Top 6 greasy hair hairstyles that ladies cannot miss out!

You are late, the coffee machine is on full power, and you have no time to shampoo!! As greasy as your hair might be, you have to make do with it, at least today! It is due to this that you have been desperately browsing for some easy greasy hair hairstyles that you can try to somehow manage your hair. The mess that your hair is in cannot be handled by a single ponytail.

Relax; you are at the right place! This article will quickly give you some hairstyles that you can try before rushing out.

#Just for your knowledge – this list has some styles for men too.

Let’s start with the ladies’ first –

Top greasy hair hairstyles for the ladies

For all the ladies out there who have no time to fix up your hair, you can try opting for –

1. Pin it up

This will take a mere 10 minutes of time, and you will need – a hairbrush, hair pins, and a hair straightener.

  • You can try this either on straight hair or even curly hair. Start by brushing your hair and parting it in the centre.
  • Take the hairpin and pin up some strands of your hair above the ears on both sides.
  • Spray some hair mist to set your hair.

2. Top ponytail

When there’s too much oil to handle in your hair, and you are in no mood to shampoo it off – such, tie it up!

  • You have to start by combing all your hair to ensure that there are no knots in it. Then take it to a comfortable point on top of your scalp.
  • Tie it up securely with a hair tie to ensure that there are no loose points.
  • In case you have some strands flying down, you can always brush them back and pin them at the top of your hair.

greasy hair hairstyles

3. Wavy ponytail

Apart from the usual high-up ponytail, you can also try the wavy one if you are looking for greasy hair hairstyles. Here’s how to go about it –

  • You will have to brush your hair in a way to create a side parting (either left or right, as per your convenience).
  • Next, you will have to brush back your hair and pull it into a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. Do not make it too tight.
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#If you want to add a dash of style to this look, you can curl your ponytail and spray some hair mist over it to hold the curls in place. For the flyways, spray some mist on your hairbrush and run it over the strands to set them in place.

4. Knotted bun

Another of the greasy hair hairstyles that works on almost every attire and perfectly hides your ‘not-so-good’ hair from a casual get-together to boardrooms – is the knotted bun. Here’s teaching you how –

  • First, you will have to apply either hair gel or serum (non-oily) on your entire hair.
  • Then do a centre parting on your head and pull back the hairs into a ponytail. Ensure that the ponytail is neither too high (almost like a top-knot) nor it is too low. Just make it somewhere in between.
  • Now part this ponytail into two parts and tie a single knot there. Again, you will have to tie this knot a little lower than the primary knot. This means parting the ponytail and creating a loose knot with a little space between the hair tie and the knot.
  • Continue doing these knots till you have a minimum of 2 inches of hair left. Tie the hair down.
  • From here, take the knotted hair and wrap it around with another hair band/tie. Use hairpins around the knotted bun to secure it in place. Spray some hair mist to keep the hair in place.

greasy hair hairstyles

5. Bun braid

This bun braid is another type of greasy hair hairstyle that you can try out on that day when you simply do not feel like washing up the clamped-up mane.

  • Start by tying up a high ponytail. From there, take half of the hair from the ponytail and wrap it around like a bun around your hair tie.
  • For the other half that is hanging, you will have to braid it. Once you are done with the braiding, tie it around the bun. Fix it to the bun with bobby pins.
  • Set the hair by using the hair mist.

6. French braid top-knot

Lastly comes this French braid style that can save you on your bad hair day! Let’s see how you can pile your hair up –

  • Start by combing through your hair so that there is no knot or tangle in your mane.
  • Next, do the usual French braid and secure your hair with a hair tie.
  • Lastly, bun up the braid and use pins to secure the rest of your hair strands with pins. Spray some hair mist to fix the bun.
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# In case you have just no time for any of these mentioned hairstyles – just go in for a messy top-knot bun. Whether you are decking up in casuals or in formals, this hair-do works with any kind of attire.

Why should the men be left behind?

Now that we’ve got the ladies covered, here’s checking out some greasy hair hairstyles for the men on days that they don’t intend to shampoo –

1. Back brushed hair with a criss-cross band

The out-of-the-bed messy look wasn’t much accepted even a couple of years back! But now that they are – you can back brush your hair and adjust it with a criss-cross band to complete the look. If you are not in the mood to brush it, you can simply let it be and hold it with a headband.

2. Messy man bun

Messy man-buns are the style of the day! Either pull up your hair to get a top bun or pull them all down to get the usual man bun. Spike your hair up with some hair gel to complete the look.

greasy hair hairstyles

3. French braid with headband

You could try this hairstyle if you have some time on your hand. Take the upper strands of your hair and braid it in a normal manner over your open hair. As you come down braiding it – at one point, you will find the braid and the open hair merging.

Then you start using that open hair with the braided hair and further continue the braiding until you reach the end. If you have some flyaways, hold them back with a headband.

4. Textured faux hawk

You must have heard of mohawks. This is quite similar. All you have to do is – take a comb and brush up your hair. Then go in for styling the faux hawk by your hand. This is one of the greasy hair hairstyles that go well with both casuals and formals.

5. Slick back

If you are not up for any of the aforementioned styles and want to keep it chic so as to suit your grey formals, just go in for the slick-back style. Take that oily mane of yours, comb it back as high as you can, and keep it in place with a dash of hair gel.

Wrapping up

Which of these greasy hair hairstyles do you plan to try the next time? Do you have tricks up your hair (sleeve)? Then do share them here with us! Keep watching this space for more!