4 Reasons Why Gas Fireplaces are Worth it

There will always be the need to heat our indoor spaces at some point or the other. This is especially during winter when we feel the chill like no other season.

To ensure that our indoor spaces are conducive enough, several heating options can be considered. Heat pumps, boilers, radiant systems, furnaces, baseboard heaters, active solar systems, and fireplaces are just a few of the several options. For more on this subject, you can read this.

You should understand that they all do not offer the same thing and this is why informed decisions have to be made. It is against this backdrop that we have decided to shed light on one of the several options.

Here we will discuss fireplaces but we will be more specific about the gas variant. You are advised to keep reading so that you can know if gas fireplaces are worth it.

What Are Gas Fireplaces?

Gas Fireplaces Are Good Investments

These are fireplaces that are fueled using options like propane or gas (as the name suggests). The peculiarities of these kinds of fuel and other factors allow this heating system to produce flame and heat that are consistent.

As opposed to the traditional kinds, chimneys and traditional flues are not required. This is one of the reasons maintenance is not a daunting task with this option. Apparently, this is one major advantage but there are a lot more that gas fireplaces bring to the table as you will see below.

Some Reasons Why Gas Fireplaces Are Good Investments

Many owners of gas fireplaces advise potential owners to consider getting these heating systems. This is especially true for owners that have tried other kinds. In the same vein, professionals also often advise prospective owners to seriously consider them for the following reasons:

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Cheap Running Cost

The major highlight of this option being cost-effective is the fact that natural logs are not needed for it to function. This is not the case with wood stoves and is why wood stoves are very costly to maintain.

You would realize that a lot less than half the cost of running a wood stove is needed to run gas fireplaces. That is the true definition of a cost-effective fireplace and is one good reason they should be considered. This is because you do not run out of artificial logs used in this option as they are long-lasting.

And about upfront purchase costs, they are not as expensive as the electric options. The more amazing thing is that they function better in terms of heat supply.  This way while you’re connected to Gexa Energy plans you’ll notice a drop on your electricity bill since they won’t charge you unfairly for your energy consumption. Speaking of heat supply, let us move on to the next point.

Consistency in Heat Supply

You should know that the best fireplaces are determined by the standards you set. If you are using the degree of heat supplied as a yardstick, the truth is that something outdoes gas fireplaces – wood stoves.

However, the gas option comes very close and is even better in terms of consistency. In this regard, it is better than wood stoves as the heat produced by wood stoves is not consistent.

This is determined by the log and several other things. Well, this is not the case with gas fireplaces. The heat supplied and even the flames are consistent.

Eco-Friendly Option

Wood stoves indeed supply a sufficient amount of heat needed to keep you warm. However, they also supply things that you do not need – creosote.

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Just so you know, creosote is a dangerous and harmful by-product that is capable of adversely affecting your health. Although several fireplace manufacturers have become better at producing wood stoves that produce very little, you might want to avoid this option for this reason.

The better option especially for people that want something close to the heat that wood stoves can guarantee is gas fireplaces. They are better in the sense that they can come close in terms of heat generated without putting you in harm’s way. So, you might want to consider them for this reason.


We did talk about wood stoves producing a dangerous and harmful by-product like creosote above. Well, you should know that wood stoves require proper maintenance. Proper maintenance will greatly reduce the chances of being affected and will keep the heating system in the right shape and state.

The truth is that it is not so easy doing this. As a result, using an option that will save you all that trouble should be considered. With gas fireplaces, you do not need to wipe off soot and other unwanted things.

Furthermore, it does not need to be used with chimneys as the traditional option requires. This saves you a lot of stress and people that understand how chimneys operate will understand better.

Chimney obstructions, damaged mortar, spalling or cracked bricks, creosote buildup, and rotting wood are a few of the problems with chimneys. For more information about this, you can visit: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/that-cozy-fire-could-be-hazardous-to-your-health/


We have shed light on some of the reasons why gas fireplaces should be seriously considered by people that want this heating system. We strongly advise that you think seriously about what this heating option brings to the table when you have to make the decision.