The 8 Best Moral Children Story in Tamil

As a kid, we all have great stories that leave impressions and lessons in our minds of a whole lifetime. These stories play a very crucial role in building one’s character. We all are like a seed when we are kids, so we become in the future depending on what we are taught during our growing journey from kid to teenager to adult. We are gonna learn some lessons from children story in Tamil in this article. A portion of these stories is short and fundamental. Indeed some are so fundamental they’re in all likelihood highlighted in youngsters’ books someplace. Be that as it may, the strength of the message stays as before. Here’s some a greater amount of the best short moral stories: 

The Wise Man 

this comes first in our list of children story in tamil. Individuals have been going to the shrewd man, griping about similar issues without fail. One day he made them a quip, and everybody thundered in chuckling. Following a few minutes, he made them a similar quip, and a couple of them grinned. At the point when he made a similar quip for the third time, nobody chuckled any longer. The shrewd man grinned and stated: 

“You can’t chuckle at a similar joke again and again. So for what reason would you say you are continually crying about a similar issue?” 

What have you learned through this short children story in Tamil is Stressing won’t take care of your issues? It’ll simply burn through your time and energy. 

The Foolish Donkey 

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A salt vendor used to convey the salt sack on his jackass to the market each day. In transit, they needed to cross a stream. One day the jackass, out of nowhere, tumbled down the stream, and the salt sack likewise fell into the water. The salt broke up in the water, and consequently, the pack turned out to be exceptionally light to convey. The jackass was cheerful. At that point, the jackass began to play a similar stunt each day. 

The salt dealer came to comprehend the stunt and chose to show a thing or two to it. The following day he stacked a cotton sack on the jackass. Again it played a similar stunt trusting that the cotton sack would be as yet gotten lighter. 

In any case, the hosed cotton turned out to be exceptionally hefty to convey, and the jackass endured. It took in an exercise. It didn’t play the stunt any longer after that day, and the dealer was glad. 

Moral: Karma won’t support consistently. 

An Old Man 

An older person lived in the town. He was perhaps the saddest individual on the planet. The entire town was worn out on him; he was consistently desolate, he continually grumbled, and was consistently feeling awful. The more he lived, the more bile he was turning out to be, and the more harmful were his words. Individuals kept away from him since his adversity got infectious. It was even unnatural and offending to be cheerful close to him. He made the sensation of misery in others. 

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However, at some point, when he turned eighty years of age, something unbelievable occurred. Quickly everybody began hearing the gossip: 

“An Old Man is cheerful today, he doesn’t grumble about anything, grins, and even his face is spruced up.” 

The entire town assembled. The older person was inquired: 

Resident: What happened to you? 

“Not much. For eighty years, I’ve been pursuing bliss, and it was pointless. And afterward, I chose to live without joy and appreciate life. That is the reason I’m cheerful at this point.” – An Old Man. 

Now, you know what you have learned through this short children story in Tamil – Try not to pursue joy. Make the most of your life. 

Having A Best Friend 

A story tells that two companions were strolling through the desert. They had a contention during some purpose of the excursion, and one companion insulted the other one. The person who got slapped was harmed, yet without saying anything, wrote in the sand; 

“Today, my closest companion insulted me.” 

They continued strolling until they found a desert garden, where they chose to wash up. The person who had been slapped stalled out in the soil and began suffocating, yet the companion saved him. After he recuperated from the close suffocating, he composed on a stone; “Today my closest companion saved my life.” 

The companion who had slapped and saved his closest companion asked him; 

“After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, and now, you compose on a stone; why?” 

The other companion answered; 

“At the point when somebody harms us, we ought to record it in the sand where winds of absolution can delete it away. Yet, when somebody accomplishes something bravo, we should etch it in stone where no wind can actually delete it.” 

Moral: Try not to esteem the things you have in your life. Be that as it may, esteem who you have in your life. 

Become Responsible

One night four understudies were out celebrating late evening and didn’t read for the test, which was planned for the following day. In the first part of the day, they thought about an arrangement. They made themselves look grimy with oil and soil. At that point, they went to the Dean and said they had gone out to a wedding the previous evening, and on their way back, the tire of their vehicle burst, and they needed to push the vehicle right back. So they were in no condition to step through the exam. 

The Dean thought briefly and said they could have the re-test following 3 days. They expressed gratitude toward him and said they would be prepared at that point. On the third day, they showed up before the Dean. The Dean said that as this was a Special Condition Test, every one of the four was needed to sit in discrete homerooms for the test. They all concurred as they had arranged well over the most recent 3 days. The Test comprised of just 2 inquiries, the name of understudies and which tire has blasted? 

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Moral: Assume liability, or you will get familiar with your exercise. 

The Greedy Lion 

It was an unimaginably hot day, and a lion was feeling hungry. He emerged from his lair and looked to a great extent. He could discover just a little bunny. He got the rabbit with some wavering. “This rabbit can’t fill my stomach,” thought the lion. As the lion was going to execute the rabbit, a deer ran that way. The lion got avaricious. He thought; 

“Rather than eating this little bunny, let me eat the enormous deer.” 

He let the rabbit go and went behind the deer. Be that as it may, the deer had disappeared into the timberland. The lion presently felt frustrated about allowing the rabbit to off. 

Moral: A winged animal close by is worth two in the bramble. 

Two Friends and The Bear 

Vijay and Raju were companions. On vacation, they went strolling into timberland, getting a charge out of the excellence of nature. Unexpectedly they saw a bear coming at them. They got terrified. Raju, who thoroughly understood climbing trees, approached a tree and ascended rapidly. He didn’t consider Vijay. Vijay had no clue about how to climb the tree. Vijay thought briefly. He’d heard creatures don’t incline toward dead bodies, so he tumbled to the ground and held his breath. The bear sniffed him and thought he was dead. Thus, it went on its way

Raju asked Vijay; 

“What did the bear murmur into your ears?” 

Vijay answered, “The bear requested that I avoid companions like you” … and went on his way. 

Moral: A companion in need is a companion for sure. 

The Fox and The Grapes 

This is another children story in tamil. One evening a fox was strolling through the timberland and recognized many grapes dangling from over a grand branch. 

“Simply the thing to extinguish my thirst,” he thought. 

Making a couple of strides back, the fox bounced and just missed the hanging grapes. Again the fox took a couple of speeds back and attempted to contact them yet, at the same time, fizzled. At last, surrendering, the fox turned up his nose and stated, “They’re presumably acrid at any rate,” and continued to leave. 

Moral: It’s anything but difficult to detect what you can’t have. 

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Does looking for the best children story in Tamil with morals for kids get distressing for you? Are questions turning over your head and befuddling you? We know how it is; we have experienced Tamil stories’ whole excursion with morals for kids’ research. We have brought here a whole rundown of the best Tamil stories with morals for kids accessible in the market nowadays. We have conceptualized a couple of inquiries that the vast majority of you may have at the top of the priority list. Have a read and teach your kids.