What are the solutions for brittle or harmed hair?

Everyone loves their hair! we hope you as well but our goes through various irregular circumstances that make it extremely brittle or dry or completely damaged. This can be either from outside in the form of wind, pollution, dirt or other environmental disposes or from self-destruction in the form of heat styling tools and chemical coloring and treatments. In any case, it is our hair which faces these harsh results a lot and becomes damage and extremely dull. When this happens once, it can be tackled easily but with the changing circumstances and when our hair has to face these cruel treatments regularly it makes it unable to get back in its original and safe state. For example, when you daily use a heat styling appliance and give your hair high heat every day, it makes your hair brittle and easily breakable which can not be undone or repel if the situation has gone to an extreme level. Thus, it is important to take care of your hair as it is an important part of not only your body but also your personality which enhances it thoroughly. So, it is necessary to put some efforts and to take some preventive measures to enhances the quality of your hair. First, you need to take some precautionary measures in order to tackle this problem. You can opt for full head wigs that will prevent your hair from getting damaged. Second, if your hair is already dry and brittle, then it is time to apply some methods to bring it back in its original and better position. Scroll down to read about the ways you need to add in your daily regime to prevent brittle or harmed hair.

Use heat styling tools smartly

First, always use a heat styling tool only on dry hair and when your hair is completely dry otherwise it can damage it. Second, do not put a hair styling device in one place for a longer period to avoid more damage to your hair. It’s only one or two passes that your need as anything more can intensify the risk of brittleness or damage in your hair.

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Pick hair styling products wisely

In order to save your hair from damage, it is important to pick the right product according to the type and condition of your hair. There are products like aphogee 2 step protein treatment which helps to get rid of the problems of brittleness and hair breakage. It is an after-care product to treat your damaged hair, but you can also look for other products as aphogee uk presents a variety of hair care products to meet the demand of every hair type.

Prepare a hair mask for your hair type

You know the actual state and condition of your hair better than any other hair care expert or brand. Thus, it is totally up to you to provide your hair with a protective treatment in the form of a mask or other product. You can either make a mask including some natural ingredients or get readymade one from a shop. Hair masks made from natural ingredients like banana, egg, oils, cucumber, avocado, milk have been proved very effective for reducing various hair problems.

Switch to products designed for protecting hair 

There are various products available which tend to provide a protective layer to your hair against harmful chemicals, heat, and other environmental substances like wind, pollution and UV rays. The products that contain hydrating in ingredients like coconut or argan oil, shea butter and many more and avoid alcohol and sulphates which tend to dry your hair, even more, are the best protective hair care product one can have. So, it is better to switch your hair product to something more hydrating and that involves protein and antioxidants in its formulation just like aphogee two step protein treatment.

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Wash your hair on alternate days 

Always try to wash your hair on alternate days especially when it is dry and coarse as damage hair requires your attention the most. Washing these types of already damaged hair or dry hair every day can cause more damage and even hair breakage as it strips away all the natural oils that make your hair drier. Try to wash your hair every other day instead of daily if you use dry hair shampoo.

Conditioner is necessary

Always use conditioner after shampooing your hair as it counteracts the harshness of shampoo created on your hair with the wash. Shampoo, especially dry shampoo tends to strip all the sebum from your hair leaving your hair in a drastic condition. Conditioner is thus necessary to repel that situation and provide your hair dried hair with moisture and shine and prevent it from looking brittle and dry.

All in all, it is important to take preventive measures in order to save your hair from damages or to repair your already ruined hair by some chemicals or environmental elements. All you need to do is to add these tips in your daily routine and follow it thoroughly to witness their effects.