Marijuana Accessories to Treat Yourself To

Marijuana is great, and it doesn’t take much to enjoy it. But let’s face it, not all smoking gear is created equal. If you’re still slumming it every smoke sesh, then it’s time you brought a bit of the high life to your highs. Here are a few accessories you should treat yourself to.

A grinder that will stand the test of time

Grinders are cheap — or, at least, they can be. You can get a plastic grinder for a few bucks at a gas station, and it might last you a while.

But it won’t last forever. The little teeth will break or fall out, and the plastic will get gross. And, in the meantime, you’ll be using a grinder that lacks the features that make superior grinders so pleasing to use.

You may not think about your grinder as being super important to your smoking experience, but using a high-end one will make all the difference. When you buy a quality grinder, you’ll never have to buy another one. So while you might never have thought about splurging on a grinder, you should change that today and get yourself something great.

A big, fancy bong

Maybe you’ve been reluctant to buy an over-the-top bong — you’re just a casual smoker, and you don’t need it. Or maybe you have an old reliable piece and just don’t feel like parting with the cash. Sure, those are okay reasons but consider this: bongs are awesome.

If you haven’t enjoyed the user experience of a big bong packed with features like percolators and ice catches, then you’re really missing out. It might not be an everyday necessity, but the luxurious fun of a big-time bong can really spice up your smoking routine.

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You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do this, either. There are plenty of quality brand names that will give you a top-notch bong for a reasonable price. Danklin, for instance, makes great bongs for folks who want their bongs and their piggy banks to remain luxurious and unbroken.

So treat yourself. Whether your new best bong becomes an everyday companion or a once-in-a-while treat, you’ll be more than happy that you got it.

A portable vape

There are a lot of reasons to consider vaping instead of smoking. It’s likely healthier, a bit easier on the lungs, discreet, convenient, and cost-effective. So if you don’t have a great vape, it’s time to treat yourself to a brand-name piece.

There are a lot of different options for vaping, but it may be best to focus on portable ones. Little vape pens and other smaller There are a lot of different options for vaping, but it may be best to focus on portable ones. Little vape pens and other smaller ones like dry herb vaporizers are extremely convenient and they’re perfect for an on-the-go smoke sesh. Just be sure to partake responsibly, and remember that your travels should be contained within state lines (marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, and carrying weed across state lines — even between two states that both have legal marijuana — can land you in some extremely serious legal hot water).

Luxury edibles

The market for marijuana edibles has absolutely exploded since the onset of legalization. One of the genuine weed delivery services are These days, you have some options that are a whole lot better than your college roommate’s homemade brownies.

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There are a ton of affordable edible options out there, but you should also consider treating yourself to the occasional high-end edible. Sure, they can be a bit ridiculous, but the fanciest edibles out there can also be absolutely delicious. They’re perfect for a special occasion or a marijuana experience with that special someone in your life.