Ring Bling: How to Style Rings With Your Wardrobe

If you think the way you accessorize is important, you’re not alone.

Just look at the headlines made by the appearance of jewelry on the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars.

But fortunately, you don’t need to wear $30k to look good. You do need to know how to wear what you have though.

Use this guide on how to wear rings that go right with your outfit.

The Rule of Thumb

Well, actually it’s the same rule regardless of the finger you’re wearing it on.

Simply put, choose the rings that best match the statement your outfit is making. Some aspects of this are more obvious than others. Let’s take a look at the different aspects you’ll need to consider.

Here’s what applies in just about every case, aside from choosing your engagement ring

1. Color Scheme

Matching the color scheme does not mean wearing a sapphire ring with your blue dress. Please, wear any other ring with that dress.

It does mean:

  • Your gold ring will look great when you’re dressed in green. But not only green, but this product is also pretty versatile
  • Wear silver basically whenever you want, it’s probably the most versatile color
  • When you’re outfit is black you can get away with whatever color rings you want
  • And when you’re wearing colorful rings you can play it safe by matching complementary colors (consult the color wheel, complementary colors are directly across from each other)
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2. Formal Vs. Informal

Go with your gut on this one. Formal rings will just feel classy. Think diamonds and pearls.

Rings worn with formalwear will typically not:

  • Have any lettering
  • Depict anything using imagery
  • Protrude significant from the finger
  • Be worn anywhere past the closest position to your palm
  • Accurately be described as “playful”

In fact, if you could call it “subtle”, that’s probably what you’re looking for.

3. Material Composition

This one is pretty simple. The material your ring is made of sends a statement too. We already discussed formal vs. informal choice, so here’s what else to consider.

  1. Expense: the vending machine toy ring is just going to look silly any time you’re in heels
  2. Fabric: aside from culturally traditional wear, the fabric will go great on your fingers… when you’re in your swimwear
  3. Exceptions: All of this only matters to the extent that people can perceive it. It doesn’t matter if it’s cubic zirconia if nobody has a clue

Keep all of this in mind to tastefully choose your rings.

Okay, now we can talk about breaking the first rule… feeling brave?

Be Bold, Accentuate

You might find a time and place to mismatch a fist full of rings. But for now, until we’ve made varsity, we’ll talk about the more practical choice: the accent ring (singular).

By design, an accent ring draws the eye. This can both show off that big, bold ring you love, and make you stand out a bit more too.

Your accent ring might be a warm bright color like orange worn with a smooth cool motif of blues and grays.

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It might be a thick, geometric styled steel ring against a delicate cocktail dress.

When you’re feeling especially bold, try wearing the accent ring on your pinky. In many traditions, the size and shape of the little finger represent a person’s persuasiveness and strength of character.

Whatever ring you wear, just don’t forget to consider the occasion you’re dressing for. You probably don’t want to make a big bold statement when you’re the last bridesmaid in your soon-to-be sister in-law’s wedding party.

How to Wear Rings and Start Accessorizing with Confidence

Use what you learned here about how to wear rings tastefully and how to make a statement with your choice. But don’t stop there.

Read on for more tips on how to wear all your jewelry and other accessories.