Interesting Facts About Pharmacies

Coca Cola and Dr Pepper Were Invented by Pharmacists:- That’s right, two of the most popular sodas in the world were invented by pharmacists. Dr John S. Pemberton was a pharmacist living in Atlanta, Georgia when he came up with the recipe for the syrup used to make the earliest version of the infamous soft drink. He would bring the syrup to pharmacies and sell it as fountain drinks for 5 cents a cup. Lets find out these interesting facts about pharmacies.

Similarly, Dr Pepper was also invented by a pharmacist. Living in Waco, Texas at the time, a pharmacist named Charles Alderton came up with the recipe and sold it to customers who frequented the pharmacy where he worked. While it has never been confirmed, some believe that Dr Pepper was named after a friend of the pharmacy owner. 

Pharmacists can earn up to $100,000 Per Year

Pharmacists can earn a substantial salary in the United States, and even pharmacists with a year of experience are eligible to earn close to $50 per hour. Depending on experience and seniority, a pharmacist can earn anywhere from $100,000 to $140,000 per year. 

Forbes notes the ten states where pharmacists can earn the most money. Alaska, California, Vermont, Maine and Wisconsin offer pharmacists the highest yearly salaries. In Alaska, a pharmacist can earn more money than in any other state, at close to $140,000 per year. In Wisconsin, the state with the 5th highest salary, they can still pull in around $132,000 per year. None of the ten states has an average yearly salary below $127,000. 

Agatha Christie was a Pharmacy Technician

Before her writing career took off, Agatha Christie worked as a pharmacy technician, starting in 1915. Her detective stories were allegedly inspired by her time working as a pharmacy technician in a hospital, surrounded by various poisons. While she experienced quite a bit of anxiety working in this field, her first published work told the story of a woman who was poisoned by a rat poison that could be found in the hospital she worked in. 

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Not only did Christie get inspired by the pharmacy on her own, but she also had input from her colleagues. In Christie’s book The Pale Horse, the poison thallium is used. Harold Davis, a pharmacist working at University College Hospital in London, is said to have encouraged Christie to use this idea. 

Christie’s time as a pharmacist played a monumental role in how she launched her career as a writer. She had widespread knowledge of the poisons she used in her stories, making her work seem more authentic which led to the heightening of her popularity and the longevity of her career. Imagine if we were all able to apply the knowledge we learned from our old careers to our new careers? 

There are Several Differences Between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician

There are quite a few differences between pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. While they work in the same space, the pharmacist is the higher ranking profession and the technician can be described as similar to an assistant. In the United States, becoming a pharmacist involves obtaining a doctorate, while pharmacy technicians are only required to graduate from high school. 

Likewise, pharmacists can earn over $100,000 per year, with the average annual pharmacy technician salary being around $30,000. Both professions also have different duties, and pharmacists are responsible for relaying information about medications and prescriptions to patients, keeping accurate records, and communicating with insurance companies. Pharmacy technicians package medications, take down information from patients, and keep inventory. 

The World’s First Pharmacies were in Baghdad

In the year 754, the first pharmacies were developed in Baghdad. Furthermore, Islamic scholars are widely credited for having come up with the concept of apothecary, and later pharmacies and pharmacists. The first pharmacy in history was an apothecary managed by a scientist named Jaber Ibn Hayyan. 

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Historically, apothecaries functioned in the presence of priests and doctors. Medicines often included herbal remedies, and eventually, the field of apothecary evolved into pharmacology. In the 9th century, the middle east expanded the industry, with influential figures starting to promote the idea of using chemical compounds as medicine. 

There are 88,000 Pharmacies in the United States

Pharmacies are the lifeline of any community. They stock everything from medicines to oral medication help, surgical accessories, devices, components, cells and more. In fact, you will be able to get all your health and medical-related needs and requirements in a good and well-established pharmacy. You can also ask the pharmacists for suggestions or dosage understanding if you have not been able to clear the same with your doctor, or require any additional clarifications. (

Pharmacies can be found in large grocery stores, and they can also stand on their own as part of a well-known chain, such as Walgreens. Pharmacies can also be independently owned by small business owners, and are located in most universities and hospitals. There are currently over 88,000 pharmacies in the United States, and 5,700  community pharmacies in Australia. Not to mention the online pharmacies available.