Advantages of Having Your Ceremony in Outdoor Wedding Venues

A wedding is one of the most joyful events in life, and future newlyweds plan it with pleasure. It’s a day that should be organized and carried out just as they imagined. And one of the most important details is the venue where the ceremony and party will take place.

An outdoor celebration is a perfect idea for hot summer days, and with good organization, your happiest day can be an event to remember, not only for you but for all the guests. Open space and fresh air already have a certain charm, and it’s up to you to get the best out of it and enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor wedding.

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Plenty of Room


Outdoor weddings bring much relief to newlyweds when it comes to seating layout. Open space gives much more freedom in designing where the tables, dance floor, and all other movables will be. Outside, guests can spread out more than in any enclosed event room.

More space is a great thing for newlyweds who’re planning a big wedding. It means you don’t have to worry about shortening the guest list just because indoor venues can’t accommodate more than a certain number of people. At an outdoor venue, surely all your loved ones will be there to hear your ‘I do’s.’

The open venues are also kid-friendly. Your youngest guests will have enough space to play and run safely. You can equip a corner of any open area with things like slides, swings, trampolines, and other fun things the youngest will enjoy.

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You Can Be Creative with Decoration


An outdoor wedding allows you to show off your creative side. You can plan a themed party, for example, a carnival or whimsical wedding, as open spaces are a great choice for any party. Some Nebraska farm weddings are organized as casual parties in barns and gardens, with a barbecue and fire spots. The ideas are many, and newlyweds can pick anything they enjoy.

Also, the open space gives more space for details like lamps or lanterns if your wedding is romantic or retro. If you like confetti, balloons, or ice smoke, you can have them, too, without worrying whether the space will become too stuffy or messy.

And a particular must for an outdoor wedding is a firework. If you plan to party late into the night, you can put candles on the tables, hang lamps or LED lighting above, and create a festive atmosphere with sparklers. You can safely install and use these in any open space, of course, with supervision.

Outdoor Wedding Photos Are Outstanding

The natural environment is the “scenography” that most newlyweds choose for their photos. Photos taken under natural light, especially during the golden hour, can be amazing. Also, a photographer can take professional photos at night, for example, during fireworks.

In an outdoor venue, you can put accessories like flower walls or photo boots in different places with stunning scenery or view and thus make the photos even more beautiful. These props will only complement the beauty of nature, and a professional photographer will immortalize those moments for your wedding albums.

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Cost Savings

The costs of organizing the most joyful day of your life are relative because the budget for this occasion depends on many factors. However, outdoor weddings give you a good chance to save money on renting space for this ceremony, especially if you have a large yard or ranch.

Also, the beauty of the natural surroundings is the best and cheapest decoration. With all those trees, shrubs, flowers, and greenery, you will need a few details to make your setting look phenomenal. You can even make DIY drapes and props (find some ideas here) and thus not only save more money but give your event an extra personal touch.


Outdoor weddings are unique, rewarding to decorate, and can make your event memorable. They can leave some extra money in your pocket, as they allow you to get most of the beautiful scenery and landscapes. Plus, you and your guests will have a great time in the fresh air.