How Long Do Spray Tans Last? Time To Unveil The Truth!

With the summer approaching, most of you would want that perfect tan on your bare skin. But, the problem is – with that tan comes the chance of premature aging, UV rays penetrating your skin, and a host of other issues that could create a problem! Have you heard of Spray Tans? They are sunless tans that give the perfect shade to your skin tone but without the side effects! So, how long do spray tans last? Well – they could last from anything between 5-7 days, and at times, even go up to 10 days! 

For those of you who wish to know more about – how long it lasts and how to make it last longer – this is the post for you! Additionally, we will drop hints on things to do during and after spray tanning sessions and some mistakes that you must avoid. Here are the details for you – 

How long do spray tans last? 

How long do spray tans last
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According to skin experts, spray tans generally last from any time within 5 – 14 days. However, at times, it has been found to last a maximum of 10 days as well. The time that these spray tans last depends categorically on – the preparation of the skin and how it is cared for after a tanning session. 

For the unversed, at an epidermis level, your skin is constantly creating new skin cells. It is due to this that any skin treatment fades over time. Taking that into consideration, when applied on lighter skin tones, spray tans last for 5 days. However, it generally lasts between 7-8 days if you apply a medium shade. At the same time, darker shades can last up to 10 days. 

How will you prepare for a spray tan session? 

preparing for a spray tan session
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You would be surprised to know that how long do spray tans last depends to a great extent on – your preparation before the session. There are some points you must keep in mind before you prepare for a spray tan session – 

Start your preparation from the week before 

If you are on a routine body care process, then it is best to finish off the other treatments like – laser or facial skin treatment(fillers. Botox, threading, pedicure, waxing, massage) before you opt for the spray tan session. In this way, your body will get a chance to free itself completely and prepare for the suntanning in an ideal manner.

Exfoliate well before the appointment time 

One of the vital preparation techniques for spray tanning is exfoliating in advance. Ideally speaking, you must exfoliate 24-12 hours before the fake suntanning process. But, in case that does not work out – a minimum 4-hour gap is a must! 

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Reduce or negate usage of other beauty products 

To those wondering how long do spray tans last and how to make them last longer – you must consistently reduce or, if required, negate the use of other beauty products prior to the session. The airbrushing technique is utilized in a spray tan session. Therefore, once you are done exfoliating – you must not pile up your skin with any moisturizer/other beauty products. The cleaner the skin, the better the absorption rate of the spray tan will be. 

Book 2 days before an event 

For those of you who wish to get a spray tan for an event, it is best to book the session 2 days prior to the occasion. By doing this, your skin will get enough time to absorb the tan, and on the actual day, it will look glossier. 

If you keep these things in mind before you prepare for a spray tan session, the chances are high that your spray tan will last longer. 

How to make a spray tan last longer? 

clothes to wear after spray tan
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In this section, we will share some other tips to ensure that your spray tan lasts longer comparatively – 

Tip 1 – Avoid tight clothing and choose loose-fitting clothes like kaftans, shorts, and flip-flops. Do not wear socks or gloves as long as possible after the process. 

Tip 2 – Once you are done with the spray tanning process, wait for a minimum of 4-8 hours before you take a shower. Use warm water and natural body wash. Do not exfoliate harshly, as that can strip off the tan. 

Tip 3 – To keep the spray tan longer, use a tinted moisturizer. But make sure that the lotion you use has less oil content. 

What mistakes to avoid during a spray tan session? 

preparing for a spray tan session
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It is crucial to know how long do spray tans last and how you will prepare for it. Despite all the precautions, most people make a couple of mistakes. Let us list them out for you to make things easier – 

Mistake 1 – Do not use oil/oil-based products before the spray tan session because that would leave a residue on your skin. This more than often causes streaks. 

Mistake 2 – If you have used spray tan on your face, you must freshen up with a mist. Most people do not use it, and more often than not, their tanning glow starts to fade before time. 

Mistake 3 – Once you are done with the tanning process, always use baby oil to fix the patches left over. Let the oil absorb into the skin correctly, and only then must you shower. 

Mistake 4 – Another mistake that most people make is that – they do not use warm water to wash off their tan. Warm water helps preserve the shade for a longer time period. 

How will you choose the correct spray tan shade? 

choosing the correct tan shade
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To know how long do spray tans last is not enough. Choosing the correct shade of spray tan is crucial. Here are some of the ways by which you can choose it correctly – 

Technique 1 – Use the spray tan color chart 

For starters, you can definitely go through the spray tan shade chart, which will give you an idea of your skin undertone and make it easy for you to decide how to pick the correct one. For those of you with (blue/red/pink undertone) a cool spray tan will suit you. If you wish to opt for a warm undertone (a gold/yellow look will suit your requirements). You will get a neutral glow when you combine – both of the above-mentioned undertones. 

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Technique 2 – Note the DHA percentage 

DHA is the most active ingredient in spray tans, and the higher its constituents, the deeper the shade. If you see a spray tan with a DHA of 6%, then that is a lighter one. Meanwhile, 15% of DHA content implies a darker tone. Hence, choose according to your needs. 

Technique 3 – Check the seasons 

To pick the correct spray tan shade, you need to check out the seasons. If you are in the summer, pink/orange/yellow (or any other medium to dark tone) suits you perfectly well. However, during the winters, black/green/red look perfectly fine! 

Parting thoughts 

Spray tans are one of the easiest and glossiest sun treatments that you can give your skin without the sun damaging it. This treatment has been making waves in recent times! Assuming you have read this post well, you now know how long do spray tans last and how you have to take care of it. Moisturizing is the key to making this last longer. So, make sure that you carry a hydrating one before you jump into the spray tan bandwagon! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How often should you get a spray tan? 

This totally depends on the kind of effect you wish to have on your skin. For those of you who prefer to keep the tan year long, you could always opt for weekly touch-up sessions. But for those who prefer to keep a light tan, you can retouch your spray sessions once in a while! 

2. Should any type of skin categorically avoid spray tan? 

All this while, you have seen how long do spray tans last and ways to make them last longer. But is it for every skin type? Yes, it is! In fact, even those of you who have dry patches on your skin (remnants of eczema) can also utilize this superficial suntanning process. 

There are a couple of times you must avoid spray tans. They are – if you have a wound on your skin, if you have a sunburn, and in case you underwent a chemical peeling and tattoo session. 

3. What to remember if you are doing pre-marriage spray tans? 

Spray tanning has become a style statement in the case of marriages. If you, too, are jumping into this #preweddingspraytan – then remember to pick the correct shade. Check the colour level properly (given that you have a 10-day shedding time period) and then proceed. Apart from that, you must always apply sun protection, opt for trials always, and ensure that you use soft products on your skin. If you take care of these things, you will be in a better place. 

4. How will you stop strawberry legs while tanning? 

Strawberry legs refers to a phenomenon where your legs look like they are covered in black spots due to the presence of clogged hair follicles. To avoid this, you must shave your legs (or other area if required) a minimum of 12 hours prior to the spray tanning process. Once the process is over, you must moisturize the area very well to keep the gloss long-lasting. 

5. What to check before opting for spray tans?  

Before you opt for fake suntans, you must check if the product has propanediol (which acts as a humectant and emollient) and hyaluronic acid (which acts as a hydrating agent). Also, note the alcohol level in the product. The lesser it is, the better.