How To Increase Jio Speed: All You Need To Know

Dear Jio users, do you know there’s a technique through which you can increase the speed. Now your question will be how to increase Jio speed? Yes, you can implement the Jio speed increase code to get extensive benefits.

When Reliance Jio launched the Preview Offer, it had promised to become the fastest internet provider. Apart from fast internet, you will get a wide range of benefits such as free voice calls, free messages and so much more. One Jio SIM can provide several advantages. Reliance Jio was exactly what every Indian was rooting for.

People are looking forward to how to increase Jio speed 2021. It is advisable to keep a check with it and follow all the methods carefully to be on the go.

Why increase Jio speed?

The promising internet of high speed has come down. What Reliance Jio had initially promised, they failed to keep up with it. Now the speed of the internet has dropped down to 50Mbps. Nonetheless, they aren’t able to keep up with 8Mbps too. Now it seems that it was just the introductory offer.

We don’t know yet if there is any validity. If you keep a check with the different processes, you can surely work towards increasing the speed. If you know how to increase Jio speed, you can surely proceed with it. There are probably several reasons why the internet speed of Jio has gone down. It is probably because Jio is working towards testing its network and eventually speeding it. The final beta Jio service may also be one of the main reasons. Another significant reason can be there’s something wrong with the network.

There are several processes you can implement to increase your Jio speed. No matter what it is, if you have just joined the network, you may regret it. There’s a huge supply network that needs to keep up with. Well, don’t worry.

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How to increase Jio speed?

There are several ways for how to increase Jio speed. Well, you can apply the Jio speed increase code to boost your network.

The internet is full of tricks and tips that can help to increase Jio speed. If you implement these processes and tips carefully, you won’t be disappointed. We regret saying it, but certain tips may not work. Well, you don’t need to be disappointed.

Here’s how you can easily increase Jio speed

Lock the 4G network to band 40

If you want coverage, you don’t need to be worried about anything. Your phone will eventually switch to a particular brand that will offer you complete security.

The process for increasing the speed would vary for different processes. You can download specific apps from Play Store or App Store for increasing the speed. To increase the 4G speed without downloading any app, you should follow these steps.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Click on your phone information.
  • Click on “Set Preferred Network Type”
  • Choose LTE only

The speed may or may not increase. However, it is completely dependent on the smartphone’s processors. According to experts, you should avoid locking the 4G band that supports your LTE network.

Reliance Jio promises some of the best results with LTE bands. Hence, it would help if you considered choosing one that will suit your needs the most. Moreover, when you lock the bands, you will not switch across bands for coverage.

Change APN settings

As per experts, if you bring minor changes in your APN settings, you can eventually increase the Jio Speed. However, before bringing changes in the APN settings, you will need to bring small changes in the current settings.

It is advisable to check the best APN settings for Jio to increase speed. Make sure not to change any password while changing APN settings, or it will lead to account blockage.

Download VPN

Once you have made changes for your APN, you will need to download VPN. Several VPN software is available on the internet. Hence, it would help if you considered checking which one suits your needs the most. Once you have downloaded the VPN, make sure to connect to a particular country’s server so that the speed improves. However, only downloading speed will improve and not browsing speed.

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Nonetheless, be very careful while implementing these because they may cause temporary or permanent damage to your device.

Use VPN rooting

While many people prefer using VPN only after rooting, you should avoid doing any of these. You can easily download ‘Snap VPN’ from Playstore to get extensive benefits.

One of the main reasons why people use Snap VPN is because it is free of cost. The app further gives the flexibility to choose a country. Furthermore, information regarding the internet speed will also be displayed on the tool. You should choose a country that has a strong connection.

In many cases, you may not be able to connect to a VPN on the first go. Hence, it is advisable to follow the procedure and keep trying until it gets connected. Once the network is connected, the best way to check its speed is to download a particular file.

Use different bearer name

Although not many know about this, small changes in the bearer name can be beneficial. It is advisable to be very careful while changing the bearer name. It would help if you choose an option that you can easily remember.

You can change the server name from the official settings option. There are high chances that after changing the server name, your internet speed will automatically increase. It would help if you reconnected your mobile to the internet and then started using the connection.

Final Thoughts

Bringing small modifications to your cellular network can be of great help to change the Jio speed. However, as per expert advice, you should try and remember every change you bring into the platform.

APN and VPN settings have an essential role to play in increasing the speed of the internet. Thus, make sure to keep a check with it.

Now that you know how to increase Jio speed, you can quickly implement the tricks and improve your connection speed.