Tea Tree Oil Side Effects: Some Surprising Facts to Know

Tea tree oil is highly beneficial for hair and skin. However, to imagine that there are any tea tree oil side effects is a little awkward. However, no matter how weird this sounds, apart from the tea tree oil benefits, there are side effects too.

We all are familiar with the tea tree oil benefits for the skin. But, excessive use of tea tree oil can also pave the way for negative impacts. Therefore, it is for this reason that experts recommend using tea tree oil in limited amounts.

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is obtained from the tea tree leaves. The discovery of tea trees was made in the eighteenth century by sailors on the Southeast Australian coast.

Some common tea tree oil benefits for skin include treating acne, fixing eyelashes, preventing toenail fungus, and so much more. Apart from that, tea tree oil can also be healthy for hair as it helps to prevent dandruff and lice. Finally, if you’re suffering from bad breath, you should consider using tea tree oil.

What are the tea tree oil side effects?

tea tree oil side effects
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Tea tree oil is prevalent for giving your hair growth a boost. However, it is necessary to be careful with the consumption of tea tree oil. If you are using tea tree oil topically, it will be safe. However, there are certain side effects too.

You need to avoid the direct application of tea tree oil around your mouth area. In many cases, tea tree oil can be toxic. So, you need to be extra cautious when you use tea tree oil as mouthwash.

Does the topical application have any side effects?

While the topical application is safe, there are surely some tea tree oil side effects for topical application too. Many of us have sensitive skin. Hence, in many of us, we can expect skin irritation. Therefore, experts recommend diluting the tea tree oil carefully. If tea tree oil is available in higher concentrations, it can eventually be a problem.

The common signs of skin irritation include redness, itching, burning skin, and scaly skin. Since many people have sensitive skin, it is very common for them to develop allergic reactions. This process is known as allergic contact dermatitis. Therefore, it is very essential to apply the tea tree oil on the skin carefully. If you believe that fresh tea tree oil will not cause any such impact, you’re wrong. In many cases, people have been affected by the use of fresh tea tree oil too.

What are the tea tree oil side effects due to internal application?

According to suggestions by experts, one should not use tea tree oil internally. Internal use of tea tree oil can be fatal and toxic. Moreover, if you invest tea tree oil in higher amounts, you’re in danger. Ingestion and swallowing are a big ‘NO’ when it comes to tea tree oil. Before causing any grave impact, it causes simple symptoms like confusion, loss of consciousness, uncoordinated movement, and drowsiness.

Furthermore, swallowing tea tree oil can cause excessive stomach pain. Many people have often complained about hallucinations and nausea. Consumption of tea tree oil can leave you with bad diarrhea. It may also hamper your ability to focus and think, thereby causing confusion.

Does inhalation cause any effect?

Inhaling tea tree oil
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Inhaling tea tree oil in small amounts does not hamper your schedule. However, there are more negative impacts too. We are all aware of the fact that tea tree oil is an essential oil. It is an important part of aromatherapy. Hence, tea tree oil is applied in a diffuser to promote steam inhalation.

But, if you inhale tea tree oil for a long time, it can lead to vertigo. Moreover, it will cause nausea and headache for a long time.

How to understand you are prone to tea tree oil side effects?

While tea tree oil appears to be relatively safe, it is always advisable to do a patch test. According to experts, the patch test will play an essential role in understanding if you are allergic to tea tree oil. You can conduct the patch test around your elbow or inner arm. If you don’t get any rash till the next day, you’re safe to go. Pregnant women need to consult their doctor before starting the use of tea tree oil.

What is the negative impact on males?

In males, one of the main side effects is that tea tree oil causes male prepubertal gynecomastia. This is a condition in which the breast tissue of prepubescent boys enlarges. Therefore, constant use of tea tree or lavender oil can affect breast size. However, more research needs to be done to determine the claim.

What are the precautions and warnings?

Tea tree oil comes with some warnings and precautions. Some of these include

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to avoid the topical consumption of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can be significant for children too. It is advisable to give tea tree oil to children by mouth. However, there can be significant side effects such as rashes, instability, lack of coordination in the body.

What are the benefits of tea tree oil?

While there are so many tea tree oil side effects, the benefits of the same are numerous. Some of the expected tea tree oil benefits include the following.

Acne treatment

Tea tree oil can be a practical part of acne treatment. First, you need to dab tea tree oil all over your face using a cotton pad. Repeating this method daily can help to diminish acne. (Valium)


Tea tree oil can be an essential component for homemade mouthwash. However, it would help if you diluted it properly so that the higher concentration does not affect you. Moreover, internal consumption of the same can be highly toxic for you.

Wound dressing

Tea tree oil can be helpful for dressing wounds too. This can be an essential element for killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Final thoughts

Tea tree oil can be extra beneficial and help you in the long run. However, it is advisable to be very careful with the use of tea tree oil. Make sure to use it safely to avoid the potential tea tree oil side effects.

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