10 Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity You Must Look Out For!

The Environmental Protection Agency and the US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, both confirm – that mold toxicity is one of the key reasons behind respiratory issues. Supposedly, toxic or black molds can release potentially harmful chemicals which affect one’s immune system. Hence, keeping that in mind, it is imperative to note the emergence of mold toxicity in one’s household. So, what are the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity? We will detail that for you in this post. 

Along with that, we will also tell you – how to treat it and prevent it in the near future. We have the answers to some of the most asked questions as well for you right here. Stay tuned for more – 

What are the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity? 

In this section, we will discuss 10 of the warning signs that you can see for yourself concerning mold toxicity – 

Warning Sign 1 – Respiratory Issues 

respiratory issues due to mold toxicity
Image Credit: Healthline

The primary of the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity is sudden respiratory complications, which could even escalate to unforeseen asthmatic development. When you inhale mold spores, it can lead to untoward coughing, sneezing, sore throat, breathlessness, and even wheezing. Added to these are the signs of – chest pain and tightness as well as asthma attacks. So, in case you have no past respiratory issues and are facing an untoward one now, it is essential to check for molds in your household. 

Warning Sign 2 – Migraine Attacks 

Image Credit: Mold Cleaning Services

Migraine is triggered by multiple factors – exposure and inhalation of molds over time is one of them. If you are suffering from frequent migraine attacks, or your headaches have increased significantly, then these breathing difficulties could be due to an increased concentration of molds in your home that has ultimately become toxic. 

Warning Sign 3 – Insomnia 

Image Credit: Calm

With increased respiratory issues and migraine attacks, it is natural to have insomnia attacks. Having said that, if you are suddenly experiencing such insomnia or its measure has increased considerably, it could be due to a mold concentration in your home. One of the vital among the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity, this, at times, is accompanied by – depression, cardiovascular issues, high BP, and a drastic loss of appetite. 

Warning Sign 4 – Skin Irritation 

skin issues due to mold
Image Credit: Affordable Remediation & Emergency Services

Are you having sudden breakouts or hives without any potential reason? You might be inhaling the toxins released by molds in your home. From inflamed skin with reddish patches to elevated bumps in your intimate areas, the side effects of mold toxicity can manifest in your body in a significant way. Treat this as a warning sign and take immediate care about it as soon as possible. 

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Warning Sign 5 – Muscle Aches/Joint Pains 

joint pain due to mold toxicity
Image Credit: Health Central/Getty Images

Perhaps you are not surprised to see this health scare on the list. Well, as a matter of fact, if you are having migraine attacks frequently, not sleeping well, and even facing periods of insomnia – then joint pains and muscle aches are a natural side-effect. Add mold toxicity to that, and people face critical health problems like – fungal arthritis and muscle stiffness for an extended period. Prevent it with regular medical tests at the earliest. 

Warning Sign 6 – Increased sensitivity 

increased sensitivity
Image Credit: News-Medical

Enhanced sensitivity is one of the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity that most people tend to ignore till the last minute. But this if not dealt with at the earliest can lead to a major health scare. If you suddenly tend to react to excessive light exposure or are dealing with a persistent issue like – frequent mood swings, then it is time you need to cleanse parts of your home of molds. 

Warning Sign 7 – Allergic Reactions 

Allergic Reactions due to mold
Image Credit: Vinmec

Allergic reactions occur when the body’s immune system is compromised. Mold toxicity is one of the reasons behind it. Whether it is untoward itching, watery eyes, or even consistent coughing and sneezing – exposure to molds can be a reason behind it. If you are someone who has never had an allergic reaction before and is suddenly facing such a situation – then it is time you need to check for untoward mold formation at your home. 

Warning Sign 8 – Neurological Issues and Cognitive Symptoms 

Image Credit: You Are The Healer

One of the critical results and also part of the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity is facing cognitive issues or neurological problems (especially brain fog). To start with, there can be plenty of reasons why you face memory-related issues or even have a problem focussing on the work at hand. 

Mold toxicity can be one of the vital reasons behind it. When you see that your thoughts are sluggish or you feel completely disoriented, then it is time to go sweeping in your home, checking out mold formation and allergic reactions related to that. There have been cases wherein people have faced speech incoherencies all thanks to a mold attack. 

Warning Sign 9 – Digestive Issues 

black mold causing gastric issues
Image Credit: Dr. Lauryn

Are you experiencing sudden gastrointestinal issues? Sudden nauseous outbreaks, vomiting, and incessant abdominal pain might be the result of a mold attack. According to a study by – the National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences, people exposed to molds for a significant period are more prone to get sudden gastro issues, vis-a-vis others. 

Warning Sign 10 – Fatigue/Weakness 

Image Credit: Mold Testing, Irvine

The last of the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity is fatigue – which seems to be an amalgamation of the symptoms mentioned above. The toxins that are present in the molds disrupt the body’s hormones and hamper its regular functioning. Naturally, this leads to lethargy and tires out your body. Initially, you might not realize it since most people have highly demanding jobs. But, with time, the issue escalates, and your body becomes weak. So, if you are by chance hit by such a situation, mold toxicity, amongst other things, might be a reason. 

If you notice more than a couple of signs manifesting in your body out of the blue, and that too for an extended period, you need to be careful. You might untowardly become the victim of mold toxicity. 

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How will you treat a black mold condition? 

treating black mold condition
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To treat a black mold condition, there are a couple of things you must do – 

  • For starters, you have to eliminate the exposure levels. It is not the external environment that we are talking about, but also, dietary sources (which may have molds) like peanut butter and grains. 
  • Once detected with mold toxicity, you must improve your sinus health (since the sinus is the hub of molds) and undergo a neural retraining program that helps mobilize the mycotoxins in a better manner. 
  • Lastly, you must lower your body’s inflammation levels. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet and commit to managing stress daily. 

How do you prevent mold toxicity? 

dehumidifier for mold treatment
Image Credit: Ensign Building Solutions

Prevention has always been a better option vis-a-vis treating the issue. Though you have gained clarity about the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity, it is always better if you can prevent it from making a place in your home. Let us show you how you can safeguard your home(or any other concerned place) – 

Step 1 – Always keep a check on mold growth. If you live in a dry environment, then there is some respite. But, if you stay in a humid area (dehumidifier and ACs), control the humidity levels, regularly clean the corners of your home, and maintain proper insulation. 

Step 2 – Keep a check for water damage. If you notice even a little water-related issue, fix it immediately. If and when required, remove the drywall and repair the ceilings. Use mold-resistant products for your home. 

Step 3 – Go in for regular health checkups (bi-annual is fine). That will assist you in monitoring your health and checking in advance if anything goes wrong. 

We hope you try these ways to keep your health in check. 

Parting thoughts 

Molds have been a part of many households for a long time. However, the harmful effects of mold toxicity have only recently come to the limelight. This has caused not just a bountiful of health issues but has shed light on the fact that, medically, most are unprepared to deal with this issue. Assuming you have read this post well, you know the 10 warning signs of mold toxicity and are better prepared to deal with it. We have also brought forth answers to some queries that people have for us. 

If you enjoyed reading this post, and want to read such other feature stories, keep an eye on this website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How common is mold toxicity? 

Though mold toxicity is a relatively common affair, it is the lack of correct diagnosis that showcases the low numbers. Hence, medically speaking or otherwise, the rates shown are low in numbers. 

2. How will you ensure that it is the mold that is making you sick? 

Determining mold toxicity is a challenging affair. But, if you notice signs of mold in your home and are affected with unexplained health issues over time, the chances are there that you have mold toxicity. 

3. What are the home tests involved with mold toxicity? 

There is no specific test for determining mold toxicity. But, you can check your surroundings for mold spores with many market-bought test kits. 

4. How long does recovery take for mold exposure? 

It is well-known that your body can indeed recover from mold toxicity. However, the time it takes depends on the toxicity levels and your immune system’s recovery capacity. 

5. How do you detoxify your body after mold exposure? 

Once the mold exposure is over, and then if you wish to detox your body you must limit your sugar consumption levels. In fact, you also need to reduce the consumption of dry fruits, grains, and peanuts since all of them can exacerbate the issue. Add milk thistle seeds, garlic, and grapefruit seeds to your diet. Use bentonite clay as a healing agent to deal with skin issues.