10 Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses For The Bride Of 2024!

Kleinfeld, the leader in bridal fashion, showcased couture designer Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses collection at the Brides by Lola Dre, a bridal salon in Florida. The Israeli-origin wedding costume and eveningwear designer gave a glimpse into her “Utopia” collection, which symbolized the wedding dresses of the future – in which marriage is about finding the right warmth and care. Given the name that Tornai is, the exhibition was a super-success for Kleinfeld’s in-house designer. 

As netizens seem to be flurry to ask, what makes her ‘bridals’ an instant hit, this post will give you a glimpse into her world of clothes. We will assist you in exploring – the key features that make her ‘signature’ dresses, her collections, and some more info on her. Let us now walk into her thematic world of clothes – 

Checking out unconventional Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses

Here is a list of the marvels that she has handcrafted for the brides – 

1. Sheer Tulle Mermaid Glam 

Sheer Tulle Mermaid Glam pnina tornai
Image Credit: Pinterest

When it is your wedding dress, there’s nothing better than a combo of sheer and tulle, to upgrade your trousseau. Keeping these factors into account – Tornai created this attire, which gives you an illusion of a nude mermaid-like feature set against the sheer bodice with crystal detailing. With magnificently enchanting sparkling stones attached to the gown, this allows the bride to show ample skin but with a sense of refinement. 

2. Flirty Bubble Hem 

Flirty Bubble Hem pnina tornai wedding dresses
Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you the simple bride who likes to wear attires in tune with her body? Then, it is time to flirt a little with the hemline! Get yourself a satin fit-and-flare gown that comes with skinny traps and a draped bodice. What sets this wedding gown apart from others is – the unique trim with a bubble hem. 

3. A Vision in Lace 

lace wedding dress pnina tornai
Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

What’s a bride if not in lace? This wedding attire is known to be one of the classics from the collection of Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses! Strapless with silver sequin, this also has a combo of sheer lace panels and a bow. Drawn up in a mermaid-like backdrop, this attire with a veil would make you look angelic. 

4. Strapless Mermaid Flair 

Strapless Mermaid Flair pnina tornai wedding dresses
Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

How is a mermaid defined? A bit bold, a bit playful – she’s just what you have been looking for! Pnina Tornai’s strapless mermaid flair gown is a perfect example of this blend. Set against satin material, this gown comes with a pleated skirt, cat eyecups, and a satin bow. The unique neckline makes this wedding gown especially creative amongst the others in tow! 

5. Classic Cowl Slip 

pnina tornai wedding dresses
Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

Remember how Vanessa Hudgens chose the cowl neckline for her wedding gown? And, without a doubt – she was looking nothing short of divinity! Taking that as a reference point, you have Tornai designing her wedding gowns and adding a cowl neckline to them all! Added to that is the satin crepe sheath with a plunging neckline and crystal straps. Emanating a sense of grace with elegance, this cowl wedding dress can be a brave and fantastic choice! 

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6. A Range in Florals 

Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

When it’s Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses there’s no chance you will miss out on the florals! Standing true to that, there’s a range of wedding gowns that she has designed, all against a floral backdrop. So, if you are a bride looking to show your ‘glow’ off along a sprightly spring backdrop – you have a plethora to choose from. 

Opt for a dazzling lace gown with a thigh slit and 3D floral clusters. The neckline is assuredly created in an illusory way! Apart from that, you can also choose a laced sheath attire that comes with a detachable tulle cape and floral applique – all in a sequinned manner! 

How about creating a completely floral illusion? Well, you have a sheer corseted gown that is enabled with an interior bodysuit and a tulle skirt. As an add-on, you have a sequinned floral applique with illusory long sleeves – the combo that will make you the perfect spring bride! 

If you are the bride to take things on the bolder side – then get yourself a fit-and-flare gown, and that, too, a plunging V-neck! Trust us, there’s nothing more beautiful than a bold bride looking to mesmerize one and all on her special day! 

7. Long Sleeve Wonder 

pnina tornai wedding dresses long sleeved
Image Credit: Pnina Tornai

Sleeves have always received special attention from Tornai. Chic yet blingy has been her mantra while designing the sleeves. If you are a bride who wishes to give special attention to the sleeves, Tornai’s organic lace gown with a V-illusion neckline and applique sleeves is worth noting! Emanating a whimsical note, this floral gown will enhance the physicality of the bride (typical of Tornai’s wedding gowns) and also allow her to show some skin.

8. Plunging Mermaid 

pnina tornai wedding dresses plunging mermaid neckline
Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

Right from the beginning of her career, mermaid-structured gowns have been a signature of Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses. So, what are those traits that make this wedding gown so unique? They are – a lace flair with a fitted sheer corset! Added to that comes the floral settings, which give this dress an enchantingly startling look! 

9. Flowers and Lace 

pnina tornai wedding dress
Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

When it’s your wedding dress, how can you not like lace? Keeping this desire of most brides in tow, Tornai created the floral and lace combo, wherein the ball gown comes with a sheer bodice, and there is a collection of 3D flowers at the waistline. This floral lace structure gives a pristine look to the wedding gown and ensures that the bride plays a peekaboo on her special day! 

10. Dainty and Delicate 

Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

The last of the Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses showcases the delicate bride – one who is hesitant to take a step, soft but not exactly subtle. She is classic in terms of her feminine energy and wishes to hold on to it – but with a dash of boldness. This wedding trousseau is characterized by – an A-line dress with a sheer look, coupled with an interior bodysuit and a chiffon skirt. Padded up with that is the illusory off-shoulder long sleeves that blend that perfect ‘bold’ with the ‘delicate.’ 

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These are some of the best wedding collections from the New York-based, Israeli-origin designer. 

What characterizes Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses? 

Image Credit: WWD

Pnina Tornai’s wedding trousseau is characterized by its – bold and extravagant presence. Tornai’s clothes are not for the understated bride. Her wedding dresses include extraordinary lace work, sheer corsets, premium quality fabrics, and crystal adornments. 

Her magic touch creates – outstanding wedding gowns that are handcrafted, and either are low-back corsets or come with a plunging neckline. 

If there’s one thing the ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ reality star focuses on, it is the ‘lit’ aspect of the bride. The Pnina Tornai bride oozes elegance through her confidence. She doesn’t mind showing her skin and makes a statement with her attire! 

For the unversed, all her collections boasted a plethora of options – from princess flowy gowns and pouffy skirts, sky-high slits, ruffles, corset bodices to body-hugging hourglass ball gowns. 

Her brazen yet sophisticated designs intricately create patterns, thereby making the attire as dreamy as possible! 

Let us now check out her hottest ramp collections. 

Her hit collections 

Image Credit: Freire Wedding Photo

You have seen for yourself the ‘exquisite’ Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses that have made her the classic that she is! For those who would want to find out more about her, she has been a part of hit bridal ramp walks. Her collections include – the recently unveiled Utopia and the previously successful – LOVE Collection at the Dead Sea, the 2019 Bridal Spring Collection, the New York Bridal Show, the Bridal Trousseau to channel the “Inner Princess,” and a lot more. 

Whether it’s the bateau neckline, tulles, or the plunge in the bosom, she has always made going up to the altar to say ‘I Do’ as daring as ever! 

Her upcoming ventures 

pnina tornai bridal footwear
Image Credit: Yahoo Finance

If you are planning to check out the range of Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses, you will be pleased to know that she will soon have her own specialized wedding footwear collection. As per the latest reports, she has teamed up with Naturalizer, the footwear brand, to create ‘a new range of wedding footwear’ for the whole wedding party. Further news about the collaboration and the projects is awaited. 

Parting thoughts 

If you are a confident bride and don’t mind showing off a little courage (and skin) on your special day – pick out any of the available Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses for the occasion! From the layers to the tulles to the necklines – every thread of this dress is weaved majestically in patterns that exude grace and elegance. From floral patterns to illusion sleeves, tulle skirts to lace appliques – Tornai ensures that her brides are as angelic as ever! 

If you wish to know more about her designs, you can check out her official website. To keep yourself updated with the latest in fashion, check out our website and leave your comments below!