Want to Stop Drinking? Here are 5 Great Ways Quitting Booze Helps Your Body

Quitting booze is one of the most effective ways to gain overall health. Cleaning your body of alcohol has amazing benefits for how you look and feel. It also has been found to improve people’s relationships, self-esteem, and professional life.

If cutting booze out of your life is one of your new year’s resolutions, take a look at the many ways you will look and feel better if you can stick to the plan. The advantages are inspiring!

1. Weight Loss

Alcohol has a high sugar content and drinking lots of cocktails, wine or beer can certainly pack on the pounds. Getting tipsy lowers your inhibitions and self-control as well, so you are more likely to come home from a night of drinking and pig out on a bag of high-calorie cookies or a huge serving of mac and cheese.

Quitting drinking quickly eliminates those extra empty calories from your diet.

You may actually find that you have a healthier appetite if you cut out alcohol. Drinking heavily tends to blunt the taste buds, so when you stop you get more enjoyment out of food without having to eat as much.

2. Younger Looking Skin

Drinking dehydrates the body. When you drink a lot of alcohol, your skin will start to age more quickly, as it is deprived of the hydration that keeps it fresh looking.

When you drink a lot your skin is more prone to dryness and wrinkles. You may also start to see puffiness around the eyes in the morning, and burst blood vessels (“gin blossoms”) on your nose and cheeks.

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3. Better Sleep Habits

Many people think that a nightcap helps them get to sleep. The truth is that drinking alcohol upsets the REM cycle of healthy sleep. Often drinking before bed leads to passing out, not a healthy sleep to rejuvenate the brain.

If you need to have a cocktail in order to get to sleep, that may be an indication that you are growing dependent upon alcohol. Better to cut out drinking now and learn to get a healthy night’s sleep without requiring booze or other substances.

By getting more rest, your looks will benefit, in addition to your thought processes. You will be better able to function at work and at home when you get enough sleep in a natural way.

4. Healthier Lifestyle

Cutting out the booze puts you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. If you wake up in the morning well rested and without a hangover, you will be more likely to make time for exercise and hobbies that bring you joy.

By spending less time at bars you have more time to coach your kids’ teams, take up a sport yourself, and pursue your passions. You will also save money!

Once you decide to cut alcohol out of your life, you may discover that quitting is more challenging than you expected. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance. There are many programs and professionals who can help you learn how to stop drinking and pursue a healthier way of life.

5. Less Depression

Alcohol is a depressant. Sometimes you might have a drink after a hard day in the hopes that it will make everything better; then- it fails to do the job. In fact, drinking heavily can lead to chronic depression that gets worse with more booze.

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Pharmaceutical methods of alleviating depression won’t work if you continue to drink alcohol, and can, in fact, cause a detrimental reaction. Alcohol rehab can help you get to the root of your psychological issues without making matters worse.

Quitting Booze: Feel and Look Better Every Day

Quitting booze will help improve your appearance, your self-confidence, and your metal perspective. Whether you choose a healthy temporary cleanse or a full and permanent lifestyle change, getting your body clean will give you a whole new outlook. Enjoy!

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