Important Aspects Of A Marriage Proposal You Need To Consider

It is every man’s dream to get down on one knee and pop that magical question in a blissfully romantic setting. As it is such a special occasion, it really does warrant a special effort to create the right ambience as a backdrop. If you would like to propose in a manner that is both stylish and creative, here are a few important aspects to consider.

  1. Is She Ready for a Commitment? – Prior to anything else, you must address this, as it matters not if you have the perfect romantic setting if you get the wrong response. You should have talked about a future that includes both of you, and have been an item for longer than a few weeks. If it feels right, the chances are it is.
  2. Choosing the Ring – This can seem like a daunting task, and getting it wrong is simply not an option. In order to ensure the size is right, borrow one of the rings that she wears on her wedding finger, or you could enlist the help of a trusted friend, but either way, you need to be sure that the ring is a perfect fit. ( Check out the custom made engagement rings Melbourne men use to propose from a respected custom jeweller as every girl dreams of a one of a kind engagement ring.

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  1. The Proposal Setting – Whether you decide to get down on one knee in your favourite restaurant, or on the top of a mountain, a great deal of preparation will ensure that everything goes according to plan. You can also check online for a long list of unusual wedding proposal ideas that might give you some much-needed inspiration, and whatever you choose, do your homework to ensure that all goes well.
  2. Choosing the Date & Time – If you really want to surprise her, you will need to go to great lengths to ensure that she doesn’t see it coming. You could, for example, fake a car breakdown and take her to a nearby restaurant while you wait for the breakdown service to arrive, and with chilled champagne waiting, she will get the surprise of her life when you produce the sparkling ring. It is important that she does not have any pressing engagements, as you will both want to celebrate in style once the proposal has been made. If you know she has a free weekend, you can build on that.
  3. Consider Some Outside Help – In order to guarantee that everything goes to plan, it is best to enlist the help of at least one of her trusted friends, and having someone on the inside does have its advantages. It makes the planning and execution so much easier if someone close to her is in on the secret. Make sure to choose carefully, as you don’t want to give the game away!
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While this might be a nerve-wracking time, with a lot of planning and a little creativity (and the right ring), your proposal should be one that you both remember forever.