What are the spontaneous things to do that you will never regret?

If you are browsing through your device looking for spontaneous things to do when you are bored, one may assume safely, that you are in the mood for some adventure. So, do you have any preliminary plans? Also, would you like to partake in any of the activities you are looking for with a friend or a companion? Rake up the thoughts in your mind while we present to you a plethora of activities that you can indulge in – if you are looking to spend some time getting to know ‘the crazy you.’

Let’s begin –

What are the spontaneous things to do to take a break?

When one is talking about spontaneous things to do for sure, we do not mean – ‘Netflix and chill!’ That you can plan on any of your weekends (if you haven’t done that already!)

What we rather mean is – some activity that you never thought you would do. Whether you are an introvert or one who loves to party wild – this platter would tick all the boxes. Let’s shake up your routine –

If you are not the ‘step-out’ person

Then you are the perfect introvert who never gets bored! But even then, if you are looking out for some spontaneous things to do – chances are high that you really wish to change your schedule for a brief period. How to do that? Here’s the trick –

1. Change your appearance

Judging from your kind of person, one can surely state that you are a stickler for routine (even when it comes to your looks). The dress has to be ironed, the hair has to be set, and you have to reach on time. Chuck that out for a day and try to change your get-up.

Maybe you could try out a new haircut (multiple solo hairstyle tutorials on platforms for you to check) or pick out a dress combo that you have never tried before!

Ever thought of getting a tattoo? If not, you could try now.

spontaneous things to do

2. Try out something new – a cuisine, or a language

Given that you enjoy your own company, you may spontaneously like to try out a new cuisine or maybe start learning a new language. Pick up a ‘not-much-known’ cuisine, maybe Dutch or Czech, and try out its easiest recipes. Also, if you are looking to learn a language, pick out one that has a professional presence globally. After all, why not enhance your career via this?

3. Get drunk and dance your heart out

It is time to open the cabinet, pick out the oldest scotch/whiskey bottle (ditch the wine this time), and get sloshed. Once you are set, put on some music and dance your heart out.

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4. Lie down in the calm of the night

There’s nothing better than stargazing when you are alone and just wish to alter your schedule. One of the most spontaneous things to do, you could just lie down and count the stars that are shining against the deep dark night.

In case you find the rain smashing against your window panes, just get wet in the rain. It’s now or never!!

What if you love hanging out?

If you are the extrovert that people love to hang out with, then you will definitely not think twice before ticking out the spontaneous things to do –

1. Go on a late-night road trip

Either choose to go solo or pick up your coterie of 3 AM friends and kickstart the journey. You do not need to have a destination in mind, and it can be a simple to-and-fro road trip. In fact, you can be back by the morning! Try this out and trust me, you will not regret the experience.

2. Visit a local event or bar at night

If you are someone who wishes to visit a local night event but just cannot make some time out for the same, now is the time to do it. Forget the time and ditch your routine – this is the moment that you have to grab.

spontaneous things to do

3. Try out the weirdest food combo you can ever think of

If you are really the crazy kind, then you may as well add – ordering a range of weird food combos to that list of spontaneous things to do you are prepping. Ever thought of patching up Italian pizza with Korean ramyeon or Japanese sushi? Yes, apparently, they do not go together, but who cares? Add a dash of Thai drinks to this cuisine, and enjoy this crazy dish-combo with your dear ones.

4. Embark on a trip – a local bus or maybe catch a train

You do not have much time and therefore you couldn’t or perhaps wouldn’t plan for a trip. But that must not stop you from embarking on one! Take your set of friends and pack your luggage to explore the local outskirt areas that you might not have had the time to visit.

It happens mostly – in the pursuit of ‘bigger’ destinations, we miss out on the ‘smaller’ gems that are there only a couple of miles away. It is time you visit these!

Are you an adventure freak?

If you love adventure, then there are umpteen spontaneous things to do even when you fly solo. The first thing that you can do is book the tickets to a place that offers you –

1. Go hiking

This is definitely one of the most spontaneous things to do that you couldn’t miss out on. Even if you are an adventure lover, hiking is not a decision that one takes at the drop of a hat, given the multiple factors associated with it.

Hence, you can spontaneously make up your mind and go ahead with this activity. Also, you do not need to visit a hill station. Check out what your surrounding offers. There are multiple small hillocks and hiking paths in and around the cities.

2. Bungee jumping/ Sky diving

If you are already visiting a place and you find out an opportunity to go bungee jumping or skydiving – try these out spontaneously!! There’s a little chance that when you think about whether you want to try these or not, the answer will put you in a dicey scenario. Therefore – what you have to do is – think at that very moment and try these activities. Rest assured – you will not regret any moment.

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spontaneous things to do

3. Go for a bike ride

Going for a bike ride, maybe on a deserted road or in the middle of the night with your friends or friend for company, is one of the most spontaneous things to do. There need not be a path to follow, and you can just ride about here and there – to wherever you like. Trust us – experts say that it is one of the most refreshing things to do as you keep struggling with the tough situations that life keeps bowling at you.

4. Ever tried forest bathing?

If you have not heard of the Japanese concept of Shinrin Yoku, it is time to try it out now. Alternatively known as forest bathing, this is a healing technique wherein experts guide you through breathing and engulfing the beauty of the forests around you. You just need to find a resort that offers this service and book your appointment for the weekend.

Do you have kids around you?

Then the first rule of spontaneity that you will have to follow is – ‘be careful, but still have fun.’ There are a host of spontaneous things to do when you have kids around you. Also, surprisingly – nobody is going to judge you!

1. Be a kid with them

With kids around you, there’s no dearth of spontaneous things to do! Visiting and playing around in the park, having one of the weirdest flavors of ice cream, getting wet in the rain, getting your clothes dirty, playing in the pool – you can do it all!

2. Take a quick visit to the zoo

You can also visit the zoo with your kids. Since not everyone thinks of visiting the restricted area for wild animals every day, taking your kids along for a zoo trip is a great idea.

3. A bowling alley is great fun

You might have loved visiting a bowling alley, but try visiting one with kids in tow. This is one of the most spontaneous things to do, and assuredly, the experience will be very different from your previous outings.

4. Ice skating to trampoline parks

One of the few places where you can invite the ‘kid’ in you to come out. With kids in tow, you will be able to experience not the adult competition to win the game but the childish innocence to enjoy the process.

What must you remember?

When you are a bit too spontaneous, you tend to miss out on a couple of things. If you are the ‘at home chilling’ kind of a person, well, there’s nothing much to take care of. But if you are the one who goes out for a fun moment or two, and that too spontaneously, here are some things to remember –

  • Carry a bag with a water bottle, sanitary pad, sanitizer, some wafers – chips, and a change of clothes.
  • Surely, you can pick up a couple of friends to go with you. If they are good, then it’s fine; else, if they deny, it is best not to hold any grudge against them. You see, not everyone is getting a spontaneous kick!
  • Take your ID proofs and some cash with you.

Wrapping up

We hope that if you are genuinely looking for some spontaneous things to do, this listicle has helped you get some ideas. Just remember that being spontaneous is about exploring new things and participating in activities you have never done before.

Also, it has been noted multiple times that some of the most spontaneous activities in our life bring some of the best memories. However, do not indulge in any rash behavior and under no circumstances forgo your safety. For more updates, keep checking this website.