Wolverine Haircut Style: Your Guide to Style in 2021

Honestly, who doesn’t want to sport that Wolverine Haircut style? Every man on this planet wants to sport the same. But, it isn’t as easy as you want it to be.

Dear Marvel Comic book fans, we understand your obsession with wolverine hairstyles because we’ve been there too. Honestly, Hugh Jackman sporting the same look is no less than a cherry on the cake.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how dapper Mr. Jackman looks while sporting the beard styles in Wolverine’s look? Honestly, this look has become a classic like that of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow Look. While it doesn’t look practical to adopt the Wolverine hairstyle, you can rely on this Wolverine look.

The Wolverine Haircut Style Guide

Hugh Jackman has looked breathtakingly handsome. The X-Men series is undoubtedly one of the most successful franchises by Marcel. Whether you want a bearded look or a casual look, you can always rely on it. 

Before giving in details about achieving that classic Wolverine hairstyle, let’s look at the beard style. The Wolverine beard combines total beard growth and thick mutton chops, but the key is that there’s no mustache. If you have dense beard growth, you can achieve the look you want and get into cosplay in no time.  

If you want to sport the look, let us guide you through the look. 

The Everyday Look

If you’re choosing the Wolverine hairstyle, you need to follow the tutorials. While most of these tutorials aim to achieve the Astro boy-like look, you should better opt for a classic everyday look. 

The Everyday look requires you to go completely clean with your beard and hair. Since Wolverine is a comic book character, it is probably impossible to sport the look in your everyday life. 

No, you don’t have to go with that bushy beard look. You can choose to keep it clean and trim down the beard. Make your hair and beard a bit inspired by the Wolverine look but keep it clean so that you can sport it every day. It is easy to wear and extremely flattering. What’s great about this look is that everyone can be sported irrespective of their face shape. So, you don’t need to look like Hugh Jackman to sport this look.  

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The Classic Wolverine look

We’ve all seen the movie, and it’s no less than a dream for many. Girls, admit it, you also crushed your hearts a little when you saw Jackman sporting the beautiful beard. 

The classic Wolverine look is what every girl dies for and what every man craves. You can’t exactly copy the look, but you can reach somewhat close to it. However, the Classic wolverine hairstyle may not be an ideal choice for everyone. However, if you’re looking forward to sporting a bold look, this is something you should try. If you want to use it every day, you need to tone down the appearance a bit. 

Trimmed hair

Short and trim, that’s what you should be sporting. Hugh Jackman once sported the same look. The trimmed version makes you look clean and is extremely attractive. 

The trimmed hair and beard look plays a vital role in toning down the appearance. You can easily create the Wolverine-bad-ass look into something more suitable. So, your dream of owning a classic look with the rugged one will easily be fulfilled. The trimmed hair and beard look is effortless to manage and can be worn on various occasions. Well, you don’t necessarily have to be a Hollywood star to sport this look. 

Vintage Look

Throw it back to the classic anime and Marvel comics and embrace the vintage look. The Vintage Wolverine look requires you to sport the Astro boy-like hair. Well, if you’re a wolverine and Astro boy anime fan, we’re sure that you will love this hairstyle.  

It is downright the darkest look you can adopt. Before you adopt this look, let us tell you that the Vintage look isn’t suitable for everyone. It doesn’t suit every face shape except the oblong and triangular ones. You need to be confident enough to sport the ducktail hairstyle to achieve the look. If you haven’t had the haircut and your hairs are long, ensure to use a good quality hair gel so that you can sport the look perfectly. 

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Aggressive Look

Drop-dead Gorgeous- that is all we can say when Hugh Jackman brought the aggressive look. While you may consider this to be the most complicated one, it is not. Rather, this is one of the easiest hairstyles you can adopt. Compared to all other Wolverine hairstyles, the Aggressive hairstyle is indeed the easiest one to maintain. 

Make sure to maintain your beard accordingly to achieve the look you want. It would help if you trimmed your beard every time to retain the natural shape. It features a thick beard but makes sure to keep the area around your mouth clean. If you want to come off as a strong personality, you should choose this look over others. 

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Thick Beard

Don’t just stick to the casual look, but adopt a bit rugged and rusty look with a thick beard and ducktail hairstyle. It would help if you built the bushy beards along with well-trimmed cheeks and a slight soul patch. Also, keep your hairs scattered and a bit messy so that it suits your thick beard look and makes you look a little rusty.  

It would help if you trimmed the area beneath your lower lip and around the chin tip. It would help if you considered giving this bearded look a try, but know that it is not suitable for every face cut. 

Well-groomed look

Are you done with tips on sporting facial hairstyles? Well, it’s time that you focus on a well-groomed Wolverine look. It helps you come out of the ball of rebellious, unkempt look. Hey, don’t worry; you can still see a handsome hunk in this look. 


If you want to look handsome but do not have enough time to groom yourself, you should consider the Wolverine Haircut style. It’s sexy, affordable, and can match your look and suit every mood as well.