Tips for Improving the Health of Your Hair

If you feel like your hair is in terrible shape and you’re not quite sure what to do about it then chill out – we’ve got you with these tips for improving hair health.

Put down the heating tools

If you are always perfectly coiffed to within an inch of your hair’s life, then chances are that you are doing it damage. Even when using heat protection products, if you are blow drying and straightening daily then you’ll find that your hair is coarser and drier than someone who doesn’t use heating tools. Why? Because they are literally frying your hair. Instead, think about working with your natural flow of your hair, or getting a permanent straightening treatment. Be warned that these permanent solutions are quite damaging also, though.

Use a treatment once a week

There are certain things that you should do to your hair every so often to keep it in tip-top shape. One of these things is using a treatment once a week or so. A deep treatment will help to rejuvenate and protect your hair, and you can purchase treatments from your salon, a speciality hairdressing store, or even make your own at home – there are recipes out there online that have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Trim regularly to remove any split ends

While you might think that not trimming your hair very often will make it grow longer quicker, sometimes the opposite is true. If you spot that you are getting split ends, then it’s time to go to the salon for a touch-up. You can request to your hairdresser to only remove the split ends but keep the length so that your hair will remain as long as possible while still removing the damage. Hairs with split ends are unattractive and snap easily.

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Use professional products instead of supermarket brands

There is a reason that the brands spruiked at the hairdressers carry a higher price tag than the items that you’ll find in the supermarket – it’s because they are far superior products, made from better ingredients. If you are at the hairdresser next time and they recommend some products for you why not give them a go? The recommended products are likely to keep your hair in much better condition than your supermarket shampoo and conditioner. It’s worth the extra few dollars to keep your hair in a better condition.

Consider giving up the bleach

Bleach is particularly harsh on your hair, because it strips the pigment from the hair. This raises the hair cuticles along each strand, which can make them substantially more unstable, dry, and brittle, as well as more easily breakable. This means that you will need to take much better care of your hair to keep it in good condition. The more that you bleach your hair, the more damage that it can do. This is particularly true if you are going from a very dark colour to a very light colour.

Only wash your roots

Shampoo can not only clean your hair, but it also strips it too, which can leave your hair dry. If you need to wash your hair and don’t have product build up, then you should consider simply shampooing the roots of your hair instead of shampooing from root to tip. Because your roots are the part of your hair that starts to get a little greasy – the rest of your hair is still in good condition – you can just shampoo the roots and be done. If you are conditioning, then do the opposite with the conditioner – none on the roots and just on the rest of the hair.