Things to Know Before You Buy a Real Fur Coat

The cost and durability make the fur coat a lifetime investment. As they are an expensive commodity you will certainly do not want to buy the low quality or worse the fake fur. You just need some information coupled with little common sense and you can buy a perfect fur coat in your first attempt.

Here we are providing you the required information that you can use to select the best quality fur coat for you.

Real vs. Fake – The first thing you need to know, before going on a shopping for a fur coat, is the difference between real fur and the fake or synthetic fur. Real furs are much softer than the artificial furs. And, when you check inside the lining you’ll find that real fur tapers to a fine point. But, if you can’t judge a fur as real or artificial by these features you can opt for the burn test. Pluck some furs and burn them using a lighter. The real animal fur smells like burning human hair while the artificial acrylic or polyester furs melts and smells like plastic.

Cropped vs. Full Skin – When you go shopping a fur coat you’ll find real fur coats varying hugely in their price. This difference of price may be due to one coat being cropped fur while the other being full skin fur. The full skin furs are way costlier than the cropped fur as they are made of the best part of the skin with a higher density of soft hairs. These are generally the back and belly portion of the animal. The fur of the legs, tail, and head are discarded. The furriers take these discarded furs and create pleters to further make it into a coat. So, the coats made of these cropped furs are not symmetrical in their pattern.

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The common types of furs – While buying a real fur you should also know the different varieties of fur available in the market. Obviously, the types of furs actually mean their different sources i.e. from which animal it has been obtained. Mink, Sable, Chinchilla, Fox, and Lynx are the most common real furs available on the market.

  • If budget is not a constrain, then you can certainly look for a Lynx fur coat. These fluffy white coats with subtle black spots are sold only by high-quality fur retailers.
  • Mink is the highest selling fur worldwide. It is so famous because of its lightweight, soft texture, unique sheen and the long lasting life. The female mink furs are even more in demand than the male fur.
  • Sable should be your choice if you’ll love the silky pelt. It does not lose its smoothness whichever way you stroke the furs.
  • If lavishness is your cup of tea then go for Chinchilla. It has the highest density of furs. So, it is very smooth as well as warm.

For any further details you would like to know about your fur coat, make it a habit to read the product labels. You can find almost every bit of information you want to know.