Ways to take care of your long hair to keep it healthy

Waiting for your hair to grow is like watching a snail climbing the wall. Too slow, isn’t it? While some are blessed with silky, long hair, some are not. The hair growth prices are so slow that someday you might forget about your long hair until the locks finally begin to show up.

Hair growth may seem easy, but to get it done is next to impossible. This is mostly because of the complicated process. If you have been going on to trim your hair frequently, know that they aren’t going to grow anytime soon. Also, your daily lifestyle has a direct impact on how your body and hair grows.

When you’re walking down a market, you must have come across girls having long, flowing hair. Haven’t you? If that doesn’t surprise you, it’s probably because you have more beautiful hair. But honestly, not everyone is blessed with such a thing. So, if you have had the luck of having hair down your waist, you need to take necessary measures.

Taking care of long hair

Taking care of long hair isn’t easy and requires dedication, time, and hard work. If you haven’t been able to keep a check with your long hair, small measures can help you in the long hair. As said, diet and lifestyle play a vital role in maintaining hair, but that isn’t all. Some of the prominent ways that will help you maintain your long hair include

Use the right brush

Often people commit the mistake of getting the wrong brush, which proves to be deadly in love my run. If you have long hair, knots are common, so you should prefer having a boar bristle brush or wet brush. These brushes can play an essential role in getting rid of the locks.

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The bristle brush can eventually prevent breakage and helps to smoothen the hair. It reduces friction, so damage is minimum. Moreover, the hair doesn’t get tied in knots while you’re using these brushes. Therefore, without any effort of pulling hair strands, you can quickly get away with friction having silky and smooth hair. The wet brush can play an essential role in preventing tangles.

You should be careful while combing to prevent any damage. Also, you should be using the tooth comb only if the hair is wet. Brushing your hair while it is damp can be extremely problematic.

Keep your hair hydrated

There is no better way than keeping your hair hydrated to maintain longevity. People to heat their hair often need to have hydrating treatment. The hydrating treatment can play an essential role in preventing damage and covers for the lost moisture. Coconut hair mask or hair oil can be one of the best ways to hydrate your hair.

Vitamin E containing substances such as olive and avocado oil application on the hair scalp can also contribute towards keeping the hair moisturized. Applying slightly warm oil can work as a medicine to treat the problem. The hair easily absorbs the heated oil, and thus, it feels better.

Satin pillowcase

A silk or satin pillowcase can sound like considerable trouble, but it is worth the pain. If you haven’t used one, you don’t know the benefits yet. You should prefer shopping around a little for extra benefits. Pillowcase with slip can help your hair to extend a bit. Therefore, if you are into heat styling, you won’t need to stress over it.

Cotton pillowcases can be extremely harsh on your hair leading to tugging and pulling. Thus, it is very natural for you to wake up with knots on the hair. You should be careful with how you style your hair before you do to sleep. Experts recommend opting for a loose braid or ponytail. You can always use a soft scrunchie to prevent tugging.

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Pull back in a ponytail

You may not realize, but a pulled back ponytail can play an essential role in keeping your hair tucked. People who go to the gym have tucked up hair to prevent sweaty foreheads. Sweaty scalp and foreheads can be one of the main reasons why you’re suffering from breakage.

People often purchase soft silk-wrapped elastic, soft scrunchies, which does not do enough work to keep your hair pulled back. If you haven’t been pulling your hair back in a ponytail, you should be careful with it. Irrespective of the length of your hair and type, it will be prone to damage if you aren’t pulling it back enough.

Use heat protectant

This is especially beneficial for those who are in heat styling. Applying heat protectant can play an important role in making a difference in hair quality and also helps to maintain a sleek and frizz-free hair. The heat protectant wraps around the shaft, helping to keep away pollution.

You can always prepare natural heat protectant oils. Rather than purchasing from the market, you can always opt for natural oils for extra benefits. The natural oils will nourish your hair with all-natural elements, thereby keeping hair healthy.

Use hair wrap instead of towels

People with curly hair know the struggles of using a towel. Instead of using a brushed cotton towel, you should either be using a t-shirt or smooth fabric to prevent excessive moisture from hair. This is one necessary step you should take care of before styling.

Using smooth materials to dry your hair can help to keep the hair shafts strong. Also, it will prevent the breakage of hair strands. Therefore, there won’t be any frizz or damage.

Go for dry cut and long layers

Dry cut and long layers can help to maintain the unique texture of your hair. It will also contribute towards a more personalized touch of hair. The overall texture of the hair matters to keep the length.

From diet to cuts, every aspect has a vital role to play in maintaining the hair. You should prefer reaching out to your stylist for extra advantages.