to say –

Sweatshirt with layered coat, paired with a beret and ankle-length boots – of course silk sweatpants for company. Your date is set!

3. If it’s a little wintry

Imagine it is a wintry day, and you have to rush somewhere. A pair of velvet sweatpants styled with a tunic-scarf combo, a beanie, high boots, and a one-sided backpack! To become picture-perfect, keep the shade restricted to white or light pink.

4. Dress up for the gloomy day

How to style sweatpants on a gloomy day for an important meeting or occasion? A bodysuit paired with a layered trench coat, fitted joggers, bucket hat, half-ring earrings, and a pair of black sandals – that’s how you rap up your look when the sun decides to play peek-a-boo!

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How to style sweatpants

5. Party in your sweatpants

You might think that just wearing a pair of sweatpants and a shirt could make you party ready. But here’s the twist – we are talking of formal parties. You may wear your set of pants paired up with a tucked-in button-down shirt. To add to the glam look, half-knot your hair with a claw clip, wear drop-down hoops, and a pair of ballerinas or wedges!

6. For the cold days

Sweatpants are one of the best alternatives for long cold days – professionally or for a friend’s meetup. You can either go in for the knit-vest and blazer combo (if its a formal occasion) or a simple double-sweater over your sweatpants (if it’s a friends’ meetup).

You can tie up your hair in a ponytail or a top knot and add a pair of hoops or huggies to your look. Our fashion experts would suggest a leather handbag or a clutch, and either boots or loafers.

7. For a regular work-from-home day

How to style sweatpants for a Zoom call from home? Turtlenecks with joggers are a fantastic combination. Try to go in for neutral shades (but you can always choose something bright). A top bun or a top-knot, a pair of studs for embellishment, and slippers (you are at home, who cares)?

8. Wear it to the office

Even if you are the bossiest of all and surely the busiest of the lot, there are times when you want to go to the office in your joggers. That’s alright! You will simply need to add on a crop top, a neutral-shaded blazer, a pair of short hoops, and combat boots. We would suggest you carry a tote to complete the look.

If you want to change the look, you can always opt for a bodysuit-blazer combo. Rather than hoops, you can go in for – ball earrings.

9. Couple’s day out

When you are going on a date, you perhaps would like to twin. In that case – you could always twin with the same pair of a sweatshirt-hoodie combo, tees, and bucket hat. Don’t forget your sneakers – it will indeed be a long day!

10. Get ready for the sports session

If you wish to add a dash of style to your sweatpants even when you are out for a sports session, you can simply add a track jacket to your sports bra and athlete crop top. Tie up your hair with a scrunchie, with sneakers.

Why should the men be left behind?

When it comes to checking out how to style sweatpants for men, it is no wonder that the alternatives are limited. But that should never stop the masculine souls from being any less stylish. So, here’s a set of dress-ups for them –

1. Coordinating sweatpants -sweatshirt is a great alternative

Sweatpants are very 1990s, and when you coordinate with a turtleneck and monochrome sneakers – be assured to carry your best version at work and at party! For best results, you can go in for a darker variety in pants and shirts – while a contrasting lighter shade for your sneakers.

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How to style sweatpants

2. For the tough winters

If you are wondering how to style sweatpants in the toughest of winters, we will simply ask you to go with long sleeve Henley or long-sleeved striped tees with a fleece hoodie or reversible jacket. The fashion experts suggest going for lightly shaded velvet sweatpants with deep-hued hoodies or jackets.

3. When you have a casual meet-greet

In such cases as this, a flannel shirt tucked in sweatpants with ankle-length boots can be a classic combo. When it comes to a man’s dressing, the key to success is – keeping it minimalistic. Therefore, you need to ensure that the whole flannel-sweatpants combo is of a light shade but try to make it a contrasting shade.

4. What if its serious business?

Then there’s no way you would wear a pair of sweatpants, right? Wrong! Choose sweatpants in shades of white, gray, blue, or black. Pair it with knitted polo, parka, button-down shirt, or round-necked tee. To achieve a more formal look – keep it monochrome, or if of a lighter view, then definitely of a contrasting range.

5. For a party look

That’s one place you never thought you would wear a pair of sweatpants, but there’s no harm in keeping it casual. Don a pair of sweatpants, and top it up with either of the alternatives – a high-neck tee, lightweight jacket, and tee combo, or a wool overcoat. A pair of sneakers or loafers are the perfect addition.

What to note while styling sweatpants?

Now that you know how to style sweatpants for both genders, you can always pick up the look that suits you the most. However, before you go in for the styling, you need to choose one that suits the style –

a. Fitted sweatpants are the key to success

When you are romping around your home, baggy sweatpants are a great alternative. But when you are heading out to the street, you will need fitted sweatpants, especially around the thighs and waist area.

b. A neutral or monochrome look

There’s nothing better than neutral or monochrome if you wish to give a street spin to a normal sweatpant look. The all-black look is perfect for every occasion. If not, you can always choose an all-gray or all-white look.

c. A blazer or a long coat are the perfect fit

Do you know how to style sweatpants for a formal meeting? A long coat or a blazer is the perfect fit. The oversized coat or even the trench coat drastically elevates your sweatpant look – making you ready for an office conference to a sudden brunch.

How to style sweatpants
Sweat suits. (Photograph by Nikki Ormerod, wardrobe courtsey of Holt Refrew)

d. Velvet or silk sweatpants is the one to choose

Rather than going in for the usual cotton pants, you can always pick silk or velvet sweatpants to ace the street look.

e. Heels or boots – pick your solemate well

It is normal to wear sneakers with sweatpants, but only for the gym. When you are planning for a street date, you can choose either ankle boots or planning our sweatpants. For the man, loafers, casuals, and boots do the trick.

Rounding off

That’s how to style sweatpants for every occasion – from your gym to your workplace – from your couch to the hottest party in town! Which of these looks did you love the most? Let us know in the comments section. Keep following this page for more!