How to get deleted photos back from iPhone: All You Need to Know

Did you know that you can easily restore all the deleted photos from iPhone? Photos are one of the most precious memories that we can have. However, losing these photos can be a catastrophe for everyone. 

If you accidentally deleted the pictures, you should know there are different ways torecover. If you’re trying to learn how to get back deleted photos, you need to ensure that you determine everything effectively. Therefore, you need to keep a check with the basics.

Overview for iPhone Photo Recovery

Data loss is very common in today’s time. Whenever you lose data from your iPhone, you will have to struggle a lot. You can lose photos due to different reasons such as physical damage, human error, factory reset, jailbreak and more. Therefore, no matter what reason you lose your photos from iPhone, you can back it up. You can check out Google to know more. 

Most of the details about the same are saved in the Recently Deleted folder. However, if you have permanently deleted the pictures, there are fewer chances for iPhone photo recovery. One of the best things to know is that you can use third-party iPhone recovery software if you do not have a backup. Therefore, this will play an essential role in retrieving the pictures. 

How to get deleted photos back from iPhone? 

There are several ways through which you can quickly get permanently deleted photos back in your iPhone. Whether temporary or permanently deleted, there are several ways and third-party apps through which you can recover the photos. 

How to get deleted photos back from iPhone
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Check the recently deleted folders

If the photos haven’t been permanently deleted, you need to check the recently deleted folders. Thus, one of the best benefits of using Apple is that a “recently deleted” folder is constantly available for them. It works in the same manner as Recycle Bin as in your computer desktop. The Recently Deleted picture will contain photos that are only 40 days old. 

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In this period, you can easily recover the deleted files. Therefore, here’s everything you need to know about recovering the Recently deleted files:

  • Open the Photos app and click on Albums. 
  • Select Recently Deleted. 
  • Click on Select and eventually recover the photos. 
  • Click on Recover>Recover photos and get back the deleted photos. 


A third-party app is extremely beneficial for getting back photos. Backup has always been the second-best option for recovering the deleted photos. If you are recovering the deleted photos, you need to check what the age of backup is. Furthermore, it is advisable to have multiple backups at one time to ensure the prevention of the main backup. 

How to get deleted photos back from iPhone
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Finder is one of the leading platforms to recover photos. If you have Finder, you can eventually back up your iPhone without having to worry about anything. Hence, here are all the steps to recover lost photos from the iPhone backup directly:

  • Install Finder on your device. 
  • Connect iPhone to the computer. 
  • Select iPhone from the list given on the left. 
  • Click on the Restore button. 
  • Finder will eventually launch it on iPhone for restoration. 
  • Click on the Restore button that will confirm iPhone photos backup. 

iTunes Backup

iTunes Backup is also one of the great sources for taking up backup. If you have macOS Mojave, you can easily backup photos in your iTunes app. iTunes is far better than iPhone that can be highly beneficial for restoring deleted data. 

The recovery process can often be complex. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the basics and follow the instructions clearly. Understanding which one will ensure ease in backup is necessary- whether it is macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave. iTunes is available in different versions like Music, podcasts and TV. 

Here’s the step to recover photos from iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes. 
  • Connect your iPhone to Computer. 
  • Click on the Restore Backup option.
  • Choose the relevant backup option, Photos, in this case. 
  • Click on Restore and enter the device name. 

Get Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone via iCloud

iCloud backup is one of the best places to recover permanently deleted photos from your device. iCloud backup works similarly to iTunes Backup, and you can easily recover it via a different website. EaseUS MobiSaver is one of the great sources to save permanently deleted software. Internet speed will have an important role. 

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How to get deleted photos back from iPhone
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iPhone photo recovery tool has been extremely beneficial. You can get all your iPhone data from iCloud only. However, before restoring the deleted pictures, you need to delete the existing content. If you cannot directly recover, you can consider backing up using a third-party tool. 

Mentioned below are the steps to recover photos via iCloud:

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Click on Reset from the General option. 
  • Click on Erase All Content and Settings in your iPhone. 
  • Install your iPhone and click on Restore from iCloud backup. 
  • Sign in using your Apple ID and click on “Choose a backup.”
  • Choose the most recent iCloud backup to restore the iPhone device easily. 

Back up photos on iPhone

It is necessary to understand how to back up photos that will allow you to recover the deleted photos. If your iPhone has suffered any physical damage, you can easily get a backup. Furthermore, data backup is extremely beneficial and can play an essential role in getting accurate information. 

If you backup every data, it will help to prevent the risk of data loss. Therefore, here’s everything you need to do to backup photos on your iPhone. 

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. 
  • Unlock the device and select Trust to ensure the computer trusts the device. 
  • Backup your device into Internal Storage. 
  • All photos and videos will be visible to your iPhone. Copy all the items and eventually paste them on your computer. 

Final Thoughts

Recovering data into your iPhone device can often be a challenging task. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what are the basic and best methods to recover data. You can watch videos on YouTube to know more.

It is necessary to back up the data to prevent the risk of data loss. Moreover, it can also play an essential role in ensuring proper backup. If you’re searching out for different ways on how to get deleted photos back from iPhone, you can take the help of a third-party. 

It is crucial to back up the data on your iPhone regularly. Hence, this will help to prevent the risk of unwanted data loss from your device.