10 Daily habits that are responsible for hair fall in men

Well, it is a known fact we men want our hair in our head till our death. While girls are looking for curling their hair when they have straight hair or straightening their hair when they have curly hair, we men want our available hair to stay on our heads. While it may look a simple task, it is so hard for us to maintain. Why?

The first thing that causes hair to fall as men age is male pattern baldness. But along with it come some of our horrifying habits that accelerate our hair fall process even before the male pattern baldness engulfs us. No one is responsible for that but men themselves. Why?

Well though the list is quite long, if we try to tell what is wrong with men, the basic things that pop right from the head are their nonchalant indifference in taking care of the health of their hair. Along with it come some daily habits that are becoming partners in crime with our attitude. That is why the first thing to take care of is our daily habits that are damaging our hair.

Bad habits responsible for hair fall

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Overexposure to sunlight:

Exposure to the sun is good for our health, we all know that. Sunlight is responsible for the production of vitamin D in our body that strengthens our bones. But overexposure to sunlight is not only good for our health but also our hair.

Sunlight in dawn or dusk is good for our health, sunlight that is warm and cozy. But in the summertime, the direct sunlight at noon is not suitable for our hair. It not only makes our hair dry but also causes damage to our scalp, which in turn damages the root of our hair.

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Wrong selection of shampoo:

Well, the thing with us boys is that when we want to shampoo our hair, without thinking much, we apply any product that is available in the bathroom at that moment. Sometimes we apply the same soap to our hair that we use to our body. Even when we buy shampoos, we do not bother to look at the ingredients.

Ingredients like sulfate or silicon are usually there in most of the shampoos. Overuse of these two chemicals blocks the pores of our scalp resulting in the choking of the breathing of your scalp and making it unhealthy. So, try to use organic shampoos or at least use those shampoos that are free from silicone and sulfate.


Going to the gym and doing exercises or cardio or playing football makes our body sweaty. A lot of sweat comes out of our scalp. Our sweat contains salt. When those sweats get dry, those salts become crystalized and again block the pores of our scalp resulting in the damaging of the health of our hair. So, after any activities that cause sweating, try to shampoo your hair immediately after exercise.

Overusing cheap hair products:

To look good and sexy, we all use hair products. Well! The thing is that we are not saying that you must not use any hair products. Use can use hair products, but not daily. Only if you have any occasion like going to a wedding, you can use quality hair products to look good.

Hair products are not for daily use, and it damages our hair beyond repair. Our hair becomes brittle and falls quickly. Try to limit the usage of hair products one to two times a week. Also, remember to shampoo your hair immediately after its need is over.


If you live in the city and you travel every day through traffic, then it is almost inevitable that your hair inhales a lot of chemicals that are contained by pollution. Now, if you use a lot of hair products to your hair, it will increase the number of chemicals sticking to your hair. So, as we mentioned earlier, try to limit the use of hair products.

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Washing hair every day:

You might frown upon this point and might ask why it is not healthy to wash hair. Well! The thing is that your hair releases natural oils from its body and natural water vapor. It makes your hair shiny and lubricated.

Now, if you wash your hair every day, that natural oil or water vapor will go away from your hair and will make it less shiny and less healthy. So, use an anti-dandruff shampoo once in a week and a mild shampoo two or three times a week.

Blow drying your hair:

Some men blow dry their hair after the shower. While this is a convenient process to dry your hair, the heat of the drier removes natural oils and water vapor from your hair and makes it dry and damaged.

Hair straightening and hair coloring:

The outer skin of your hair is called ‘cuticle.’ When you straighten your hair or color your hair, the outer surface or cuticle gets damaged. Once the cuticle of your hair gets damaged, its health becomes compromised.

Lifestyle and diet:

If you are, the smoker says goodbye to your hair. It is as simple as that. If you eat junk food that contains trans-fat or if you eat lots of processed food, they also say goodbye to your hair. Your hair reflects what you eat.

Your hair reflects what lifestyle you are opting for. So, stay away from smoking and try to maintain a healthy diet. Drink a lot of water. Your diet should contain protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Anxiety and stress:

Our ultra-modern lifestyle and job pattern cause a lot of stress and anxiety. So, it is so hard to stay away from tension and stress. So, try to meditate. It relieves you from tension and makes your mind healthy. Also, try not the think about the thing that is causing you stress and anxiety.

So, guys, if you want your hair to stay on your head for the most extended period, then are cautious about these habits as mentioned above that we mistakenly do every day.