Nine reasons why beer should be a part of our everyday lives-

When we say beer, the first few things that come to the mind are alcohol, tipsy, and weight gain. Too much alcohol is said to be one of the main reasons for weight gain, which is very true, along with a slew of other health problems. But, in restricted quantities, it can work wonders on the skin.

What is beer?

It is one of the oldest made alcoholic drinks in the world with a composition of Barley and water along with some amount of yeast. The yeast adds as a conversion agent of converting sugar separated from the grain and fermented into alcohol. Even though drinking beer every day in copious amounts is not good for health, drinking it in constrained quantities actually has some good effects on the health, especially heart health.

How much beer is a good amount for beer?

Consuming 1.4 pints of beer every day is considered healthy for the body.

This ‘piece’ tries to put a light on why beer can be a part of our everyday lives and how it can be anyone’s ‘goes to’ drink. This article in no way promotes the habit of drinking and is written just for informational purposes. The points mentioned here are proven and tested but may differ from body to body.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the health benefits of drinking beer if consumed every day-

  1. Takes care of your heart:

The beer in insane amounts will definitely harm your body, but if consumed in moderate levels, then the beer can be good news for your heart. Drinking beer in moderate quantities decreases the chances of a blood clot in the heart, reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke by varying degrees. Thus, having a restricted level of beer every day enables a regulated flow of blood to the heart, keeping any heart conditions at bay. As long as the blood reaching the heart is unrestricted, no heart problems can arise, beer or not.

  1. Good news for the kidney:

Beer, if consumed every day in moderation, can be a boon for the kidney. The kidney is responsible for keeping the body devoid of any toxins and helps in blood filtration. Beer contains almost 85% water which, when consumed, increases the water-levels of the body, which helps in easy removal of toxins and impurities. Once the toxins are removed, even weight gain by beer doesn’t happen. Beer also helps in discouraging the decomposition of calcium content on the body so that no excess calcium floats around, resulting in kidney stones. So, in a way, beer protects your entre health.

  1. Aids digestion:

The preparation of beer contains cereal grains like Barley, which acts as a fermenting agent. These grains contain a fibre that not only aid in digestion but also increases the absorption content of the body and regulates bowel motions. Thus, having some amount of beer before dinner will allow you to enjoy a meal well.

  1. Support and strength to bones:

Beer contains properties that reduce the extent of decomposition of calcium leading to kidney health. But this also means that less calcium is being broken away from the bones resulting in stronger bones. Another element in beer- the presence of Silicon helps to build and strengthen bones to a great extent. Silicon is a bone-strengthening agent, and traces of it in the beer is said to be very good news for the bone health. Thus, it makes your body prone to easy fractures or any other bone-breaking activities.

  1. Presence of a magical component:

Beer contains ‘xanthohumol,’ a wonder-agent that provides protection to the body in so many aspects. ‘xanthohumol’ is an ingredient in all types of beer as it adds a zing flavor to the beer. But what we don’t know is this agent is an all-round health agent that exhibits antioxidant properties protecting the heart and the health from any auto-immune diseases. This agent also reduces the chances of cancer if consumed regularly, as it takes care of the free radicals by exhibiting anti-cancer properties. All this goodness in one drink can definitely benefit the body if it had in contained portion.

  1. Induces quality sleep and reduces stress:

Alcoholic drinks are supposed to make you sleepy and slumbery. The alcohol content in all these beverages soothes and calms down the brain activity allowing sleep to come over quickly. This alcohol content also relaxes the central nervous system resulting in keeping the stress aside and allowing the body to relax.

  1. Vitamin-rich:

Beer contains good amounts of many variants of vitamin B like B1, B2, B6, and B12. These vitamin-B enriched drinks undertake many functions like regulating glucose metabolism, improving the nerve and muscle function, improving energy levels, nerve function, etc. All these functions help in keeping the body regulated with all vital signs hale and hearty. Thus, beer is considered a ‘Go-to’ drink in many countries where the cost of beer is cheaper than the cost of water.

  1. Regulating cholesterol levels:

Beer in moderation and regularly helps in regulating the levels of ‘lipoproteins,’ which helps in regulating fat molecules in water, which regulates the blood flow in turn. It also helps in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol or LDL. This, in turn, keeps your vital organs like heart free of any blockage or plaques. Thus, in a way, beer exhibits medicinal properties but with a tinge of intoxication.

  1. Improves hair health and slow down the anti-aging process:

Beer contains a lot of proteins that are good for hair and provides ashine to the hair. Nowadays, using beer shampoo to retain the moisture od the hair. Similarly, the extensive water levels in the beer help in keeping the skin supple, which otherwise may appear wrinkled with age. The beer keeps the water content levels regulated in the body, imparting shine to the hair.

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Therefore, now that you have seen the benefits, you can go ahead and stock up that fridge of yours. But remember again, we are not promoting the over-consumption of alcohol. This article implies that, just like any other thing which has a good and a bad side, beer also has got certain advantages. But to avail, that advantage is up to you.