10 Best Places To Live On The East Coast You Must Know!

In a recent survey by the independent institution of Veterans United Home Loans, Midwest and East Coast cities have made it to the best habitable places list in 2024! While Tampa made it to the top, in terms of metro cities, Maine, Virginia, and Boston followed soon after. Have you too been searching for the best places to live on the East Coast? Well, assuredly, your search ends here! 

As you scroll down this listicle, we will update you on the most habitable areas on the East Coast and why they have been ranked as the best! Here are the key reasons for the same – 

Which are the best places to live on the East Coast? 

Some of the most livable places on the East Coast are – 

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts best place on east coast
Image Credit: Travel+Leisure

Livability score: 77

Average income:  $73,500

Median home prices: $900,000

One of the biggest, richest, and most competitive cities of New England, Boston, or the Cradle of Independence is an area that takes the crown in terms of the East Coast livability index. Everyone knows Boston thanks to hosting MIT and Harvard (apart from dozens of other premium colleges), and its architectural essence. But added to that, is the fact that Beantown, the city’s job hub offers one of the most dynamic careers, with prime paychecks! The row houses, leafy suburbs, fantastic healthcare facilities, and well-connectivity to different parts of the world make it – one of the most sought-after relocation locales. 

2. Portland, Maine 

best place to live on the east coast portland maine
Image Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Livability score: 85

Average income: $63, 775

Median home prices: $739,500

Known as the Pine Tree State, Maine has always ranked at the top when talking about the best places to live on the East Coast. Its biggest coastal metropolitan area – Portland, is categorically regarded as the hub of startups. In the last couple of years, the entrepreneurial setups of this area have significantly altered and thereby created a buffet of job opportunities. Additionally, this has managed to carve out a homely niche which has made it alluring for retirees and households as well. So, if you are looking out for an East Coast settlement alternative, this could be a great idea! 

3. Tampa, Florida 

tampa florida east coast destination to live
Image Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

Livability score: 80

Average income: $68, 586

Median home prices: $465,000

Want to live your life like a vacation? The Florida sun ensures that you do! Tampa, Florida, has one of the most balanced costs of living with a myriad of career opportunities from – healthcare to hospitality, finance to technology. Apart from that, the locality also has some prized educational institutes, navigable and homely neighborhoods, and multiple open spaces to ensure you settle down well. 

On your free days, check out the Tampa Bay area, the ClearWater and Petersburg beaches, and Tampa’s downtown life! 

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4. Raleigh, North Carolina 

raleigh north carolina best place to live on east coast
Image Credit: Raleigh, N.C.

Livability score: 84

Average income: $70, 776

Median home prices: $519, 000

North Carolina has always been preferred among some of the best places to live on the East Coast. Keeping up the reputation, Raleigh offers the beauty of quaint neighborhoods with a gold mine of professional opportunities. Touted to be the home of one of the biggest business complexes – that boasts of organizations like GlaxoSmithKline and Cisco, the northern edge of Carolina also has universities like Duke to foster the job market. 

5. Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston South Carolina 
Image Credit: iStock

Livability score: 76

Average income: $57, 110

Median home prices: $700,000

The warm southern hospitality of Charleston is not unknown to anyone! Nestled quietly in South Carolina, its cobblestone streets, well-preserved architecture, and hospitable atmosphere packaged well with high ranks in the job market make it one of the most sought-after cities for settling down. 

For those of you wondering how you would spend your weekends here – the galore of art exhibits, live music shows, and fests make for a packed schedule! 

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

philadelphia best east coast city to stay
Image Credit: Global Traffic Technologies

Livability score: 77

Average income: $64,006

Median home prices: $275, 000

For those looking for the best places to live on the East Coast Philadelphia is a fantastic option! Seamlessly balancing the city’s culture with its costs, Philly, the smallest southern neighbor of NYC, combines its historic charm with the urban hustle culture. Home to some of the best public and private educational institutes, easy navigability, and job opportunities in multiple domains – Philly can be your next East Coast city for settling down. 

7. Baltimore, Maryland 

baltimore maryland on east coast
Image Credit: Terrain.org

Livability score: 75

Average income: $109,577

Median home prices: $215,000

Maryland, alternatively known as – “America in miniature” is categorically known to blend the mystics of natural scenery, with the cosmopolitan hustle culture. The vital reasons that make this destination one of the most attractive in terms of livability are – low crime rates, varied job markets, culturally rich neighborhoods (Greektown, Little Italy), and premium quality educational institutions. For anyone looking to relocate to the East Coast, this has been for a long time now, the most chosen option. You too can check out the details! 

8. Richmond, Virginia 

richmond virginia downtown on east coast
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Livability score: 84

Average income: $49, 956

Median home prices: $390,000

Virginia has always been known as a land that curiously combines history with natural scenery. Taking that into account, Richmond has become one of the best places to live on the East Coast. While it prepares the perfect home for active retirees, on the other hand, it also provides a varied job market – from tourism to state government options. The mild climate, the thriving arts and culinary offerings, and an hour’s drive to Virginia Beach make it one of the most habitable places! 

9. Greenwich, Connecticut 

greenwich conneticut locality on east coast
Image Credit: Living Greenwich

Livability score: 79

Average income: $66,070

Median home prices: $3M

Greenwich in Connecticut is one of the East Coast’s wealthiest areas, offering the classic coastal lifestyle with beaches to laze around. Perfect for families looking for public and private educational institutions, Connecticut provides you with every opportunity required for an advanced lifestyle. Though real estate is notoriously competitive, Greenwich does make it up in terms of overall livability index and employment opportunities. 

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10. Manchester, New Hampshire 

manchester new hampshire on east coast
Image Credit: New Hampshire Way

Livability score: 79

Average income: $69,038

Median home prices: $389,900

Coming last on this list of best places to live on the East Coast the biggest attraction of New Hampshire is – it does not have an income or sales tax! Apart from that, whether you are settling down with a family, or as a retiree – this area offers expansive outdoor activities, an amazing range of educational and cultural institutions, and some of the best museums. Also, the job opportunities are wide and varied, with a consistent and affordable quality of life. 

Note: Before picking out any of the places mentioned in this listicle, you must realistically check out certain aspects like – your income range and expenses, your insurance coverage, and whether that specific area has the amenities you are looking for. Rest assured, most of the places on the East Coast provide you with a balance between cost of living and upgraded quality of life. 

Listing some quick tips to remember 

weather app for east coast
Image Credit: CNET

Assuming you have checked out the best places to live on the East Coast, it is time to look into how to settle better in this area. We have some tips for you – 

Expect to discover a new area at every turn 

Ask anyone the direction, and the standard reply is – ‘it is just around the corner!’ But that is far from the truth! At every turn, you will see a new block coming up, and rest assured your, 5 minutes of walking down the street can easily convert to 50! 

Download the weather app 

A must-have app on your phone! From snowstorms to rain and shine – this app will inform you beforehand of the weather that you must brace yourself for. Be prepared, one day you will have scorching heat baking you, while the next night could be all about wrapping up in a cozy sweater! Added to that, you must train your immune system to deal with seasonal allergies. 

You must master the metro routes 

From the DC metro to the NYC subway, make sure to remember the peak hours and major routes. It is the metro that is going to take you places along the city you end up living in. 

If you manage to keep these points in mind, rest assured, you will be able to handle the challenges that East Coast brings along. 

Parting thoughts 

East Coast, thanks to its intermingling of beaches, cities, sun, sand, and technology makes it one of the most chosen places to live in when thinking long term. From Boston to Carolina with Florida added into this – you will find some of the best places to live on the East Coast! Also, as long as you remember the quirky tips we mentioned, assuredly, your relocation process and habitation will become comparatively easier. Do you have some other places in your mind? Please feel free to share the same with us! Also, do share this post with your friends who wish to settle down in and around the East Coast. For more exciting articles like this, keep an eye on this website!