A Look At Fun Activities While On Vacation

Scientists have proved that time off aids productivity, and creativeness and is right for your overall mental health. Even if you love your job, you risk mental burnout and lack of motivation by pressing on when you shouldn’t.

It’s possible to have a break and recharge the batteries and be productive at the same time, let’s look at some top tips and hacks to help you find some fun activities while on vacation.

Let’s start with your home. If you’re working from home as .

most of us are at the moment your first day off might be best spent organising your life and doing those jobs you have been putting off.

Clear out Your Wardrobe  

Online shopping is now a way of life, and in most places, the sales are on. The shops are full of items that haven’t sold because we haven’t been able to visit the shopping centre or high street. 

So now is the time to have a clear-out to make space for the great bargains you can get while you are on your vacation and anyway, a wardrobe clear-out is a fantastic idea at any time of the year.

The first thing to do is go through your wardrobe, and ruthlessly take everything out and put it on the floor. Make four piles, pile one – sell items, collection two – keep things and pile three – take everything else to the charity shop and finally stack four – ethical recycling.

Ethical recycling is when the clothes items go to be repurposed and do not go into landfill.

Do as Marie Kondo, the decluttering guru suggests and pick up each item and have a good look at it. How does it make you feel? Does it have rips, broken zips, or does it look generally unloved? If the answer is yes, put it in the recycling pile 

Only keep the items that you wear or have worn in the last nine months. If you haven’t worn it during that time the chances are you won’t wear it. Only keep items that you love and bring you joy.

Don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit, you won’t ‘slim’ into it, and every time you see those tiny jeans in your wardrobe, you will beat yourself up. So get rid of them and don’t feel guilty; life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes.

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Put all useful, clean quality items aside to sell. There are plenty of sites that sell preloved and vintage items and think of it as upcycling – you sell something you don’t want anymore and you buy something in the sales that you love. If you’re smart about it, you can get to the point where you never spend any real cash.

Fun Activities While On Vacation

Upcycle Furniture for Fun or Cash

Are you tired of looking at that boring kitchen table or those old and shabby kitchen units? Why not revamp it by giving it a fresh lick of paint and upcycle some furniture in your house. Look at it in the same way you do when you sort out your wardrobe.

 This time you only have to make three decisions, keep and refresh the item or sell on an auction site and get some cash or donate to charity.

It’s incredible how much better you will feel in a clean and tidy home with extra cash from selling your unwanted items. Remember, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Now you’ve sorted out your home life let’s look at some fun activities you can do on vacation from work and still be productive.

Volunteer Locally

It’s free, and you’ll feel great helping out the community. Depending on what you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to call up a local charity organisation and ask them how you could help. 

They might need some hands in the kitchen or someone to run supplies around, and maybe it’s gardening? If you love weeding now is the time to help someone who can’t manage their garden anymore. It will make good use of your time, keep you fit and give you a great sense of achievement. 

Explore Your Town

Download a free walking tour for your local area or map out a route you’d like to take and include all the landmarks and sights you’re interested in that you haven’t seen before. Visit the town hall they always have a local artist exhibiting paintings or ceramic. It’s also an excellent place to get inspired with information on volunteering or evening classes. The list is endless.


Even the smallest villages and towns have some impressive architecture or landmarks, so why not just go and explore. Due to recent events, many museums and galleries are hosting virtual tours, so why not tune in to one if you aren’t in the mood to go out. You’ll be supporting the museums and galleries and stimulating your mind by looking at fine art and absorbing fascinating finds. For the nights at home you could explore other online ventures or even check out BonusFinder New Zealand.

But if you have more than a couple of days off, then what not pack your bags and go on an actual vacation?

Fun Activities While On Vacation

Go on Vacation 

A vacation is just another term for a holiday and an excuse to visit new places and tourist spots that they have never visited before.

You could choose to go on this holiday alone so that you will be able to gather your thoughts and spend your time away from the hustle and bustle of city life or you could choose to head for a holiday with your family.

Gather the significant others, aunties and cousins that you haven’t seen for a while (lockdown regulations permitting). So that all of you can spend some quality time together and even make beautiful memories that last for a lifetime since there is nothing more important than family taking this opportunity to get back in touch.

If all of the above sounds like not much of a holiday then just do your thing, read a book in the garden, catch up on the box sets you have missed or play some games online, it’s your vacation after all.