Why Entrust Your Wedding Album to Professional Image Editors?

It was in the 19th century that taking photographs during weddings came into existence. It was not a humble affair; bulky equipment and lighting issues made it challenging to take more than a couple of pictures. Most couples from that century had just one single wedding picture to cherish for their lifetime. It took years for the practice to be commercialized, meaning it required years of device development, improvements in skill sets, and other factors for people to consider it professional. An interesting statistic published online suggests that 2.3 million couples get married in the US alone every year, which breaks down to about 6,200 weddings per day! 

Imagine the number of wedding images clicked at each of these weddings. So, whether you are a couple planning to get hitched soon, a professional wedding photographer dealing with multiple wedding projects this season, or a large studio owner, it is always better to invest in a professional image editing service. It is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and having a mediocre album just isn’t worth it. This blog will give you more reasons why you should entrust your wedding album to professionals.

Editing According to The Type of Album 

If you think nobody is printing their wedding photographs anymore and everyone likes digital prints, you have gone wrong. Most out there low the tangible physical formats, because every time one holds it, the person can relive those moments again. The feeling won’t be the same when one clicks through the digitized pictures. Well, also if you are a photographer, you will be aware that unless you print a copy of an image, you won’t know the quality of it. 

The albums usually have definite formats and a professional editor can help select the apt picture, edit them, and format apply to make the album most aesthetically pleasing. Let’s see some of the common formats, some of them out of style, but might soon come back into fad. As we all know, trends keep changing, old styles can suddenly be a hit a few centuries later.

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Flush Mount Albums

These are the most flexible kind, where multiple images can be printed into a single white sheet of paper. This means that there is no additional requirement for spending for precise positioning but editing such albums requires cropping the images to fit the album’s dimensions while maintaining important compositional elements. It doesn’t end with that. 

The editor should adjust the color, brightness, and contrast of each of these pictures that go into a page. If one of the pictures looks odd, the entire attractiveness of the blog will get lost. Editing for flush mount albums also includes retouching, applying stylistic effects, layout and designing, reviewing and adjusting, and also exporting for printing and proofing. To complete these tasks within a stipulated time, it is always better to take the help of a professional editor with the right experience in handling modern editing tools and knowledge of old-style album creations. 

Wedding Photo Book 

Wedding photo books, unlike the flush mount albums, are a fairly new kind. Just like how a book begins with an index and the story progresses through various chapters, even a wedding photo book will take one through the memories in chronological order. So, the editor of a wedding photo book should edit and arrange the clicked images in a narrative style. Using soft colors and sophisticated fonts, each page of the album is filled with elegance and romance. From selecting images that have captured the emotional highlights and crucial moments of the wedding to selecting the right layout to add a personal touch. It takes hours and hours of professional editing to bring out a perfect wedding photo book.

Traditional Matted Albums

If you ask how was the wedding album of people from Generation X, it would probably be a traditional matted album that features photos that are manually mounted into a mat or frame which then goes onto a page in the album. The mats are used to add depth and focus to each photo pasted onto a page and protect the photos from coming into contact with the plastic sheet or the next page. 

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The layout of the traditional matted albums is fixed and there is no flexibility. Those days, when this kind of album was published, there was no scope for intense editing due to the absence of a digital device. Yet, now, if one is planning to choose to go for this style, one can approach the editor and get stylish pics, well trimmed, yet print them in this old style to revive this old-styled album


Digital Albums 


Wedding albums created for electronic devices are called digital albums. It was in the 1990s and 2000s that digital cameras got popularized. Since then, the majority of people have chosen a digital album along with a traditional album. Editing photos for digital albums might look so easy with software like Photoshop and Lightroom. But managing files, and creating artistic digital designs depends on all skills of a photo editor. 


To sum up whatever the album style, entrusting wedding album editing to a professional will not only save you some time but also money. This is because in-house editors need to be trained on newer software, and advanced techniques, and not all of the hires will have the same eye for detail. Entrusting the task to a professional team will bring peace of mind. Lastly, there will be no tension to complete the project on time. 


Beyond basic editing, professionals can weave magic into your photos with creative edits that might seem like something out of a fairy tale. Dreamy backgrounds, artistic overlays, and spotlight effects are just the tip of the iceberg. These creative touches can turn your wedding album into a unique piece of art.